We always have that devil inside us. The devil doesn’t really mean a bad person, but it relates the bad habits, ego and dark desire within us. We all love ego massaging. It is always tempting to be bad. Devil do not let us see the clear picture. It always makes us feel that we are better than others, and this will lead to the development of a superiority complex. Having an ego is one thing and using it to down others is another. The Devil tarot card highlights the devil within us. This indicates addiction, materialistic luxury and lust for money will take centre stage. We are blinded by all the luxuries and bad habits. This makes us lose focus, and we tend to get attracted to undesirable elements. The Devil tarot card belongs to Major Arcana. Let us see what the card actually means.

Significance And Meaning Of The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot card shows a mythical creature called Baphomet. Baphomet comes from the medieval era. He is also called a Horned goat of Mendes that is half man and half goat. The original meaning of Baphomet indicates a balance between good and bad, human and animal. However, as time evolved, the figure was considered an evil one. The card shows the devil having the wings of a Vampire bat. This symbolises that the person succumbs to raw dark desire. The devil is staring with a hypnotic vision;this indicates his control over other people.

He believes in occult dark science and magic. His right hand is raised in the Vulcan salute, a Jewish blessing. In his left hand, there is a lit torch. The foot of the devil shows a man and woman both naked are chained to the seat of the devil. At first, it appears that they are held against their wish, but if you look closer, you will see that the chain is loose and can be removed. Both male and female have small horns growing, which indicates they are succumbing to the devil’s hypnosis. Both of them have a tail that highlights their animal instinct and raw instincts, and the grapes and the fire on their respective tails signify pleasure and lust. Let us see what the card means if it is upright or in reverse condition.

Devil Tarot Card Upright Card

The Devil tarot card in upright condition means depression, and you are addicted to dark desires. There are chances that you might be trapped in this world. The outside influences are controlling your world right now. This leaves you drained and powerless. However, this is not a hundred per cent true; this can be a mere illusion the devil creates. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny. The only thinking you need to remember is to keep focus and do not get distracted. Likewise, you should show control over how you treat others as the devil’s hypnotic eyes tend to control others in their vicinity. Do not make them feel low. Think you are in their shoes and then decide.

Devil Tarot Card Upright: Love

The Devil card symbolises dark desires and lust. The Devil love in an upright position indicates that you or your partner feels trapped by dark desires. This indicates a loss of freedom, and the relationship means a cage for them. This also means that either you or your partners are mentally ill and need some help. This card gives an indication of jealousy, deception, treachery and sexual assault. The partner might be cheating on you. If that is the truth, then you need to move out of the toxic relationship. If single, then the devil indicates that a potential relationship maybe actually doing harm to you instead of good. In the beginning, this will draw your attention, and you will find excitement. After that, you will be trapped and may feel cages. The devil indicates danger in terms of love, so be careful.

Devil Tarot Card Upright: Career

In terms of career, the Devil card in upright means that you are trapped in a job you don’t want to continue. You are doing this job because of some financial problem. Be strong and evaluate what you actually want to do and then think about the career choice. After you have made up your mind, then you can change the career or expand the horizon. This also indicates that the peers might be stitching some booby trap for you and trap you in some kind of foul play. Be careful about the intentions of such people.

Devil Tarot Card Upright: Finance

The Devil card warns you about people you trust. They will smile on your face but will backstab you while you are sleeping. In terms of finance, the Devil indicates you are likely to struggle with money issues. This indicates a tight phase as far as money is considered. Try to control your spending and look for some alternate way to save it. Do not get into the addiction of gambling or get lured by short cut income. Get an idea of how you will handle your finances in 2024.

Devil Tarot Card Reverse Card

The reverse Devil tarot card signifies that you are getting aware of the things that can harm you or trap you. You are now controlling the game and staying alert. The reverse card is a sign that you are getting out of any addiction or mental illness that can be the reason for the disaster. You are trying to get out of the shackles and now are motivated to do something constructive. It also indicates that you see the world with a renewed vision. The changes will not be so straight forward; instead, it will take time. But you can move ahead with the thought that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The devil also warns you that trouble just passed you without hitting you, and you should be grateful that it avoided you. Appreciate the good fortune but stay alert and stay alive.

Devil Tarot Card Reverse: Love

The Devil tarot love indicates things are improving. If you are in some kind of relationship, then the reverse devil card indicates that you and your partners were going down in this relationship but now are starting to come out of the whole. This is also an indication that there was a near-miss in this relationship. The damage somewhat little could be reversed. If you are single, then there are chances that you will meet someone that will heal your damaged confidence and soul. As you are starting to become aware of yourself and your partner, you are able to analyse her behaviour correctly and act accordingly. The new attitude is helping you to choose the right partner as well as keep your freedom intact.

Devil Tarot Card Reverse: Career

In terms of career; the devil praises your awareness at work. You are now having that eagle eye on your team and peers. Your alert attitude is helping you to stay clear of any controversy. Moreover, the choices you make now regarding your career are going to help you touch new heights. If you were stuck in the job due to any kind of diversion, then you have not regrouped yourself, and the focus of achieving the goal is taking the ship clear from the storm.

Devil Tarot Card Reverse: Finance

Do not let this opportunity go in vain, the reverse devil’s tarot indicates that you need to kick out the old rotten money spending habits. You are not thinking more about financial security and are somewhat comfortable dealing with your financial issues. This is the right time for you to make some investment. You have started to come out of gambling or risky activities. All and all, it is a positive sign for you.

The Devil tarot guide may seem like a negative card, but it acts as an indicator of bad habits and behaviour. People will try to deceive, trap and spread negativity. But you need to take control, and there are options. There is always the day after night, so take some sign of positivity around you and forget about the hopeless things. Also, be mindful while treating others; negativity will attract more negativity. Be wary about manipulative kinds of people. The Devil tarot card wants you to be alert. The devil may not always be the devil in your life. After all, people or conditions are not bad; instead, it’s the outcome that makes it bad. Get to know all about your future by personalising handwritten Janampatri from our experts.

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