Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is the Tarot card that represents the ultimate adventurer. We are passionate and energetic. We love excitement and confront challenges bravely and with zest. We are always on the lookout for something new. Even though our wisdom comes from real-life experiences, we can be impulsive people who lose interest in things as quickly as we gain it. We get bored easily and completing a task can be a big load on our heads. Because of our love for novelty, we love to travel, explore new cultures and make new friends. Another quality that sets us apart from most people is our psychic abilities. We are almost clairvoyant and can easily look into the future, not only ours but other’s futures, too, which is what makes us popular in our circles – people seek our opinions and guidance in most things. In love, we are charming, daring and passionate. We can be fiery lovers. Though in a relationship we can be very exciting, it is unlikely to be a long-lasting affair because we constantly crave for change. Our exploratory nature makes it difficult for us to settle down in one place or with one person. A reading of this card is a harbinger of news, an invitation to some place exotic, or it can indicate growth in a new venture.

Each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana is divided further. Four Court Cards are extracted from each Minor Arcana suit, and they are classified under each category – The King, Queen, Knight and Page, signifying their specific traits. This makes the total Court Cards as 16. The King is creative, inspiring and bold, and wants to create a lasting impact on the world. The Queen is attractive, energetic, cheerful and self-assured; she does not impose, but subtly influences circumstances. The Knights may be termed as extremists, they express their qualities to the utmost limit. For instance, if they are cautious, they will be cautious to a fault, weighing all the pros and cons meticulously before taking a decision. The Page motivates us to enjoy the thrill of mental and even financial challenges.

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