The Strength is the tarot card that symbolizes inner strength and self-possession. When we are agitated, we often struggle to overcome our challenges. And yet, if we apply a calm and patient approach, we can resolve the situation sooner and more effectively. This card tells us that money, love, and fame, are all within our reach, and what is needed to attain them is inside us, namely resolve,self-love, and perseverance. The Strength card represents the purity and resilience of our character, and the power of reliability and independence. It guides us to be calm even in situations that test our patience, or when dealing with people who disappoint us. What we need to remember is that we need not give up, as we have the capability to triumph over circumstances. In a reading, this card indicates challenges in the future, but also assures us that we have ample strength to master them, if only we can go beyond our primal feelings, and look deep within ourselves.

The usage Arcana stems from the word Arcane. ‘Major Arcana’ means ‘the big secret’. The Major Arcana deck of Tarot comprises of the first 22 cards in the deck. These cards signify the major events in the journey of life of a person from birth to death, and rebirth. Each of these 22 cards has a particular meaning to convey, a definite significance. For instance, The Fool, the first of the Major Arcana cards, signifies the innocent baby embarking on the journey of life; The Lovers is the card of the heart and relationships; The Chariot signifies an ongoing journey; The Death is the card of eternal change, or rebirth; The Moon means the gaining of inner knowledge; and The World signifies the end of the cycle of birth and reincarnation.

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