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Emperor Meaning – Emperor Tarot

Emperor Meaning - Emperor Tarot

If a mother takes care of nurturing, then the father provides the energy for growth and development. In terms of tarot, if the Emperor is the epitome of fertility, vigour and creativity, then the Emperor card is the perfect example for security, stability, growth and authority. It is suggestive of stability and security. This suggests that you are well in control of your situation and are the likely director of your play. You have reached such a stage due to your sheer determination and hard work. The strictness and self-restraint has led you this far. It means that you are in charge of your life and now able to play the game with your own set of rules. The card shows your paternal side. Let us get through the descriptive analysis of the card.

The Emperor tarot card belongs to the family of Major Arcana. The Emperor’s meaning shows a person with authority is sitting on the large stone throne. The throne is furnished and hooked with four rams’ heads. The Emperor is holding an ankh in his right hand, which is the Egyptian symbol of life. The left-hand holds an orb representing that he is ruling his world. He is bestowed with a red robe that indicates his authority, power, passion and energy in life. He is donned with a suit of armour, suggesting that he is invincible to any kind of physical or emotional weakness. His long beard indicates he is experienced and has ripened wisdom. The golden crown shows his authority.

The rear side of the throne is tall, signifying that he is well supported, but his stubborn nature is resisting him from making any kind of unnecessary change. Beneath the peak of the mountain, one can see a river flowing. This shows that despite his tough nut attitude, he is soft inside, and this gives a sense of hope for others. But this will be a tough job of winning his trust. Let us see what the upright or reverse Emperor signifies.

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The upright Emperor gives you control. This means you are either an authoritative figure of an organisation or a father figure of your family. The Emperor is a descriptive analyser who works through his set plan. This card indicates the masculine nature of the person in terms of the physical build and emotional quotient. He is the teacher, preacher, and father of the community. The Emperor wants his kingdom to be happy and prosperous. His one hand indicates justice, and the other hand indicates discipline. He guides with a firm hand. Though he has the ego of a ruler, his thinking is that of a wise scholar. Ultimately, he will look for the good of the kingdom.

If you have drawn this card, that means you will achieve success in your life. The future is good for you as long as you think like a ruler and act like a coworker. Your thinking will be at the peak. This also indicates that you are in charge of something important, and you are working on completing the project with a clear mindset.

The Emperor looks like a serious personality. But he also has a heart. The Emperor tarot love of meaning asks us to bring logic, creativity, discipline in a relationship. When in love, one might tend to wander too much wayward. The person will be more traditional rather than adventurous. As a person, the Emperor represents someone who is old and reserved. He is having a hard time expressing his feelings to his love. If your partner is the authoritative figure in the relationship, then it is quite possible that he is not empathizing with you. So you need to go deep into his heart to achieve the love.

In Tarot, it is a good sign if you have drawn it upright in terms of career. The Emperor’s career indicates you are progressing well in your work. The hard work, concentrated effort, and organised approach are paying you a dividend. The Emperor suggests you be disciplined and practice self-control to achieve the milestone in your career. If your work atmosphere is stressed, then this is the time for you to show your methodical skills and bring back life to normal. This is time for you to show who is the boss. This card also indicates that someone senior to you will help you mend your ways.

In terms of finances, the Emperor warns you to take control of your finances. Maybe you are spending too much. You should deal with your money matters with responsibility. You should have a clear understanding of your spending and make a budget accordingly. Stick to your plans, and you will see that you are able to control the financial spendings.

The Emperor reversed is a sign that you are abusing your powers. You are not treating others with respect. Instead, you have become possessive and tyrant. You want to take control of other’s lives by your actions. You enjoy seeing others powerless. This also could be due to the insecurities brewing in your life. It also means that you are a weak ruler and unable to lead a team well. You are running away from the responsibility.

Lack of self-control and inability to handle tough situations is a sign of weakness mentally. This indicates that people around are not frustrated and don’t want to have you as their leader. Instead of a noble kind, you have become ruthless and often ignoring others needs and opinions.

The Emperor Tarot love reading in reverse indicates that there is a struggle going on to take control between you and your partner. Both of you might be fighting to be the dominant partner. Instead of coming together with different ideas, there will always be competitiveness and desire to prove your point. This also indicates that you are carrying the weight of others expectations. You might be tempted to give up to save your relationship, but the card suggests you refrain from doing so. Another meaning of this card is that you are facing difficulty in getting an emotional connection with your partner.

The Emperor love in reverse indicates a lack of focus in your work. You are likely to falter if you do not have the qualities of self-control, discipline and focus. At the workplace, you will notice that you are not able to complete the work on the deadline. The weight of the work is taking the toll on you, and you find escapism is the only way out. This also suggests that you are too stubborn at your workplace. The environment might be hostile. On the worst side, it indicates a tyrant boss or coworker is spinning the web of deception and making your life hell. In such a case, you need to search for a better option.

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You may feel like you are out of control in terms of money. The reversed Emperor suggests your inability to take control of your finances. You are not able to make up your mind where to spend and where not to. This might be due to a lack of discipline. If such is the case, then you may take the help of a professional guide. If you know the reason for your spending, then you need to cut down your expenses and find an alternate way to earn.

The Emperor can be a double-edged sword. If you have drawn it upright, then it means that you are in firm control of your life and will achieve the goals of your life with clean and clear thinking. While, if you have drawn it reversed, then you need to show control to minimize the damage created due to lack of motivation, trust and self-control. The Emperor tarot cards are just indicative; it is you who know how to control your destiny. Read more about Tarot Cards Click Here.

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