Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords signifies that, if you lie, your fear will try to seduce you, as you want to get away from something secretly or privately, the seven swords further denotes this card is linked to illegal news; it also detects and spreads rumours or lies; you will be subjected to personal gossip and malign activity.

Seven of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

When you observe the “Seven of Swords” card, you will find a man is running away quietly and secretly from some sort of camp carrying five Swords in his hands. Behind him, two other Swords are standing on the ground. From this image, one can conclude that the “Seven of Swords” is about stealth, getting away with something, deception or betrayal. Also, further the reader interpreted that the smile on man’s face suggests that he is proud of himself for having slipped away without being noticed.

Seven of Swords – Upright.

The “Upright seven of Swords” usually denotes extortion, betrayal, and dishonesty. You may be trying to get away with something and hiding behind the backs of others in the hopes of not being discovered. If you’re lucky, your secrets will remain secure. However, if you are unlucky, someone will discover you, and your secrets will be exposed, causing you humiliation and embarrassment. Be mindful that if you are attempting to use any tricks to find ways to get off, there is a risk that you may be observed and found; if not, you may have to expend tremendous effort to hide it, which may or may not be worthwhile.

You may also be a victim of somebody’s fraud, according to the “upright seven of Swords.” It’s possible that you’re being scammed or that you’re not seeing lies and corruption from people you trust. This may be someone else’s plan to cheat you. If you see odd behavior in someone, pay attention to your gut instincts. If anything doesn’t feel right, it’s a warning to be careful.

As a positive note, the “Seven Swords” indicates that in whatever you do, you have to be strategic. You can also use shortcuts and the ‘backdoors’ to get what you want but rather follow the process. You might want to find ways to resolve your problems and to achieve your aims.

The seven swords can also mean that you are trying to leave a situation that is no longer working for you rather than coping with it. You may be able to avoid your responsibilities, but you may need to negotiate with them at times.

Love – Upright Seven of Swords

If you are in a relationship, the “Upright seven of Swords” tells that it is not a good time, as it indicates deception, lies, cheating, betrayal. You may be disloyal towards your relationship; you may be trying to manipulate the other rather than being honest. You could be influenced by others who would act like your friends, but actually they will try to spoil your relationship. Thus, you are advised to be alert and be committed to your relationship.

If you are single, the “Upright Seven of Swords” suggest that you may encounter an unfaithful and controlling person so be careful. At the same time, if you want a real relationship, and then do what you really are, don’t play a character you have learned about the impact of someone you don’t want to grow up with. At the beginning of your new relationship, your partner may find you to be fun, but sometimes when a little trust builds up in your relationship, you just have to stop the act, be yourself and allow for the empathy of the other person.

Career – Upright Seven of Swords

In a career tarot reading the “Upright Seven of Swords” indicates that you will be surrounded by tricks at your workplace. Your colleagues may try to undermine you; they will try to spread lies behind your back or try to steal your projects.Your business associates may try to involve you in cunning deals.

Finance – Upright Seven of Swords

As per “Upright Seven of Swords”, you have to be very attentive towards your money matters. How safe are you all about your assets and property will all depend upon your past safety techniques or security patterns. Theft and Frauds may occur, this may be from outside which you really won’t be expecting. Thus this card advises you to stay away from schemes or dirty deals which predicts you to become wealthy quickly. Avoid shortcuts and where you find something suspicious just fade away from it. Do all your hard work and be confident in whatever you do.

Seven of Swords – Reversed

As per “reverse seven of Swords”, perhaps you might experience a psychological pattern where you will have doubts about your skills, talents or accomplishments and have a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Thus, the best is to get out of your mind and feel confident that all you need is to achieve success, whether it may be your ongoing tasks or new undertakings.

Also, “reversed Seven of Swords” indicates that you are cheating yourself or attempting to convince yourself to believe that all is fine, but in reality, things must be different. Thus, believe in yourself and face the problem honestly. The “reverse seven of Swords” also tells about holding some secrets away from others. You might be hiding a dark secret that you hope would never come to light, but keeping these secrets may cause you stress and tension. Sometimes overthinking about it may cause your deeper feelings of guilt and shame to surface. Although the prospect of confessing may be frightening, thus if you want to free yourself from the negative feelings you are currently experiencing, forgive yourself first and confide in someone you can trust; this will make you feel much lighter and better.

Love – Reversed Seven of Swords

If you are dating, the “Reversed seven of swords” isn’t an awesome component. Normally it however indicates that there would be dishonesty or fraud inside the dating. Lies may be exposed and truth will also be exposed. In keeping with “reversed seven of swords” the cheater may additionally agree that their partner may forgive them and circulate on. However, there may be a threat that every person who spreads lies or causes problems on your dating may be exposed.

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In case you are unmarried, the “seven of swords” indicate that you may have to compete with a cunning man or a liar, so watch out! It can also imply that you are fortunate to go off the games of your dating and open a brand new page with a loved partner, turning it into a more realistic happening.

Career – Reversed Seven of Swords

The”Seven Swords – inverted” in the study of the Tarot of work means that if you have been lying or being held red-handed at work, your conscience may come into play, and you may want to confess or be exposed. This card may also tell you that your current plans and strategies are not working and that you need to start over.

Finance – Reversed Seven of Swords

As for talking about money, Now is a good time to pay your taxes and keep your finances in order before you get into more trouble. If you have ever been the victim of a robbery, a scam or a fraud, the truth will be now being revealed, and those without a moral path will have implications.


Seven of Swords – “Yes or No” Card

In a yes or no interpretation, the Seven of Swords reflects negativity. It emphasises deception, taking advantage of others, and being untrustworthy or deceitful.

As a result, the answer to your question is, The seven of Swords is a “No” Card or not until certain underlying problems have been identified and resolved.

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