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2023 Gemini Tarot Prediction

2023 Gemini Tarot Prediction

Gemini it makes you intelligent, creative, sociable by nature. You are curious, travel lover and a keen observer. At times, you can also be restless, selfish and impatient. You delay in taking decisions due to disturbances and your decisions are practical.

This year is indicating that you will be happy and successful in your work. You will be able to finish your plans successfully and at this time you will be more devoted towards your work and profession. You can get good profit from hard work. Along with this, your creativity and performance will also be excellent. Your efforts will give you better returns and you will get suitable job opportunities and benefits.
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Universe will help you to see problems in a positive way. You will try to sort out the differences, which are the result of your past work. You will be open-minded, philosophical and detailed while discussing your problems. But after July there are chances of logical conflicts and problems with seniors and superiors. And avoid any kind of argument with your colleagues or friends, otherwise you may have to face other difficulties and mental worries without any reason.

The first part of the year can be a bit complicated regarding your love affairs. You will be interested in having a good time with your partner. However, you have to be more careful in the relationship. Universe is saying that you will be inspired to bring out your hidden features, it is necessary that you will be positive for your personality, but somewhere you should not disturb the peace of your love life by bringing out your vitality. Have to take care. This is a good year to focus on what you really want from your partner and relationship. And how to avoid stressful situations in love life. You may get attracted to wrong people in the first 6 months of the year.

In such a situation, you are advised not to take hasty decisions. In this year, you will be able to know very well that what went wrong in your love life and what is lacking in it, this year will help in rectifying the mistakes made in this regard. Then gradually from the middle of the year there will be a situation of improvement and the universe will help you in improving the difficulties. You can maintain sweetness in relationships with your dedication and sense of responsibility. But, it is possible that due to work, you will not be able to give enough time to your partner, due to which there is a possibility of distance in your relationship.

This year will prove to be important for you to recognize your liquid cash, income and earning power. At this time, you will increase your income more practically and intelligently than your capacity. At this time you can buy property or invest in real estate, whereas if you have any loan, you will repay it. With the power of your subconscious mind and focused approach, you will be able to accumulate substantial wealth during this phase. Apart from money and possessions, this will also prove to be a strong time for personal values. That is, along with the increase in money and property, it can also be said to be a good time from the point of view of elevating personal values. Alternatively, this would be a time in which you would fret about taking care of your finances.

During this, your conversational approach will be practical and not frivolous. There is a possibility of getting financial benefits through communication as well. Talking about your financial strength this year, your communication skills are your strongest feature. In such a situation, if you use your logical and analytical qualities along with your ability, then you will be able to do better. And talk about your challenges, you will have to pay attention to the factors that reduce your personality trait. You need to get people on your side and not let them remember you by the words you speak. You are a great analyst, where you have to focus your energy and communication skills to get better results.

This year you will face emotional ups and downs which result in health problems. However, you should avoid taking excessive stress. To stay healthy, do not put too much burden on yourself, rather adopt easy and slow pace. By doing this you will feel better and you can regain your energy. Together with your progress, you will need to become completely disciplined in the matter of health. At the same time, you will need to take such a diet which is beneficial and favourable for health. Sometimes your mind is disturbed due to emotional attachment and issues, due to this anxiety and stress will reduce metabolism and increase the problem of digestion.

If you have had some problems in the past, then you should pay attention, and find moments of rest from your busy schedule to maintain enthusiasm and peace of mind. Also, you should include dairy products, honey and natural sugar in your diet plan. During this, regular practice of Yoga and Pranayam will help you to avoid major health problems as well as help you to recover quickly.

Lucky Colour:- Mint Green

Remedies :- It is best to recite Vishnu Sahastra in front of Tulsi at home, but if there is lack of time then definitely chant the mantra of Vishnuji.

Practical Remedy :- Plant flowers or go to butterfly garden

Lucky Flower:- If you use white rose and offer it to Lord Vishnu, you will get peace of mind.

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