Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Upright Tarot Card Keywords

The Chariot upright card is affiliated with the following aspects:

  • Determination
  • Strength of will
  • Command and control
  • Victory and accomplishments
  • Actions and deeds

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Card Keywords

The Chariot upright card is affiliated with the following aspects:

  • Discipline
  • Resistance
  • Directionless


If we closely look at the Chariot Tarot card, we can observe the following things:

  • A powerful combatant/warrior standing on a chariot pulled by two horses/sphinxes.
  • The warrior in the card seems to be holding a wand, wearing a laurel and a crown.
  • He is also seen wearing an armor adorned with two crescent moons and a tunic with a square.
  • In addition to this, the two sphinxes/horses are contrasting in color (black and white) which symbolizes duality, and are pulling the chariot in two opposite directions as well.
  • Although it seems that the chariot may not be moving in any direction as it is pulled in opposite directions, the charioteer is in full control of what direction he is taking in life.

All these signs and symbols have a deep-rooted conclusions which helps in deciphering the chariot tarot meaning. For instance, the armor with the crescent moons is associated with what is coming into existence. The laurel and crown are associated with victories, triumphs and spiritual growth whereas the tunic represents the power of will. Also, it is visible that the charioteer does not have any means to control the horses but instead has a wand that shows how mindful and determined he is in life.

Thus, the Chariot tarot card is all about not giving up in life and being confident, determined and strong about the direction in life you’re heading towards. Moving ahead in life with an optimistic approach and overcoming obstacles on the way is what this tarot card implies. One needs to give his best efforts in doing this because eventually with hard work and persistence one will be victorious.


Love and Relationships

In terms of love and relationships, the upright Chariot tarot love signifies that one should be able to balance his/her sentiments and move ahead in life. If there is a conflict between you and your partner, then it is necessary to solve the issues with persistent efforts and hard work to have a triumphant relationship. Communication here can play a vital role in balancing your emotions. Another crucial aspect is to balance your mind and the heart so that there is an equilibrium in your emotional and logical side. It is advised to not be anxious and steer clear of misunderstandings too. Besides, if you are single then this card indicates that you will be able to overcome all the past problems and come out victorious in the present love life.

Money and Career

As far as money and career are concerned, the card indicates that you will be very motivated, zealous and determined at this time. If you feel that there are various issues at your workplace with your colleagues, then make sure that you are not hampered by it. Rather, put all your focus on working hard and putting all your efforts into achieving your goals and desires. Do not be worried or anxious about the state of affairs. This is also a great time for people looking for a job that they always wanted.


With respect to health, if you have been suffering from an illness or any health issues, you will feel very motivated and determined to combat this and experience a sigh of relief. You may feel this urge to tackle these problems and come out victorious. Although it may take some time to recover from the problems, with constant hard work and efforts you will eventually get there. Hence, this is a great time to schedule things accordingly.


On a spiritual level, you may feel more inclined towards gaining new experiences. During this time, spirituality will come to you naturally, and with constant dedication in the same direction, you will get a lot of benefits. The path may be full of hurdles, however, you will pass through all of them and emerge as a successful person.


If you do end up picking up the chariot reversed card then the chariot tarot meaning may differ a little. You may feel that you have lost your direction in life and become more fragile. Thus, it is important to take control of your life at this point and not lose hope. Just like the charioteer, guide your life towards success and make the required changes with more confidence, hard work, and zeal. Do not feel powerless and take proactive steps to overcome this stage in life.

Love and Relationships

According to love and relationships, the card tells you to not drag your relation too far if it is not working for the good. Having patience and dealing with matters over time may be the only solution to this. Forcing things may only make matters worse, so make sure that you give enough time to your relationship and tread with utmost care. In case you are single then do not rush for a relationship and be driven by feelings. Take your own time to meet the special one for you will come across someone during this stage.

Money and Career

As far as money and career are concerned, the card explains how you should take one step at a time and not rush into things impulsively. Be more progressive in your approach rather than jumping on to the actions without planning. Take a step back and try to figure out where you are and where you want to be, with a calm mind. Also, do not rush into making hasty decisions in monetary and financial aspects.


In matters of health, you may feel very enthusiastic and positive, however, it is important to not rush into doing things and be more patient in your approach. Do not overdo things and be pragmatic in dealing with health issues, if any.


You will be more inclined and focussed in the spiritual realm, but you will have to make sure that you are open to your experiences and not confined to your own interpretation of a spiritual process. So, try to be more open and gain as many experiences to obtain maximum benefits.

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