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The Empress

The Empress

A mother bears the seed of life. She is attributed as the creator and nurturer. This holds true in many civilizations, and thus she is worshipped next to god. The Empress tarot card resembles the mother. It is a part of Major Arcana in the deck of tarot cards. The Empress is regarded as the protector and a creator. She also represents the creation of life, romance and art. If there is something in your mind that is about to germinate, then the Empress card indicates the same. You need to be receptive to the change. Like a child is born after going through several development phases and the mother is there for the care, the Empress also indicates that you are likely to go through several changes, but there will be someone to mentor and guide you. This is a positive card. Let us see what the descriptive analysis of the card tells us?

The card indicates a beautiful woman with an attractive figure and blond hair. There is peaceful energy surrounding her. She is wearing a crown studded with twelve stars. This indicates her connection with cosmic energy. She has a deep relation with the celestial bodies and the world. She is wearing a robe pomegranate print. This indicates fertility. She is sitting on a majestic seat with red velvet. She is inspiring love, creativity and passion.

She is sitting elegantly, and in the backdrop, there is a beautiful forest. This signifies the connection of the empress with earth and mother nature. In the foreground, you can see wheat crops germinating from the soil, signifying wealth and prosperity. All in all, this is a very good card for social life. Let us see what it indicates when it is upright and reversed.

The Empress in an upright direction indicates the deep connection with our feminine side. Femininity also could be associated with the expression, imagination and fertility. It indicates that you are happy in your social life. Try to reach out to the sensual side of your character and enjoy the bliss of family life. This also indicates signs of motherhood. You are likely pregnant, and that motherly elegance is flowing through your aura. Philosophically, it may indicate that a new idea is about to germinate. This can launch new projects that will lead to success. The card also encourages you to spend time with mother nature and enjoy the scenic beauty.

The Empress love card in upright condition means that love is flowing from the earth source. The person will have a motherly nature, caring attitude, and he or she will be the nurturer. This also indicates that love and work are getting closer, and perhaps you may fall for a coworker. There will be a likelihood of a business relationship that takes the shape of a family. If you are already in a relationship, then this card indicates stability, and you are committed to a serious relationship. As the card indicates the maternal side of yours, it strongly indicates marriage or the formation of a new family. So be ready for this new fruitful beginning.

You are right now enjoying this positive phase of life. In terms of career, you are getting imaginative at work. The new ideas you are generating are giving you great results. This is likely to boost your career. Since the Empress represents nourishment and nurturing, it is likely that you will be an ideal guide or mentor for your peers or subordinates. You are the reason for this peaceful environment at work. You will enjoy the support of the coworkers and superiors. The environment is letting you give your hundred per cent. You are enjoying the work you are doing right now, and it feels like a second home for you.

The Empress tarot card in an upright situation means you are comfortable in your finances. You are both creative and want to spend on materialistic pleasure. This also indicates that you are likely to be generous with money. This means you are likely to loan some cash to your family or friends. It is certainly a good time for you to share your fortune. Do not worry about getting it back, as this will help strengthen the bond between you and your family.

Let us flip the card and see what it indicates. The Empress in reverse indicates that you are low in confidence. You have gone through some life-changing incidence which has taken away your willpower and strength to fight out of the trouble. This can also be due to the fact that you have started poking your nose into others matter way too much. In doing so, you are neglecting yourself and not getting respect from others. Even if your intentions are good, this is not the right time to get into another’s life.

It can also mean that you are relying on others for nurturing you and taking care of you. You are not able to make your own decision, and you want someone to do it for you. You need to work to build your confidence. Trying will help; it may not give you quick results , but it will make you ready for the future.

The Empress tarot reversed in love indicates that someone is controlling your personal life. He is likely taking control and getting stubborn. You are not allowed to show your emotion or express yourself. The self-respect is low, and the relationship feels like a beggar’s alms rather than a worthy love union. It doesn’t matter with whom you are with; rather, you will have difficulty in maintaining this balance in the relationship. If you are in a relationship, then the card indicates you to spend time with your loved one. Show some care to her. If single, then self date yourself. Surprise yourself with gifts and spend time one yourself. This will help in rejuvenating yourself and search for a new partner.

The reverse Empress tao indicates that your career is no fun. You are just dragging yourself at work. The career field for you is boring, stale, and there is no job satisfaction. You are going through a monotonous routine as you have mastered the skills required for this job. You are also likely to feel that others are unappreciative, and this further adds to the frustration. There is an indication that you are feeling insecure at work and lack trust in others. This lack of trust could be causing the problem at your workplace. It is important for you to think about what is getting you into this monotony. Think about what can be better; either switching the job or taking a vacation might help. This will help in building confidence and try to learn something new.

Even when the Empress is reversed, it does not indicate any negativity when it comes to finances. Your financial condition is safe and sound. There is stability, but despite having enough, you might be insecure. This condition can arise because you might have seen how hard it is to get money, or you are in a self-employed state right now. So holding money becomes of prime importance for you. You have to understand what is causing you to be scared and what you can do to change the condition. Do now worry; just be alert and responsible in terms of your finances like you have been.

The Empress is a positive Major Arcana card. It is a symbol of love, creativity and a person who is protective and nurturing. We should be receptive to good changes and the positive attitude will help us scare new heights. While love can make us emotionally weak, it also gives us the strength to stand in times of adversity. The tarot Empress reminds us to stay connected with mother nature. This card is an indication of peace and tranquillity. It urges you to enjoy your life and people around you. You need to accept your maternal or feminine side with open arms and mind. Life will be fruitful and beautiful once you start to enjoy small things in your life and value them.

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