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Hanged Man

Hanged Man

We all go through that phase of life where we are vulnerable. We do not know what to do. The air is full of uncertainty. The situation demands sacrifice, and you are hesitant to take the next step. This gives an indication that we need to be careful-the Hanged Man tarot card signals exactly the same. The Hanged Man is a Major Arcana card in the deck of tarot. It is mainly used for divination. The card is of ultimate surrender and sacrifice for the greater good. A person may be hanging between himself and time limbo. The card at first may seem to be a negative one, but in actuality, it is an oxymoron. The card means success in defeat. Sacrifice yourself to gain success. Let us see what the descriptive analysis of the card is.

The Hanged Man Card shows a man is suspended upside down. He is holding the tree with his leg. The tree is shown deep-rooted in the underworld. The tree supports heaven whereas the hanging man depicts freeness and his own will for hanging. This can be visible from his facial expression. His right foot is bound to the branch, while his left foot is shown as free. If we look more closely, then we can see that the man’s hand is behind his back, forming an inverted triangle. Coming to these clothes, he is wearing a red trouser which represents human passion, while the blue shift represents serene emotions. This colour combination resembles a hermit. His intellect is symbolised by the yellow colour of his shoes, hair and halo. Let us see what the upright and reverse card indicates.

The upright Hanged man indicates he is in some sort of compromising state. He is standing in a position that demands sacrifice in order to progress in life. The sacrifice can be a way of repentance for any past misdeeds, or it can be a calculated step back. It can be a strategic sacrifice to launch yourself upwards. His inverted position indicates the feeling of those that want to see the world in a spiritual way. The Hanged man has a different vision with which he views the world. Others might be hesitant to sacrifice, but you are not like them. This is a natural course of action for you to walk alone.

The Hanged Man reflects a particular need to withhold certain things. This will make you indecisive. This can also signal that certain actions will be delayed or postponed even if you think it is the need of the moment. You have to shift your priority; in fact, it will be good if you are able to stall certain projects or actions. This will help you to take critical decisions that will be ultimately for the greater good.

The Hanged Man love is about sacrifice, a new beginning. It hints to wait for the right time to begin a new relationship. If you are single, then it indicates not to rush into a relationship. Irrespective of how much you try to get into a romantic fling, use your charm or skills to woe the opposite sex things will not culminate into a relationship if your partner is not ready. Instead of forcing yourself into fruition, use this time to self introspect when you are alone. Maybe the time is not right for taking any kind of decision or taking the relationship to the next level. Alternatively, sacrifice plays an important role in your relationship. Sometimes sacrificing or compromising helps the relationship to stay long and firm. You might be needing help from someone in order to survive in the relationship.

The Hanged Man card in terms of career indicates waiting. You might be uncertain about your workplace and future about your profession. Your projects may be stalled, and there will be lack of progress in your career. You are saturated, and thoughts are not coming to your mind. Take a pause before planning anything new; flush out the toxins in your mind. A vacation can help. There is a lesson to be learnt that there will be times when you cannot force things. Sometimes you need to wait and see what happens. Let time take its course. No matter how much you push forward, whether it is your work, project, colleague or client, it will happen when the time is right. Just relax. Another meaning of this card maybe that time has come for a change in your career. You may think you are taking a step back; instead, it is the launching pad for your life. Be positive, and you will attend success in life.

The Hanged Man, in terms of finance, means you need to change your approach when it comes to money. You might be going through some kind of stress in case of your spending. You should take a pause and assess the situation. You should do a self-assessment and see if you can turn the tide in your favour. You should know how to hold and control a situation from turning to bad or maybe even worse.

The Hanged Man reversed card means that you are sacrificing a great amount of time and energy in some worthless activity. You are trying hard, but you are not getting anything in return. You may feel the wind is not blowing, and there is a standstill of eternity. It is like you are banging your head into the wall, but there is no effect on it-time for you to introspect on actions you are taking in your life. Take a pause and think about what you are doing wrong and what can be done better.

The Hanged Man reverse indicates a time for action. The reversed card suggests that the waiting period is over, and you might board the train. There may have been a slowdown in the past but now is not the time for you to stop. The love life is ready to go, and you have reinvented yourself. You now have clear thoughts, and with this new fresh perspective, you can lead your love life and achieve fulfilment. The relationship will be full of energy and there will be trust and understanding between you and your partner. This card also indicates that it is not necessary every time for you to sacrifice in order to achieve the trust of your partners. The balanced approach of you and your partner will take the relationship to a long distance.

If you have drawn a Hanged Man card in the reverse direction, that means your sacrifices are not working in the career to push you forward. If you have recently changed your job or taken a break to revitalise yourself with family, then things may not pan out as you thought. You may feel doing those things added value to your work. This card also indicates a break in your career. Instead of waiting for the right moment, you might become reckless and take decisions in haste which you may regard in future. The waiting has drained the energy out of you, and you are feeling frustrated. Be positive and be proactive than reactive.

If you are thinking about buying something which requires a good amount of capital investment, then you might be hesitant to take this step. This card also indicates that your investments are not giving you good dividends. Earning sources are less, and spending sprees are more. This also means, you might have loaned money to your friends or some close confidante, but they are not able to return it on time, increasing your financial burden. There is a sense of wastage of money, and the sacrifice indicates that your investments are gone. Life is making you learn a lesson in hard ways.

The Hanged Man tarot card shows us our flexible side. We always have certain expectations from life, but it is not always fulfilled. This leads to disappointment. The Hanged Man urges us to sacrifice a few things to achieve the bigger thing. The card signals us to surrender to the universe, pause and put a brake on all actions. We need to take a deep breath and, like a spring, need to press back to get ready for a launch. Decisions taken in haste will only complicate matters. The card advises us to let go to achieve things for the greater good. Do not get pessimistic if you are sacrificing something. Take it as a positive sign and think fresh to give a kick to your life.

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