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Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Tarot card reading gives an indication of the life event. Unlike astrology, it is much dependent on the energy and soul of the human body. It mainly represents the connection between body and self. Tarot card reading is a deck of cards with a pack of 78. 56 out of 78 falls under the scope of Minor Arcana. 16 out of the 56 also forms a part of the court cards or called the Royal Arcana. As the name suggests, Major Arcana conveys the bigger picture while Minor Arcana signifies the specifics of the life of a person. It is divided into four parts. The Suit of Swords signifies the domain of life and wisdom, decisions and impact. The Suit of Cups that deals with the heart and love matters. The Suit of Wands determines life energy and power. Last but not least-Suit of Pentacles-that deals with hard work and associated rewards. Ace of Wands is such a Minor Arcana card which deals with the energy and power of life.

As mentioned earlier, wands represent the fire energy, and the Ace of Wands tarot is the mettle of the deck representing the fire. The card is represented by a hand that is coming out of the cloud with a wand. So what is the Ace of Wand meaning? If we analyse the pictorial symbol of the card, we can see that a hand is reaching out to give the wand that is still in the juvenile phase. Some of the leaves have started growing, which means the person’s spiritual and material growth is in progress. If we further see the picture, we can find a castle in the distance. This might be an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. The castle in the distance also means that the opportunity will not come easily; instead, there will be enough challenges in the way. This also suggests that working hard will fulfil the goal of reaching the castle and grabbing the opportunity. The Tarot cards are either upright or reversed. Based on the position of the image, the impact of the same card can change.

The upright card indicates positivity, good fortune and progress in career, love and finances. This indicates the mind is clear in what a person wants to do. Their energy is radiating in the correct direction.

The Ace of Wands tarot card in the upright stage means love is in the air. It is a symbol of excitement and enthusiasm. Things are going to be up in a relationship, and a sensual atmosphere is brewing between you and your partner. Even if you are single, then there are chances that a romantic encounter can be next door. This will be full of flirtation, attraction and infatuation. There are chances of a lasting relationship should the infatuation factor can be combined with spirituality. This is also the time to reignite the fire in a somewhat boring relationship. You can also get to know your relationship better, with Free Love Horoscope.

Upright Ace of Wands for career indicates changes of growth and even promotion in your profession. It is the opportunity the castle was representing. One may feel the energy bubbling inside and seen in the work. The lock is meeting the eye; that is, all the effort one is putting is getting converted into a fruitful opportunity. This is the time to push the limits and see how high you can go, and explore your full potential. The analytic skills and problem-solving approach are at an all-time high.

Upright Ace of Wands for finances means a good sign. It indicates a smooth financial condition. The struggle and pain of finance in the past is now past. There are chances that you might get a bonus or gift out of nowhere. Debts or past burdens seem to vanish. This card indicates that the stuck money will flow, and so will your life. This is, however, not the card of immense wealth. So do not increase your expenditure unnecessarily. The upright Ace of Wands was all about positivity. What if the Ace of wands is in the reverse direction.

The reverse card indicates turbulence and challenges in life. The directions may not be clear, and the situation is not conducive or unmotivated. Life might be seen going nowhere. The mind is engulfed by confusion and does not know how to get out of the slump.

In the case of love, this represents a setback in a relationship. This also indicates delay or lack of progress. There is an indication that the relationship has not become stagnant or predictable. Efforts are needed to inject fresh air into the relationship. If you are single, then one can see a delay in forming a relationship; things do not materialise between you and your potential partner. It’s either you are showing too much energy and scaring your partner away, or you are not taking the steps at all to form a great alliance. Do not become predictable; show the varying side of your personality, and they will attract your partner.

Career-wise, the reverse side displays disappointment in career, lack of energy in the workplace, and the environment can also become hostile. If one is expecting a promotion or searching for a job, then this card will not give you the results you want. This also tells you that you are not getting challenged in the current job that will motivate you to do better or change. The job is merely clerical, and you have stopped giving creative ideas. If in a business, then any new venture may not take off and result in failure. Get alerted about the set-backs and plan your year accordingly, with a Personalised 2021 Career Report.

The finances are also weak, and there may be a loss of money from unnecessary sources. The investment may turn bad, and there are chances you will lose money. There are chances of theft, increase in expenditure, people will not return debts, and you will not be able to hold on to money. Life will always be through challenges; a Tarot card reading will give you just an indication. As this is more related to the mind and body connection, as the confusion clears, the grim situation will also become clear. Ace of Wands in upright gives an indication of positivity while the Ace of wand in reverse shows delay in progress in career or love. Do not get disheartened if the card you have drawn is reversed. Just try your best.

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