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Four of Swords

Four of Swords

The “Four of Swords”, represents order and stability, combined with the violent nature of swords. The “four of swords” offers you rest for some period of time from difficulties and unpleasantness in your life, one never knows whether peace may be temporary, but appreciate till it lasts. The “four of swords” may point towards recovery from prolonged illnesses.

The card displays, the knight laid horizontally in the grave after a long fight, still bearing his full arms as though he would never give up his work. His hands are folded in prayer, indicating that this is a time of rest. One sword lies somewhere under the knight, while the other three hang above him, pointing down at his head, body, and neck. In other words, the rest is only temporary, and life can be surrounded by hardship after that. A stained glass window above him, on the other hand, reminds him of his duty to his family.

The “Four of Swords” tell us about the cycle of human life, the joys and sorrows that always arise in rotation. One cannot always be happy or miserable all the time. So “The Four of Swords” tells you to relax before taking the next challenge. Life is full of challenges, so it’s time to refill them before the next phase begins. So now you will feel refreshed and ready to go, even if you’re angry – take time out of your busy schedule to reclaim your energy and heal your mind and body. A strong and flexible individual can be broken by constant stress and tension, but a few moments of relaxation can help you recover your courage and concentration in time to face the next challenge.

The “Four Swords” advises you to take a break from your normal activities, spend time with your family and loved ones, this will give you peace of mind and you will have hope. Since the situation is not always stable or the same you should always be ready for the next one.

In a practical sense, “Four Swords” is an indication that you need to take a moment or pause to review your progress so far. Examine what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to improve so you can be better prepared for future challenges and achieve your goals.

For singles, The “four of swords” suggest you to rest for some time as this time you would be excited about your love life, these days you might be trying hard to impress someone, or have been dating someone new everyday, in order to find someone you truly want to be with. You might feel a bit tired because of trying daily materialistic activities just to find your equal.

For people who are in a relationship could find it easier than singles, they can benefit from taking a vacation. Sometimes this card also indicates that those people in a relationship could need a space or want to be alone for a while, in other words they need some personal time.

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As per “Four of swords” you may find yourself very busy at your workplace, which in routine will lead you to frustration. As you are committed towards your duty, you have been putting in all your efforts since a long time, this could develop stress on yourself, thus listen to your body and give yourself a break. Try to catch on for a good sleep, take a mental health day or perform yoga, spend time caring for yourself. None of us are machines, and without some needed rest health can’t last long. Best is to start a new day with a refreshed mind.

Here the readers advise you to not think about savings or what you have in your bank. You will be unnecessarily worrying thinking of future expenses or money which you might have to spend in future, but be little wise, let’s think of something else, your regular income might not be affected, however, social functions or events may disturb your regular budget at a little extent.

The “Reversed Four of Swords’ ‘ represents that you will feel exhausted, fatigue and burnout. Your body will cry out for rest, but still it would be impossible to take a break. Due to responsibility and compulsion, you will not allow yourself to take a break. Being strong is good but be aware, you are not trapped into illnesses or disease. The attitude of always being busy could cost you in the long run, as a result you will be always available to help others, but others might not bother you and will have no sympathy towards you, or what all you do.This thing could raise sadness within you and you could feel weak.

If you are in a relationship, the “Four of Swords – Reversed”, indicates that your relationship is slowly recovering after a difficult period.

For singles, this card may represent the same amount of time that a married person experiences, but for them it may be a period of recovery or treatment after breakup. You will gradually find yourself crying and you will be ready to leave home alone to join the crowd. Because of the feeling of failure in your relationship, you have now completely lost hope that you will ever have a happy relationship. It is recommended that you take the help of a counselor, so your vision is moving forward and getting better and you can move forward as you normally would.

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The “Four of Swords” in reverse sense, tells us about a situation where you think you have taken a break or a break from work, and you may feel like coming back, actually using these days to reduce stress and take extra care but this time you will encounter some issues, which can cause you suffering and frustration. However, sometimes “Swing back” can indicate that you need to focus on your stress levels, as you may be involved in the ongoing work even though you need to rest.

According to tarot readers, your financial condition is likely to improve, and you are likely to be healing from a time of extreme stress. On a daily basis, your taxes are paid, money owed is paid, and your expenses are declining. Rather, you may find a few large fees, but if you look for assistance, there might be people who can help you right now. At the same time, this card warns you that accepting financial assistance from others will have long-term consequences for your family.

The position of the “Four of swords’ ‘ according to tarot readers in Yes or No, is mostly neutral, because “four of Swords” points to stress or feeling of being overwhelmed in your life. At the same time, it encourages rest and relaxation as a way to get over these problems, but it does carry a positive denotation with respect to our self-care, thus this card may most likely be Yes.

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