Page of Swords

 Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is the Tarot card that personifies a frank but egocentric person. We are restless and dreamy but at the same time we have a distinct streak of pragmatism and also abundant strength of character. Though we are prone to flights of fancy and can endlessly evade reality, when it does boil down to brass-tacks, our perception of reality and our judgement can be extremely sharp and bang on target. We can easily tell fact from fiction. People often get carried away by our dreamy looks, and the clarity with which we can think often baffles them. If they don’t seek our support, they are the ones who lose out. Some people frequently tell us that if only we applied our minds, we could accomplish much more, but our priorities are often at odds with other people. There are times when we find ourselves at the receiving end of gossips, rumours and even abusive words. It is at such times that our strength of character comes into play, and we easily manage to steer through such circumstances without antagonising anyone. We have a keen interest in spirituality, and wish to learn about things like reincarnation and the esoteric cycles of life and death. In a reading, this card can be a harbinger of news. It also assures us that all will be well, and reminds us of our ability to turn dreams into reality.

Royal Arcana Tarot Cardss

Each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana is divided further. Four Court Cards are extracted from each Minor Arcana suit, and they are classified under each category – The King, Queen, Knight and Page, signifying their specific traits. This makes the total Court Cards as 16. The King is creative, inspiring and bold, and wants to create a lasting impact on the world. The Queen is attractive, energetic, cheerful and self-assured; she does not impose, but subtly influences circumstances. The Knights may be termed as extremists, they express their qualities to the utmost limit. For instance, if they are cautious, they will be cautious to a fault, weighing all the pros and cons meticulously before taking a decision. The Page motivates us to enjoy the thrill of mental and even financial challenges.

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