Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

Curious to know what are your real strengths, weaknesses, abilities and talents? Then, the Zodiac Signs have the answers to most of your questions.
Here, you will get to know different aspects of your personality and your approach to the outer world.

Aries Sun Sign Aries

Adventurous, Confident,
Self-Centered, Impulsive

Taurus Sun Sign Taurus

Dependable, Strong,
Oversensitive, Obstinate

Gemini Sun Sign Gemini

Communicative, Changeable,
Inconsistent, Superficial

Cancer Sun Sign Cancer

Devoted, Compassionate,
Moody, Hesitant

Leo Sun Sign Leo

Vibrant, Assertive,
Egotistical, Possessive

Virgo Sun Sign Virgo

Dependable, Patient,
Critical, Judgemental.

Libra Sun Sign Libra

Charming, Loving,
Indecisive, Lazy.

Scorpio Sun Sign Scorpio

Passionate, Charismatic,
Secretive, Manipulative.

Sagittarius Sun Sign Sagittarius

Gregarious, Sociable,
Blunt, Restless.

Capricorn Sun Sign Capricorn

Willful, Serious,
Rigid, Demanding.

Aquarius Sun Sign Aquarius

Intelligent, Humanitarian,
Unconventional, Noncommittal.

Pisces Sun Sign Pisces

Romantic, Imaginative,
Illusional, Wistful.

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Zodiac Signs & Its Meanings

The 12 Zodiac Signs are considered to be the fundamental features of Astrology and can act as the best starter guide for enthusiasts of the predictive science. Without understanding these 12 Signs, it would be difficult to comprehend and absorb the other areas of Astrology. Each Sign covers 30 degrees in the zodiacal circle and belongs to one of the 4 element groups – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The Zodiac Signs are one of the best ways to understand people, their characteristics, ideologies, attitudes and approach towards life. While a person belonging to the Fire Element Sign may be quite direct and experimental in nature, those belonging to the Earth Element Sign may be somewhat diplomatic and rigid in their approach. The Zodiac Signs have a strong influence on the kind of preferences a person makes and the way he or she perceives things or situations in life. Thus, they also have a strong bearing on our psychology. These 12 Signs act as the basis for the Houses and Planets and thus help in deeper analysis and understanding of a Birth Chart. The Zodiac Signs and the 12 Houses in a Horoscope are strongly inter-connected and together present the complete picture.