What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and time-tested Indian technique, an aspect of architecture, which helps in making an effective layout for constructing buildings, homes, offices, schools, etc. Applying Vastu can make these buildings very congenial for living and working as it invokes the special powers in the Universe by harmonising the laws of nature. It is said that a Vastu planned place or setting is bound to enhance your health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

Vastu draws from areas like art, astronomy, astrology, science and is believed to be the application of ancient mysticism to the construction and designing of buildings. Well, If you are facing problems in life, Vastu can help you get rid of problems and change your life.

Complete Vastu for Apartments

A unique report which combines Vastu Shastra and Astrology to provide 100% Personalised Vastu guidance based on your Birth Details and residence Floor Plan, without You having to do any structural changes to your home.

Expert Analysis Of Each Area Of Your Home

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Our Vastu Expert

Acharya Bhattacharya

Experience: 15 Years

Sri Acharya Bhattacharya believes that Vastu Shastra should be studied in three layers.


A study Based Vedic Vastu


A Project Based Professional Vastu


A Remedy Based Applied Vastu

Sri Acharya Bhattacharya has headed Vastu Project of World’s first “Nav Graha & Dus Dikpaal” Temple, at Prerna Raj Vijay Tirth, Sanand-Ahmedabad. The entire temple has been designed by Vastu Principles.

Upon his notable contributions to Vastu Shastra, he was given a noble title or upādhi of Bhaṭṭāchārya by saints and priests.

Sri Acharya Bhattacharya has been initiated into “SriVidyā” according to “Mahāshodashi Tradition” and under the sect of “Srikul”. The initiation has been conducted by the discipline of Vedokt school of “Dus-Mahāvidyā” treatise.

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