Virgo Traits

Virgos belong to the earth sign and hence, they tend to have a deep-rooted presence in the material world. You are logical, practical, and have a systematic approach in life. Also, you are the perfectionist at heart and aren’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Though Virgos long to be careful and diligent in all pursuits, you must remember that constantly chasing after the ideal can be destructive when applied to self or others. However, you always want to help others. 

You are very kind, gentle, and supportive individuals and use your incredible intellect and resourcefulness to solve problems. You want to assist people on a practical level. You always strive to provide workable solutions and improve broken systems. 

Virgos are blessed with powerful intelligence. On the flip side, Virgos are equally cursed with a leaning towards self-criticism and judgment. It can take a gentle Virgo a long time to curb this savage inner judge. You can be bossy at times. But it is mostly in the name of getting tasks done by achieving a certain level of precision.

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About Virgo  (August 24 – September 22)

Sanskrit name: Kanya
Meaning of Name: The Virgin
Type: Earth - Mutable - Negative

Virgos is the sixth sign and the backbone of the zodiac wheel. The natives are smart, sophisticated, and kind and get the job done with perfection and without complaining. They mainly focus on control, purification, and organization. They are very supportive but do not focus to shine in the limelight. They are too picky and critical but they are highly attentive to every keen thing in life mainly to help others. They are born to serve and experience great joy in doing the same. Virgos are almost and always devoted to their families. Virgo men are not exactly garrulous and they will stand out as loners. Virgo women are quiet with beautiful and soft eyes. The perfectionists of the zodiac wheel are more likely to work late at the office rather than being gregarious at a cocktail party. They are too busy to daydream. At the same time, they are generally very tired at night due to a long day so devoid to make wishes from stars.

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Virgo Nature

Virgo natives are practical, pragmatic and smart by nature. You are the most analytical and organized individual of the zodiac wheel. However, you are a real mixture of intelligence and logic. You love studying, analyzing, forming opinions and judgments, evaluating and methodically weighing up everything you do. You possess a perfection-oriented viewpoint that makes you extremely accurate, efficient, and diligent individuals. You are an amazing friend and a careful listener hence, you give the best advice to everyone. You have an unwavering attention to every detail and also possess hypercritical nature. Your friends can completely trust and rely on you for getting a job done perfectly. Because you are totally obsessed with perfection. This is why you pay keen attention to detail and love being the best. Most of you are fussy, prissy and dogmatic. Lots of Virginians shine with a clever Mercury wit. Your bright charm is hard to resist. You are very intriguing yet fairly difficult to understand. 
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Virgo Men

Traits: Hardworking, intelligence, perfectionist, conservative, problem-solver, and adventurous
Compatibility Signs for Virgo men: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Capricorn      

Virgo man has a fantastic eye for details. You enjoy order, precision, and efficiency in all things. In addition to this, you are intelligent and have a strong professional attitude. You are highly intellectual. In fact, your fast mind can find humor in most things, and often empathize with others more than your emotions alone would allow. 

You become highly critical when perfection is not found. Even, you criticize yourself when you are not able to work as per your expectations. This will diminish your confidence and you will feel restless until you meet your expectations. At old age, you likely to look much younger than you really are.

You are more likely to monitor what they eat and drink, how frequently they exercise, and generally to prefer a healthy lifestyle. Also, you are likely to enjoy the work of a technical or analytical nature. On the flip side, you can be picky, aloof, sarcastic, pessimistic or whiny at times.

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Virgo Women

Traits: Introvert, shy, independent, introspective, perfectionist, intellectual, witty, logical
Compatibility Signs for Virgo Women: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Capricorn   

A Virgo woman is very charming, perfect, and intelligent. You are very discerning, a natural critic, and sharply analyze all situations and the people around you. You are highly intuitive which helps you sense what is off-key about a person or situation. You are liable to wave a magic hand over problems and chaos, imposing a gentle, perfect order in everyone’s life. However, you are inherently practical in your thoughts. You always think practically. Emotions and fantasy mean little to you. 

A Virgo woman is dynamite and detail-oriented. You literally think about everything and like to have systematic approaches and planned routines. However, the influence of Mercury makes you talkative and a perfectionist, For which you work tirelessly. In addition to this, you are overly analytical and hence, are rarely satisfied with the way things are. You are a cleanliness freak.

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Virgo Career

Career Mantra: Perfection is possible
Lessons to be given: Perfection, analysis, systematic work, organized, intelligence
Things you need to learn: multitasking

Virgos are highly intelligent and blessed with an excellent memory. Your analytical and brilliant mind has a crystal-clear thinking process. Virgo individuals are very pragmatic and orderly. Virgo, quite a perfectionist will perform all the tasks with great passion. Perfectionism and intelligence is their greatest career strength. Virgo individuals believe in doing one task at a time as they seek perfectionism in every task they do and thus, hate multitasking. They mostly prefer a career which gives them complete control over their work. However, you are methodical, systematic, sincere, and industrious individuals who believe that success only comes after sincere efforts and dedication. Hence, you usually get success on the career front quite easily. Above this, you seek perfection in whatever you undertake and will never stop until you achieve the target. Most of the time, you have certain types of goals set on your minds. Moreover, you will never look for alternatives until and unless you have achieved the first one successfully.

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Virgo Romance

Declaration: I gift the world with selfless service to others

Key phrase: I analyze

Lessons to give in love: Purity and meticulousness. That love is sacred, virginal and pure, and ought to be treated with respect.  

Lessons to learn in love: Passion and warmth. Ability to appreciate the fact that love is much more than plastic purity or pure analysis.  

A Virgo in love is introspective and believes in soul-searching, bringing wisdom and grounding force to the relationships. They are a bit discriminating, picky and will take time to find a partner. They are more than happy to simply stay single until the right person comes along. Virgo seems to be getting too caught up in the nitty-gritty details for outsiders. But anyone who loves a Virgo knows that he does this due to his practical approach towards life. This provides a sense of structure to Virgo. 

Virgo individuals are down-to-earth and hard-working who see no need for an unnecessary outpouring of emotion. Once the commitment to a relationship is made by a Virgo, they are forever loving, supportive and patient. A Virgo partner is an excellent companion on your journey through love. It is because they will show their love with an unending devotion and happiness of making their partner happy. As a Virgo in love, you appreciate a direct and tactful lover, value honesty and openness over outwardly and showy outlandish flirting styles.

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Virgo Relationship

Virgos value perfection in themselves and can become very self-critical at times. So you need a partner who loves you unconditionally and brings about a healthy and well-rounded personality in you. You expect to be treated gently and tread softly. If your partner successfully does that your relationship and loving bond get stronger even if there are any problems. Virgos are a bit shy and conservative so often slow to start a relationship. You are very cautious with yourselves and your hearts. However, you know your mind and your emotions run deep beneath the surface. You may not be able to verbalize your adoration. But you will still show the strength of your love with your actions and gestures. In addition to this, you appreciate a mature partner. So you can trust them that they will support you during deep end over every minor crisis. This helps you to focus on the important things. Above this, the teamwork element of the partnership will flow strongly. 
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Virgo Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shape your personality.

Mercury will rule the person born from August 23 to September 2 and make them versatile, inventive, and malleable. You will possess a disciplined nature, trustworthiness, and generosity.

Saturn will rule the person born from September 3 to September 12 and make them sensitive, sympathetic and caring. You possess brilliant organization skills, a strong will, and tactfulness. 

Venus will rule the person born from September 13 to September 22 and make them warm-hearted, generous, loving, shy, and timid. You possess a reserved nature, an artistic sense, and sensitivity.

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Virgo Facts

Virgos can sometimes be stereotyped as nothing more than fussy perfectionists. You will do everything correctly and successfully that you have undertaken. You set high standards for yourselves and will constantly push yourselves to achieve these standards. You believe in action instead of just talking. Once you have determined to do something, you are going to work at it until you make it happen. You are goal setters with the determination and self-discipline to persevere things. However, your clever minds and keen attention to detail allow you to find solutions to the most difficult problems as well. You are not at all patient when it comes to dealing with downright incompetence and stupidity. You do not rely on gossip and hearsay of others. But you prefer to base your reasoning on facts and concrete evidence.

Interesting facts of Virgo
Virgo Facts: Kind, honest, analytical, smart, hardworking, determined, stubborn, crazy, cool, calm, collected, visionary, intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical, studious

Virgo Problem: You can’t wait for too long. If you have to wait, you will lose interest. Once you have put mind to something, you want it now. You find a hard time explaining what you feel. It is hard to snap you out of a bad mood.
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Moon in Virgo

Energy: feminine, dry, barren, earthy
Ruler: Mercury
Impulse: Discriminating
Rules: Abdomen and intestines

Virgo natives will have instinct reactions to the situations. You tend to find security and minute detailing in your workplace. You like your work and life to be systematized.  You may even want your surroundings clean and well organized. You can function best only if things are well organized and crystal clear and when you can be of help to others. You are a perfectionist and have a tendency to keep on changing things until its results reach an optimum level of perfection. You like to refine everything and always strive to be better. However, your strong sense of observation, practicality and analytical ability will help you fulfill work with perfection.

Virgos like to pay keen attention to the little details. But this also gives you a habit of finding faults. You will find the most comfort and satisfaction in the workplace, which involves micromanagement or detailed and keen observation. However, you are quite practical in expressing your love. As you can’t come up with cheesy romantic gestures. 

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Virgo Health

Virgos usually have something to do. You move ahead slowly and steadily as you are a perfectionist and a keen observer. So you are mostly busy and get caught up in their work. Hence, you forget about everything around you. You usually focus and are deeply involved in doing one thing at a time and forget about the rest. At your workplace, you take lots of stress for doing things perfectly and are mostly late for something. Your worst enemy is stress as your health is usually affected because of it. 

Virgo natives are usually concerned about health and hygiene. You take extra care to maintain a good sanitation level around you. Above this, you take out a good time for regular exercise and workouts. You mostly indulge in good and nutritional diets. However, Virgos have a tendency to exaggerate things. Hence, even minor problems will look very large to them. Moreover, you take small issues too seriously that it gives you stress and tension.

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