What Does The Death Tarot Card Depict?

What Does The Death Tarot Card Depict?

What comes to your mind when we hear the word “Death”? Scared! While death is not always bad. Death means the end of a journey. It prepares you to start fresh. According to the experts, the Death tarot card doesn’t actually represent physical death; rather, it just indicates the end of something. That something can be a relation, project or hobby etc. On a positive note, it indicates that the person is now ready to think innovatively. Treat this card as the end of a journey. There is a broader meaning to it. Let us find out what is the descriptive meaning of the card. It belongs to the Major Arcana..

Significance And Meaning Of The Death Tarot Card

The Death Card shows the Grim Reaper, the messenger of death. He is a skeleton dressed in black armour and riding a white horse. The skeleton represents the last remains of the body after death. It symbolises that death will come no matter what. The armour represents invincibility. It is of dark colour, which represents pains, sorrow and mystery. The colour of the horse is white that represents purity. Death is carrying a black flag decorated with white, five-petal roses reflecting purification and strength. Do not get confused with these two opposing signs. However, they mean that one thing is about to end and another is about to start with fresh life. Death and birth are two interlinked phenomena. Death allows the soul to leave one body and enter into another one.

People around the Reaper are deceased, and the royal personality is about to die or is already dead. While the young women, child and bishop are pleading to the skeleton to spare their life. But we all know death will leave no one. In the background, a boat floats down the river, aking to the mythological boats escorting the dead to the afterlife. Let us explore the meaning of upright and reverse card.

Death Tarot Card Upright Card

The Death Tarot card is one of the most feared cards in the tarot deck, but it is misunderstood. People are scared to take its name, but in reality, they are scared about the power of this card. The upright Death tarot card indicates a lot of positivity. It indicates that one phase of life is about to end, and another major phase of life is about to start. You need to close one door and open another one. The past is not gone and it is not going to bother you again. The energy should be used to start something fresh.

Another meaning of this card is that you are going through some major life-changing transformation of events. The older self of yours needs to die, and you should reinvigorate freshness and new ideas in your approach. There will be a few butterflies in your stomach but do not be scared; instead, welcome the change with an open arm. This card also indicates that you are letting go few of the unhealthy habits or getting detached from toxic people or relationships.

Death Tarot Card Upright: Love

The Death card love indicates that you are somewhat stuck in a stagnant relationship and want to get out of it. If you are committed and want the relationship to last, then you need to welcome the change. The other meaning of the card indicates that you want to end the relationship. Things are not going well between you and your partner. This is not a good indication in terms of love, but this will help you be free and grow personally. It is also important to understand that it is a mere suggestion or an indication and the choice is yours. It’s up to you whether you want to hold on to a relationship or let it go.

While the initial transformation may not be of your liking but letting go can open the door for a fresh relation. This will also help in releasing the stress you have gone through. If you are single, then it indicates that you are letting old habits of yours go and adapting to a new and healthy ones that will help to make your relationship stronger.

Death Tarot Card Upright: Career

This is an idea card for you if you are looking for a change in your career. The upright Death card can be a signal that you can move on and take decisions that will suit your professional life. You might be in a stable career but are thinking about change. This also indicates that you might be thinking about the way of working. However, if you are comfortable with your current phase, then it’s ok. Otherwise, you should stand up and come out of the comfort zone. When one door closes, then the other one opens. Welcome the shift and dive in.

Death Tarot Card Upright: Finance

This is not a positive sign for you in terms of finance if you have drawn this card upright. You might be going through a financial loss. But you are now learning to handle your finances. The hard lesson you have learnt will help you lead practical changes when managing your resources. There will be a spiritual drive, and you will learn to manage money matters better.

Death Tarot Card Reverse Card

The Death reversed means there are a lot of changes that are likely to happen. But you are not confident enough to let go of your past and still getting indebted about the burden of guilt. Resisting the change and holding on to the past will resist your personal growth. You should stop and think about the approach to life. You will be resisting the changes in your life, and this will restrict you to move forward. But life moves on, and you should also give up on your past.

Death Tarot Card Reverse: Love

The reverse Death tarot love indicates a strong urge to resist the approach and habits in your love life. You are stubborn in your relationship. This will lead to a stagnant relationship and will no longer grow as an individual. The relationship might just be a formal one, and there is no more spark left between you too. You are just obliged to carry forward this relationship without any love and affection.

On the other hand, old relationships can be revived. If you are single, then it indicates you must avoid negative patterns and free your mind to identify the right partner. You may be having an inferiority complex and suffering from self-esteem issues. Your heart is wounded. and it will take time for healing.

Death Tarot Card Reverse: Career

The upright and reversed card both indicate a change in career. But in the case of the reverse condition, you are doing this to resist movement in your career. You might be sticking to an unhealthy environment, reduced pay or even monotonous work due to some liabilities and baggage. Do not try to push these changes away; instead, think about and try your luck. Stay away from toxic people at work.

Death Tarot Card Reverse: Finance

A financial loss is on the plate that is inevitable. But you will not be ready to accept the change and adapt. You have to control your expenses and the way you manage them. But it seems that it’s hard for you to change your attitude towards finances. This may be a temporary phase, but the impact can be high and everlasting, so be careful while dealing with money.

The Death card has two meanings, depending on which one you want to believe. For pessimists, it can be a negative death of something. Suffering and pain on the horizon, and everything seems to be going down. For the optimists, this is the end of a journey and beginning of a new one. You are ready with your bag and ready for the change. A change that will bring a lot of positivity to your life. So, in the end, it concludes, death is not always bad, but it is the start of a new journey. Worried about your future? Get your life report and be assured.

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