Aries Traits

Aries natives are passionate, independent, bold, and ambitious. You are fully committed to the things you undertake and are highly competitive. You love to live on your own terms and often unwilling to compromise on your thoughts and ideas. You won’t be satisfied until your work, personal relationships and social life are aligned with your desires and goals.

Aries personality traits include a strong sense of leadership, amazing self-confidence, positivity, boldness, and creativity. Understanding the traits will help you to ease out your work, personal and social life. Learning about your traits will help you to use positive traits as strengths and try to overcome negative traits with time. The chief and major traits for Aries are the fierce need for independence and individuality. You get all engrossed when you find things challenging and unique. You are a trendsetter, trailblazer and always need to be number one.

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About Aries: (March 21 – April 20)

Sanskrit/Vedic name: Mesha
Aries Meaning: The Ram
Type: Fire-Cardinal-Positive 

The first fire sign of the zodiac circle and also known as an infant of the zodiac, the presence of Aries zodiac sign always brings an energetic beginning. The natives born between March 21 to April 19 are born leaders, bold, optimistic, passionate and outspoken. They are likely to act before thinking and its impossible to ignore their excellent leadership and organizational skills. They are flexible, speedy, competitive, and always want to be on the top in all the areas. 

The natives of this sun sign are the most active, competitive, and courageous. They always fight for injustice and are not shy about voicing their opinions and thoughts. They are ready to be the hero of any activity or event, fly away and take extensive risks. Hence, it is a little tough to win over them in an argument or take a lead in the conversation. Naturally charismatic Aries natives are able to convince and lead people effortlessly.

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Aries Nature

Aries is a fiery brand which shapes life with daring, initiation and endeavors with a quirk of boldness and bravery. Frankness and refreshing honesty is the trademark of Aries nature. You are a straightforward person and your life is an open book for your closed ones. Your innocence and an instant smile on the face soften your egocentricity and aggressiveness. You always march forward to achieve the purpose with great zeal, enthusiasm, and positivity. The word impossible doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You won’t lose hope or get tired until you achieve your desired goals.

You are the children of the planet Mars whose energy inherits dynamic character in you. It builds spontaneous nature and courage in you. If you face any obstacles in complicated things instead of sitting to brood over problems, you prefer coming up with instant alternative plans. You belong to cardinal fire sign hence are full of zeal, energy, and enthusiasm.
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Aries Men

Traits: Strong, bold, impulsive, self-centered, ambitious, short-tempered, wild, fiery, enthusiastic, excited, energetic

Compatibility Signs for Aries Man: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius

The natives are headstrong, impetuous and always want to be number one. You are not afraid of risk and learn things from the hard way. You are ruled by the planet Mars, work in your style and on your own terms and conditions. You are stubborn and stick to doing things in a way you have thought of. You are good in your respective area and are not shy to stand in the spotlight. Underneath your bombastic bravery, there is a child in you that can hurt you emotionally at times but are masked with humor. It is almost impossible for everyone to be with at your level of rapid fiery wit, impressive passion, and style of great gestures. You are a warrior for the things that you believe to be right and true. Your assertiveness and raw enthusiasm are mistaken as aggression. You are naughty but not dishonest, reckless at times but not fools, egoistic but never selfish, extremely fun-loving and enjoyable for others.

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Aries Women

Traits: career-oriented fiery, energetic, independent, outgoing, optimistic, intelligent, creative, bold, spontaneous, strong, competitive, unbiased, sentimental

Compatibility Signs for Aries Woman: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Let’s get started!” is the mantra of Aries women in life. You are fiercely independent, free spirit, fun, independent, creative, confident, bold and spontaneous. The fire element in you ignites everything that you touch into the living spark of life. You belong to cardinal sign ruled by planets Mars whose energy gets along well with your getting going attitude and initiating endeavor with great enthusiasm. You are always at the front of the line and kick-start everything from projects to romantic dinner dates. You will have a completely different view and unique perspective for every area. You are very tough to challenge conventions. You see life as a challenge and will tackle everything and everyone full steam ahead. You never tolerate personal failure. Every moment is bound to be exciting and rewarding for you. You can get along with male associates easier than other females in your circle.  You are quite open and frank in your approach. 
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Aries Career

Career Mantra: I have got this

Lessons to be given: Leadership, Creativity, Ambitious, Focus, Adventurous.

Things you need to learn: Ability to think, Completion of task, Patience, Art of delegating.

Aries will choose a career in which he can shine brightest. You are ambitious, creative, focused on your agenda, and always want to do best in the workplace. You have the unique ability to visualize things and plan in a way that you can independently carry out and will do it effectively. You are very comfortable to take up the charge of other people as you are born leader and highly adventurous. You are undaunted by challenges and can come up with a solution for the most difficult problems and situations. Hence your colleagues and subordinates will come to you for advice. You are very competitive and rivalry will make your fiery character always ready for action.

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Aries Romance

Aries Declaration: I, me and myself

Key Phrase: I am

Lessons to give in love: courage, enthusiasm, optimism, activeness, and innocence

Lessons to learn in love: patience, keep trust on the right partner and at the right time, plan and be prudent, accept change

You are a passionate, enthusiastic, and powerful lover. Your dates will be full of zeal and high on energy. You share good love compatibility with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn and can expect a bumpy and happy ride with them.  Aries in love is very attentive, affectionate and loyal but with a jealous streak. You exhibit naive behavior for your lover and are very possessive for them. You work on your strong instinct when it comes to find a soulmate and infuse your relationship with romance. Once you have found someone perfect for you, you will chase them to win their hearts. After you win the heart of your loved ones you’ll plan surprise dates and do everything that will cherish them.

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Aries Relationship

Aries roles in a different relationship will slightly bring facet in his personality but most characteristics will fairly be the same. You are known as social magnets and inherit childlike innocence in you. You don’t play mind games but are direct and forthright lovers. Aries usually take a direct approach to confront their feelings, unlike others. You are open and boldly explain your expectations and feelings. You are the initiator of the relationships and can come on too strong or try to move things along very quickly. You will always bring good vibes and variety in the world of your loved ones. You will be relatively aggressive and domineering at times but it will be strong, genuine and bold. Hence it becomes difficult for your closed ones to find fault in it. You may become jealous and have possessiveness for your closed ones. You tend to dominate the relationship regardless of the role you are playing.
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Aries Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shape your personality. Mars will rule the person born from March 21 to March 30 and makes them impulsive in nature. The planet is associated with a surplus of energy that can lead to quarrels, fights, arguments, and clashes. Sun will rule the person born from March 31 to April 9 and fuel creativity in them. The natives are fortunate to be born in this decan as the sun empowers you with constructive and creative abilities. Jupiter will rule the person born from April 10 to April 19 and bring along the intellect of the Sagittarius sign. You are intuitive, generous, creative and flexible.
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Aries Facts

Aries are born leaders, inventors, initiators, physically active, and sporty. When Aries make up their mind it is very difficult to change. Let’s see how well you know about Aries zodiac sign. Here are some handpicked interesting facts about Aries personality to give you a better idea of what the infant of zodiac sign is really like. You may find it either interesting or shocking
But this is how Aries is more than being brash and loud.

Interesting Facts of Aries

Aries Facts: Problem Solver, Leader, Strong-minded, Focused, Sarcastic, Savage, Romantic, Loyal, Truthful, Observer, Kind-hearted, Dangerous when provoked.
Aries Problem: The Ram doesn’t know how to deal with anger and control it.
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Moon in Aries

Energy: Barren, dry, fiery and masculine
Ruler: Mars
Impulse: Action
Rules: Head and face

The natives born under an Aries Moon are enthusiastic, flexible, pioneering, and bold. You are inclined to have a pronounced need for freedom, independence, determination, and self-confidence. You belong to Cardinal Fire sign that governs instinct, initiation, and action. You are enthusiastic, impulsive and have ample reserved energy. You would not give a second thought once the thing fascinates you or some innovative ideas have struck your mind. You would jump to action immediately once you are excited or have an idea of doing it. 

Aries is the sign of emotional independence hence you are more likely to give and expect stimulation, freedom, vibrancy, and some lone time. You require own space to work and simply hates if some try to limit you. You would never like it if things are going at a slow pace. You are spontaneous, focused and determined and hate sitting idle. You are never manipulative and beat around the bush. 

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Aries Health

Aries natives have great energy, contagious enthusiasm, strength, and stamina. Your health issues are mainly due to overstress at work, squeezing yourself in the course of accomplishing goals, anger,  impatience, and frustration.  You have confidence and the incredible power of speedy recovery. You are all about living it up and enjoying every single moment of life. Gym, Zumba classes, or a yoga center will truly be a happy space for you. If you abstain from it, you will feel lethargic but will indulge completely when the time is right.

Aries rules the head and is all about frequent headaches. Hence, it is very important for you to learn to rest and make time for recreation in your busy schedule. You should drink plenty of water which you often forget in your quest to be the best. You should honestly go for a routine check-up as booking an appointment will keep you in marvelous shape for your always running lifestyle.

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