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Good luck, Enthusiasm, Happiness, Truth, Openness, Pregnancy, Optimism, Vitality, Joy, Confidence, Self-expression

The Major Arcana card of light, positivity, independence, and happiness is the Sun. Things should be going well for you if The Sun appears upright, as this card also indicates success and excitement. People will be drawn to your tremendous energy and positive vibes, and you will provide comfort and happiness to everyone you meet with. You will feel carefree, emancipated, and confident. It’s also the card of truthfulness, so if you’ve been the victim of deception or lies, The Sun tarot card will cast its light, revealing the truth and the offenders. It would be a sign of good fortune if you got a Sun Tarot Card in an upright position in your tarot reading. With the comfort this card gives, any issues you’ve been having will fade away. It could also signal a trip to a warm-weather destination.​

If you are in a relationship, the Sun represents immense joy and happiness in a love Tarot reading. It could indicate that your relationship is entering a period of pleasure, passion, and happiness. Simultaneously, the upright Sun tarot card sheds light on everything in its way, including partnerships, so any hidden flaws in your relationships will be revealed. Any problems brought to your attention by The Sun will be resolved in your favour. This can manifest as the relationship being more open and honest, or it might manifest as the relationship ending in order for you to find a better relationship. Verification can be found on compatible cards. Whatever happens, The Sun will bring something wonderful and beneficial into your romantic life. The Sun can also symbolise a special occasion, such as a wedding or engagement. If you’re single, The Sun suggests that a wonderful relationship may be on the way. It could also mean that you’ll be carefree and relish the benefits of being single. The Sun is one of the most important pregnancy signs in the Tarot deck, whether you are married or single. Take adequate safeguards if you are not ready for children.

The Sun Tarot card denotes a successful period in your journey through your profession and work! You will be filled with optimism and enthusiasm as new opportunities reveal themselves to you. You’ll be ready to dive in and make any endeavour a success. It also indicates you to be in a wonderful position enjoying the fruits of your hard work and gaining financial profits. Your business operations, investments, and other money-making endeavours should be doing well. If you have any secret debts, they will likely surface during this time, so set aside some of your cash to pay them off.​

The Sun is the card of energy, so when it comes to your tarot reading, you should feel full of life, balance, happiness, and wellness. If you’ve been sick, The Sun is a favourable sign that you’ll get better. If you are doing family planning and are going to conceive, it is a highly auspicious indication to have a sun tarot card upright. This card is the signature pregnancy card in tarot reading.

The Sun Tarot card denotes that you are in search of peace which you will be offered by following a spiritual path. It’s the enlightenment card. You have finally reached a position of profound knowledge, enlightenment, and contentment after all the hardships Major Arcana has thrown at you. You know where you’re heading and are happy to wait for things to occur in their own time because you believe in the cosmos care for you, and where it’s leading, you will be at your soul’s destination.

Excessive Elation, Sorrow, Hopelessness, Erroneous Expectations, Ego, Intolerance, Persecution, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, And Abortion

The Reversed Sun Tarot card indicates that you are filled with unhappiness, anxiety, and negative thinking in general. With this card in your Tarot reading, it may be tough to focus on the good. The Sun tarot reversed does not always indicate that your status or circumstances are dire, but rather that you are gloomy and fixated on the irrational, which is negatively affecting your attitude on life. It can indicate a lack of excitement, a lack of clarity about the appropriate path to take, or an inability to perceive a road forward. This Major Arcana card may indicate that negative thoughts are stopping you from living happily and feeling the joy that is all around you. You have the calibre to move out of this state by just keeping yourself open to the graceful events that cross your path and being thankful for what you already have. Becoming extremely eager or confident to the point of being a negative quality can also be indicated by the Sun being inverted. You might, for example, be too confident to the point of being conceited or arrogant. Or you may be so focused on accomplishing the objectives that you haven’t checked to see if they are achievable.​

If you’re in a relationship, The Sun reversed can signal that your partner has left you out in the cold. The relationship may have lost some of its lustre or passion. It could be a sign of a broken engagement or a postponed wedding. It could mean you’re having trouble seeing a route forward for you and your partner. It can also indicate jealousy or a desire to get an advantage over one another. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, spend quality time together, and remember why you started dating in the first place. If you’re single, The Sun Reversed could mean you’ve become so narcissistic that you’re repelling possible lovers. Attempting to impress a potential spouse may have the opposite effect, as it may appear that you are continually boasting. Just turn it down a notch. If you let off your ego and just be yourself, they will respond much more positively!

The Sun reversed in a career situation can indicate feeling confined or oppressed by your job. This oppression is most certainly something you can change. For example, you may be depressed and exhausted as a result of working too many hours but not requesting the time off you require to rest. The Reversed Sun Tarot card can also indicate that prosperity is eluding you! You could be squandering opportunities because you lack the courage and self-assurance to seize them. Alternatively, it could signal that you’ve set unrealistic job goals or aren’t taking the necessary practical actions to reach your goals instead of depending solely on optimism to get you there. It could also mean you operate in a cutthroat workplace where being egocentric or competitive is valued more highly. The Sun reversed in a financial Tarot spread might be a terrible omen. It’s possible that your investments could suffer a setback or that you may face temporary financial difficulties. The Sun Tarot card reversed, on the other hand, usually symbolises troubles that you created, so assess your money concerns seriously and ask yourself if there is anything else you might be doing to remedy them.​

The Sun reversed in a health reading can imply that your attitude or negativity is exacerbating your health problems. If you’ve been sick, The Sun Reversed indicates that you can recover, but you’ll need to be proactive in assisting your recovery and keep a cheerful attitude to help increase your health. A difficult or unexpected pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion can also be indicated by the reversed Sun tarot.

The Sun Tarot card reversed in a spiritual situation indicates that you may be having difficulty grasping the joy that spirituality has to give. You may believe that you are unable to see your way forward and have lost faith in the universe’s love for you. You have no idea where it’s taking you, and you have no faith that it’ll take you somewhere good because bad thoughts and sensations are consuming you. Your ego may be keeping you from connecting with your genuine spiritual nature. To achieve enlightenment, you must let go of such thoughts.

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