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स्ट्रेंथ टैरो

It is observed that the image in the card has a lion who is stroked beautifully by a woman with ease. In spite of the lion being so feral, barbaric and untamed as a creature, the lady is in no sense petrified or panicky. Well, that is what the card depicts, strength and competence. It also goes to prove how optimistic a situation turns out to be if the ferocious nature and animal instincts combine with grace and a touch of charm.

Moreover, the fact that she can touch a lion without fear says a lot about her courage and valor. Hence, the card is all about being strong and powerful from the inside yet achieving it gracefully. Also, the woman is wearing a white robe which reflects the purity of her soul, and a belt of crown and flowers portraying the beauty of nature. One may also notice the symbol of ‘infinity’, representing her immense wisdom. All of this resembles the symbol of strength.

To add further, when you pick up a card, you either see it in an upright position or the reversed (downward) position. Even though it may not seem like a major issue, it is crucial to understand that the meaning of the tarot card may change altogether if this happens.When you pick up the strength card in an upright position while reading a Tarot, it signifies that you are very strong and determined as a person. It also implies that you have an immense amount of inner strength, tenacity, and forbearance to face any kind of situation in life whatsoever. In spite of you being surrounded by danger and struggle, it is this strength that makes you patient, focussed and fearless to face varied circumstances in the darkest of your times.

Well, the Strength tarot card meaning is also affiliated with compassion and generosity, making you quite a helpful person for someone in need. You speak up whenever you feel it is necessary without any kind of fear ruling you. This, in turn, also makes you a doer, hard-working, zesty and committed to your work as well.When you pick up a card and it is a reverse strength card, then the meaning changes altogether, almost the opposite. Thus, if you get an upside-down strength card it denotes a lack of strength and ability to achieve something. It also means that there may be some danger around the corner and that you may not have the capability to face it as you do not have the required confidence, power and determination to do so. The inner solidity to get to grips and counter any challenges in life may be missing on your part. It not only makes you passionless but also makes you feel stagnant, unhappy and anxious which is what strength reverse card is.

Interestingly, this card also signifies that you may be going through a rough patch in a life filled with depression and dullness. It generates negative feelings with the likes of jealousy, resentment, grudges, and discontentment. This way you experience life in a more pessimistic manner, making you feel bad about yourself though you blame others for it. You may experience an imbalance in life which may concern you too!

This card also goes to say that you need to improve on gaining confidence and be more determined in life. One may not feel focussed and happy all the time but it is very crucial to work on it and act accordingly to improve the quality of your essence in life.If you think there is no connection between reading tarot cards and astrology, then you may be wrong. For all we know, the strength card is closely associated with the sign of Leo and represents the fire element, as per astrology.

Hence, Tarot cards affect various aspects of life, just like Astrology. Be it money matters, love, and relationships, or health, the card may always have something special and deeper for you to reconsider in yourself so that you are able to overcome obstacles in your path.As far as love and relationships are concerned, if you end up picking a strength card, it implies that you may have a close relationship with Leo star sign in the times to come. If you are not committed, then there is a great chance that you will end up meeting the special someone with much enthusiasm and conviction. Another prospect is that it can also imply your current relationship with someone that may not be running as smoothly as it should. If the person who you are with is a bit aggressive, then you may be required to be more docile and tame the person more gently and subtly to work out this relationship. The card does indicate strength which also means that you are a strong couple but just going through some tough times.In terms of money and career, the strength card goes to show how a determined and courageous person you are. You may have the right skill, talent and confidence to be more progressive but just make sure that nothing holds you back to give your best shot at every opportunity to see. It is important to take the mandatory steps in reaching your goals otherwise you may fall behind. Additionally, you will also have to make sure that you are more pragmatic in such cases and you do not take any impulsive decisions as far as finances are concerned. Just believe in yourself and you will get through all monetary problems in your life.Picking up a strength card out of the other tarot cards indicates great health. It shows that you are completely fit, fine and in a good physical as well as mental condition in the matters of health. It denotes that you are zealous and positive which, in turn, affects your well being too. If in any case, you are not as healthy as you should be, then the strength card gives you hope of being fitter than before. It denotes that even if you are not as fit, there is a great chance for you to be more invigorating and vigorous in the matters of health with time. All you need is hard work, determination, and zeal to achieve this state. Thus, it is a fruitful time to work on these aspects and gain the required results in your favor.