Temperance Tarot card Upright

What It Means To Have Temperance Tarot card (Upright)

Inner peace, Calmness, Moderation, Balance, Patience, Tranquility, Soulmate, Smooth Relationship

Interpretation & General Purpose (Upright) 

The Temperance Tarot card represents balance, goodwill, patience, and moderation in general. This Major Arcana card means that you have found your inner peace and have a clear sense of what is going on in your life. It’s a sign that your personal relationships are in good shape. You’ve learned to avoid being swept into other people’s conflicts or allowing small problems to throw you off balance. Instead, you maintain your equilibrium by adapting to circumstances with a sound mind and a steady spirit. Temperance may also indicate that you have found harmony and tranquilly and are happy. Temperance means that you are in contact with who you are on the inside, what you value, and your own moral compass, making it easier for you to work out your ambitions and expectations.​

Temperance Tarot card Love & Relationships (Upright)

If you’re in a relationship, the Temperance Tarot card is one of the best cards you can get in a love Tarot reading. It denotes a loving, committed, and respectful relationship in which you and your partner have found the ideal combination of love, commitment, and respect. It’s also a symbol for soulmates. Temperance indicates that you would both overcome whatever issues have been holding your relationship back in order to move forward together if you have been having relationship problems. If you’re single, Temperance means you’ll be learning to balance other aspects of your life in order to make room for a caring partner to enter your life. If you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be able to attract the right partner to you.​

Temperance Tarot Career & Money (Upright)

Temperance indicates that now is a good time to set targets as you have the patience and perseverance to reach your objectives. Temperance upright in your Tarot spread determines your hard work and commitment. If you’re looking for a promotion or progression in your career, Temperance advises you to wait and not run at the first opportunity in case there’s a better opportunity down the road. Things should be going well financially since you should have a balanced budget. However, keep in mind that now is not the time to take chances with money or make risky investments; rather, it is the time to maintain the balance and build up your savings at a steady rate.​

Temperance Tarot Health (Upright)

In terms of fitness, the Temperance Tarot card shows that balance is the secret to good health, so if you need to control any bad practices or eating behaviours, now is a great time to do so. Look for aspects of your life and wellbeing where you have been overdoing it or undergoing it in the instances when you have been facing health problems. Bringing these areas into harmony can provide you with the healing boost you need.​

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Temperance Tarot Spirituality  (Upright)

Temperance, in a spiritual sense, indicates that you should listen to your inner guidance and that your spirit guides are all around you. Temperance may also indicate that the mind, body, and spirit are in good working order. Remember to be patient as you travel down your spiritual journey, and trust that everything will unfold at its own rate.

Temperance Tarot card Reversed 

What It Means To Have Temperance Tarot card (Reversed)

​Imbalance, Gluttony, Extremist, Clashing, No Perspective, Discord, Hostility, Rash, Carelessness

Interpretation & General Purpose (Reversed)

In general, reversed Temperance suggests an imbalance or overindulgence. This Major Arcana card may indicate that you are acting hastily or recklessly. It may be a symptom of a variety of problems including, excessive or risky behaviours such as drinking, drug use, gambling, overeating, shopping, and so on. In a reversed position, the Temperance Tarot card indicates that you have lost touch with your own inner calm and tranquilly, leading you to pursue pleasure in risky, dangerous ways. Temperance reversed may also signify a lack of unity with the people in your life, so you can find yourself clashing with those closest to you or being pulled into other people’s drama. You may be lacking in perspective and unable to see the larger picture. Take a step back and evaluate your conduct, determining the root causes and working to resolve them.​

Relationships & Love (Reversed)

If you are in a relationship, Temperance reversed in a love Tarot spread may suggest tension and clashes caused by an imbalance in the relationship. This may be because one of you feels like you care more than the other or because you don’t feel appreciated for the love and appreciation you show your partner. There is a lack of unity in the relationship, and you may find yourself arguing with one another or refusing to listen to one another. You can also find yourself being openly hostile to one another, attempting to gain points rather than working together to solve your problems. To better deal with the challenges, you’re facing and make yourself more open to seeking solutions, try to calm down the situation and find your own inner equilibrium. If you’re single, a reversed Temperance may mean that you’re giving too much of yourself to the people you care for too soon. This could simply mean that you’re trying too hard or seeming overly eager, or it could indicate promiscuity or being absolutely desperate! If you’re looking for love, try to be careful. Don’t rush into something or try to push a relationship until you’ve properly gotten to know anyone. Simply relax, seek inner harmony, and allow any new romance to evolve at its own pace.

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Money & Profession (Reversed)

Reversed Temperance Tarot card in a career setting may indicate an imbalance or dispute at work. You might be working too hard or not hard enough, or you might be having conflicts with your coworkers. It may also mean you’re ignoring or responding badly to constructive feedback. Whatever the problem is, you must look inside and re-balance your own resources in order to fix it. If you’re having financial problems, you need to address them right away. Keep an eye out for impulsive spending for immediate gratification to distract you from the internal imbalance. To find peace, you must slow down and reconnect with yourself. Excessive spending would result in debt, not inner peace!​

Good health (Reversed)

In a health sense, reversed temperance is a clear indication that you are out of control in certain aspects of your life, which is affecting your health. When the Temperance Tarot card reversed occurs in a Tarot spread, it may also indicate dangerous or unsafe excesses, so be careful of what you put into your body at this time. To regain your composure, you must communicate with yourself on how you are feeling, identify what problems might be the reason behind you to seek comfort in unhealthy ways, and address those issues.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Temperance reversed signifies that you are spiritually unbalanced. You may feel as though you’ve lost touch with your inner self or spirit guides. It’s also a sign of a mental, physical, and spiritual imbalance. To rebalance yourself, you should consider doing some energy work and meditation. If self-balancing isn’t working for you right now, you may want to consider seeking professional support.


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