Tarot Minor Arcana


The biggest chunk of the Tarot deck, 56 of the 78 cards, comprise the Minor Arcana. 40 cards out of these fall exclusively under the Minor Arcana, while the other 16 also form a part of the Royal Arcana or Court Cards. If the Major Arcana can be said to convey the big picture, the Minor Arcana signifies the specifics in the life of a person. It is divided into four parts: The Suit of Swords signifies the realm of the mind and intellect, our decisions and insights. The Suit of Cups has to do with the things of the heart, things we love and care about. The Suit of Wands represents our power and life energy as applied to the situations and events we face in life. And lastly, the Suit of Pentacles represent our labours and the rewards we gain from them.


Ace of Cups

This tarot card is a reminder of the power of love and compassion. In a reading, it gene rally heralds not just new relationships but also blessings galore. We are advised to allow love to enter our lives, as it can influence our thoughts and feelings so positively as to make it a lifechanging experience. The card virtually guarantees that if we do this, we will reach a higher state of consciousness, and be…
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Two of Cups

This tarot card is an indicator of emotional relationships. In a reading, it is a harbin ger of deeper connections with our loved ones. These new connections could prove to be extremely fulfilling, and bring renewed vitality and promise to our lives. It is important to remember that his can only happen if we are willing to risk showing our true selves to these people. Respect and trust will remain…
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Three of Cups

This tarot card brings with it a celebratory mood. In a reading, it can elevate our live s to intoxicating heights, and bring vitality to our daily lives. There are clear signs that we should open up to the gifts of beauty, joy, and good times, that are awaiting us. We are encouraged to accept that happiness is a state of mind, and we can attract peace and success only once we are in a positive frame of…
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Four of Cups

This tarot card is the gateway to spiritual experiences. In a reading, it informs us tha t there is a plethora of opportunities to explore when it comes to the infinite universe. We need to open our third eye and see the magic around us, and only then can we open the gates to our success. Once we clear the cobwebs of our mind, we will be faced with divinity and we need to be prepared to harness it. The…
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Five of Cups

This tarot card is an indication that we are still stuck in our past. In a reading, it s ymbolizes regret and self-blame. When we act, we rarely foresee the consequences of our actions, and this card tells us to do just this. Once we are able to do this, the solutions to all our troubles will be easilty visible, and we will obtain what our hearts desire. There is a gap between the energy-sapping negative…
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Six of Cups

This tarot card takes us into a period of forgiveness and trust. In a reading, this mean s we have graduated to a phase where we can express ourselves without worrying about the reactions of others. We have become comfortable with sharing our talent with the rest of the world, and it is our belief that the results will be mutually beneficial. We have decided to not live in the past, so this could also be a time…
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Seven of Cups

This tarot card acts as a reflection of our life. When we are faced with crossroads in l ife, we make decisions based on our emotional needs, and these choices ultimately shape our lives. This card tells us that within us, we contain unlimited potential, and it is upto us to harness it and use it for our betterment. As we grow older, we sharpen our skills of intuition and empathy. This card indicates that maybe…
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Eight of Cups

This tarot card brings with it a period of evolution in relationships. We feel that we h ave achieved emotional nirvana, and we seek greater fulfilment – either from our existing relationships, or from new relationships. This card tells us to focus on all that we have learned and achieved in the past, and foretells a blessed journey ahead. While challenges may be indicated, we are more than equipped to quell the…
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nine of Cups

This tarot card indicates wishes come true. We have come a long way from wishing, and la id out the foundation to success, brick by brick. At this stage, we are supremely confident and satisfied, and welcoming of the sweet fruit of our labour that is headed our way. We have achieved this success after overcoming multiple setbacks, and obtaining the experience from those challenges. We are now in a phase…
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Ten of Cups

This tarot card brings with it energy, wisdom, and inner peace. Content with our role in the world, we find time to count our blessings, and reflect on the supreme joy we are experiencing. We are advised to avoid emotional extremes in our dealings with people, neither being overly aggressive, nor allowing ourselves to be walked over. In such relationships, mutual respect and understanding will assist…
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Ace of Pentacles

This tarot card is a sign of improvements in finances and connections. It is a big thumb s up for all new beginnings, indicating strengthening of existing bonds, and stabilization of new relationships. We are promised big victories, and unexpected gains, ifonly we are able to balance what we get with what we give. At the same time, it warns us that the path to success is going to be torturous, but the fruit…
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Two of Pentacles

This tarot card is a personification of flexibility. This card tells us that we need to place our trust in unseen forces, and be adaptable to the changes they bring about. This does not mean we surrender to them; we must continue consciously towards our goals. Along this path, we need to be mindful of our thoughts as they are infinite, and so are the effects of our actions. For this reason, we need to be on…
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Three of Pentacles

This tarot card brings out the element of creativity in the work we do. It could be a si gn of new projects on the anvil, or of new ideas to which we will soon give form. This card acknowledges our hard work and blesses its results, instilling in us the belief that if we are driven to achieve perfection, our inherent strengths will make it happen. We are also gently informed to remain conscious to the…
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Four of Pentacles

This tarot card is a reflection of our success and its rewards. Yet, there is a sense of alienation that permeates through. This highlights the fact that to truly achieve the zenith of success, we need to put relationships with loved ones on the back burner. While they may be our inspiration, and ultimately the beneficiaries of all that we have achieved, we have forgotten to keep them involved along the journe…
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Five of Pentacles

This tarot card is the card of victory after a struggle. We are warned that we are enter ing a phase that will spring surprises in the form of challenges, but our willpower will ensure we overcome. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so we need to persevere, and stand our ground in the face of obstacles. We may also be devoid of support in this journey, as loved ones may not be as …
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Six of Pentacles

This tarot card signals the entry of wealth and abundance into our lives. This is not un conditional, however, for it is important for us to cultivate prudence before we manage this windfall gain. We are advised to balance our fundamental needs and beliefswith responsibility, so that we may ensure our own well-being, and at the same time, be generous and charitable. We need to be judicious with our choices,…
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Seven of Pentacles

This tarot card indicates assessment. When we have been struggling for a long time, we l ook for signs that show us better times ahead. This card shows appreciation for the fact that despite the testing times we have been through, our focus has never shifted from our goal. We are advised to keep checking our basic premises along this journey, lest they require upgradation. This scanning requires an easy eye,…
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Eight of Pentacles

This tarot card signifies intensity. Our creativity has peaked, and we need to ensure th e finished product stands out. Our commitment to excellence urges us to constantly raise the bar, and improve on our own quality. Hence, we prove our worth time and again, not just to others, but to ourselves as well. We need to reach a stage where every action is underlined with extraordinary elegance, and every achievement…
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nine of Pentacles

This tarot card is the embodiment of brilliance. We are advised to tune in to our inner wisdom, and promised that if we allow it to guide our actions, we will be presented with a style that is unprecedented. Once we let go of any doubts over our ability and intellect, we are magnetically attracted towards our highest potential. As long as our focus doesn’t waver, we can internalize all obstacles, and make a…
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Ten of Pentacles

This tarot card is the card of team-inspired achievement. Along our path towards our goa l, we have been supported by loyalists, who have made our dreams their own. Their vision has blended with ours, and it requires empathy and diplomacy to acknowledge their contribution, while maintaining our leadership. This card signifies a time when we need to shed the old and don the new, a time when we realize that we…
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Ace of Swords

This tarot card is the card of alignment and focus. In a reading, it urges us to cut awa y the old to make place for the new, and bring clarity to our lives. We are also encouraged to make new beginnings, as long as we are clear what we want. The opinions of others should be taken, but we should be able to sort through the clutter, instead of getting confused. Our thoughts are the first step towards achieving…
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Two of Swords

This tarot card indicates opposing choices. In a reading, this illustrates the confused state we are in, when we have an intellectual decision to make. While we maintain an outwardly stable appearance, we may at times be moving against the current of life,and foreseeing challenges where there are none. There is a suggestion that intuition will be our guide, and we should be relax and be receptive of its…
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Three of Swords

This tarot card acts as a wakeup call. In a reading, it is a message to listen to our co nscience, understand its reasons, and assess what is of importance to us. The urgings of our intuition can be seen as a message from the divine, and may be a blessing in disguise. A fine sense of awareness can remove any mental blocks, and lead us towards good judgement. It is important for us to realize that truth and…
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Four of Swords

This tarot card is a call for tranquility. In a reading, this indicates a period of pass ivity, when we need to silence the noise and let energy waves flow over us. If we can hold ourselves down even in the most volatile situations, we will get our reward in the form of rejuvenation. A period of struggle is implied, but we are blessed with protection and strength. Some introspection will do us good, so we… Know More

Five of Swords

This tarot card reflects a victory through persistence. In a reading, it indicates that we have laboriously made our way to the top by following the path of righteousness, and we are receiving the respect of all around us. We have got rid of everything that can sap us of our enthusiasm and tie us down, and we are headed for a new beginning. Our eyes are firmly fixed on our goal, and we know we have travelled…
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Six of Swords

This tarot card is a sign of serenity. In a reading, it means we have been through a per iod of struggle, and come out on top, so we are now at peace with ourselves and the universe. There is no indication of trying times ahead, so we need to unload our mental baggage and relax. At the same time, we are warned against adopting quick-relief solutions to our problems, as they are bound to be short-lived. If we…
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Seven of Swords

This tarot card is a call for clarity in the midst of confusion. In a reading, it shows we are torn between two possible outcomes, and are tending towards the wrong one. This comes as a surprise, as there are clear signs, but we choose to ignore them. Thiscould indicate a nature that is impulsive or stubborn, so we are advised to spend time understanding what we truly want. Often, the choice is between…
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Eight of Swords

This tarot card sends across the meaning of helplessness. In a reading, it signifies a s ituation where we are paralyzed by our fears, doubts, and insecurities. While we are bestowed with all the resources to break free, we refuse to consider the facts. Weare either not aware of the complete picture, or are unwilling to face the truth. Emotion has taken over our minds, and we need to utilize our senses to feel…
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nine of Swords

This tarot card reveals our deepest thoughts.In a reading, it brings to light our suppre ssed thoughts, which are embedded so deep inside us that they only surface when we are less conscious. It is possible that we are genuinely unaware, or it could be thatwe turn an unseeing eye to the signs. If we remain oblivious to our inner feelings, we risk losing out on tapping our latent potential. It is in our… Know More

Ten of Swords

This tarot card is the card of realization. In a reading, it is the break of dawn when w e realize that we are just a minor part of the universe. We constrain ourselves with the belief that we are on our own, and everything is just incidental. This could bea result of fear of the unknown, or a stubbornness to get out of our comfort zone. The imagery depicts the result of a resistance to our intuitions call…
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Ace of Wands

This tarot card is the epitome of passion. In a reading, it is a signal that creative pu rsuits are going to be met with tremendous success, as long as we can sustain our enthusiasm. Just like a light at the end of the tunnel, this card hits us with a bright jolt after a long dark night. The positivity and energy that it radiates are rejuvenating, and we are given a big thumbs up to begin new ventures. Often,…
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Two of Wands

This tarot card is a request for prudent action. In a reading, it acts as a highlighter of the past so that we can decipher the future better. Hurdles will be strewn across our path, but our past experiences will ensure we clear them smoothly. Here, we need to remember to draw extensively from our subconscious behaviour, else we risk taking a hasty and erroneous decision…
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Three of Wands

This tarot card is a suggestion of calm. In a reading, it urges us to sit peacefully and give our creative efforts the time to bear fruit. There is no dearth of ideas in our minds, so we can allow them to manifest in a manner that is self-propelling. Timeis on our side, and we can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; all that is needed now is to allow our dreams to follow their natural course in…
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Four of Wands

This tarot card is the stage of reaping what we have sowed. In a reading, it generally m eans that the time has come to receive the gifts in recognition of the hard work we have done. It’s time to pop the champagne, and open our gates to new beginnings andhappy times. What is key here, is to be receptive of the changes, and take full advantage of them to shape our lives and our destiny. Overally contentment,…
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Five of Wands

This tarot card is a time for mutual creative admiration. In a reading, it clarifies tha t while we will be bombarded with innovative ideas and opinions, we only need to absorb the thoughts, and make our own decisions. In a scenario where multiple minds areat work, we are bound to come up with solutions to most of life’s problems, so we can rest easy. However, it is a tall order to channel the ideas in the…
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Six of Wands

This tarot card holds out the message of triumph. In a reading, it indicates we have sur passed the stage of conflict resolution, and we have received accolades galore, but in our haste to silence the noise, we may have taken our eyes off the goal. Maybe this is an admission that success is bound to go to everyone’s head once in a while. When we try to refocus, we lose out on the momentum we sustained so far,…
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Seven of Wands

This tarot card conveys a feeling of defensiveness. In a reading, it could indicate that we have toppled from our high horse, and it will take all our courage, honesty, and energy to recover our position. Like a silver lining appears in every cloud, the positive part is that our balance has not been affected. Yet, we have a lot of convincing to do, and if we truly believe in our objective, we should have…
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Eight of Wands

This tarot card acts as a breather from all the action. In a reading, it stresses that i t is time to stop in our tracks and assess the surroundings before we decide on a course of action. In the time that we give our overactive minds some much needed rest,we will automatically be guided towards our optimal path. Being tuned in to our minds as well as our hearts is of supreme importance, as that is what helps…
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nine of Wands

This tarot card is a depiction of perseverance and determination. In a reading, it means that we have been through a gruelling time defending our ideas and beliefs, but we have not lost hope or strength. Virtue and emotion have both held us in good stead;we may have been beaten down, but have come back with renewed vigour. We find ourselves standing at an advantageous position, so we have no regrets for…
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Ten of Wands

This tarot card is the card of culmination. In a reading, it indicates the end of a long journey, filled with tribulations, but also with learning. This gets absorbed into our psyche, and affects our emotions to the extent that we are no more willing to see the positive side of life. We could be consciously blinding ourselves from the path, or we could be so worn out by the struggle, and so affected by our…
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