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7 of Cups Meaning in Tarot: Upright & Reversed

7 of Cups Meaning in Tarot: Upright & Reversed

The seven of cups- minor arcana card upright is full of choices and opportunities. When Upright seven of cups appear in your tarot card reading, it has something to say regarding you. Still, when seven of cups reversed appear in your reading, it has something different to say regarding your choices.

Seven of cups tarot card has seven cups that are floating in the clouds as if they are in someone’s dream. In all of those seven cups, each cup brings something with them. Some of them bring blessings such as wealth, jewels, and victory, and some of them bring curses such as snake or dragon. Also, we can see that there is a man who is looking at the seven of cups as those cups are symbols of his dreams and desires, which could be numerous fantasies and illusion being watched by someone while dreaming, and he has to make wise choices or maybe so much to go on, and he is unable to focus in order to make the right decision he must go beyond illusion while keeping in mind that what is right for him.

As seven of cups come with so many choices in life, there will be those times when you are unable to think and can’t make the right decision. You must evaluate your decision and shorten your options. Seven of cups- A tarot card is a mixture of a person’s desires and illusions. Everything look might attractive once and right, but he must choose what makes him one step close to his goal.

Let us check out what it has to say about some important points like about love and relationship, money, health and last spirituality in our life.

In a tarot card reading seven of cups about love has some tip to give. If you are in a relationship, seven of cups indicate that after your excitement period or honeymoon period is over, you begin to think that your relationship is getting bored and there is no “spark” anymore. There is an entry of a new love interest which can cause issues in your relationship and makes you question your existing relationship. Seven of cups also indicates one’s dream, and sometimes they are an illusion. So when seven of cups appear in your reading, it might make you think that this is not the relationship you dreamt of, but one should not compare their relationship with fairy dreams. If you are single in that case, You will so many options, and you have to choose between them. Talking about choices, they could be between lovers, family or lover, and career or lover. Evaluating them will help you to make the right choice. So take your time and choose wisely.

Seven of Cups is a Minor Arcana Card. In the subject of career and money, Seven of cups indicates multiple options for a career. You should take advantage of it and grab opportunities as much as you can. But it doesn’t mean that you get carried away and waste your time which is not beneficial for you and your career. So it is advisable to take practical steps. In terms of money, Seven of cups will also give investment options, and once again, you need to choose wisely, and if you are new to such things, you must take assistance because they might appear as good deals, but when analysed, it is not.

In your reading, when seven of cups – a tarot card appears, it indicates that you are hard on yourself. As humans, we tend to take the stress of those things which we cannot control. So you must take care of it. Seven of cup have a positive message for you that you should take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself also includes your mental health, which is more delicate.

Seven of cups reversed is a very good card to get. Seven of cups reversed has appeared to clear your confusion and show you the best way. As seven of cups reversed comes with options, you must analyse your options and should not get trapped in pleasing short-term goals. While choosing, you must think of long-term goals and reality. When seven of cups reversed appears, it is also indicated that you have a lack of options, choices and opportunities. The seven of cups reversed may imply that you are not certain about what are you looking for.

While tarot reading seven of cups reversed appears in terms of love and relationship, it is a sign of reality check, in easy language, after believing that your relationship will be dreamy. Well, it is not going to always. After avoiding reality, it is time to face reality and work on your relationship instead of ignoring them. If you are single, in that case, seven of cups, your life can be confusing because you are not clear with your choices, and it might lead you to a broken heart, dead-end, or mixed messages.

Seven of cups reversed in the context of career is about having problems or feeling trapped with your career choices because now those are restricted. You might get second thoughts about your current career as you are having a different interest in your mind. in the case of finance, seven of cups reversed suggest you must take a concrete and fair decision.

Seven of cups reversed just warn you to take good care of your health. There is something you might be overdoing. It could be exercise or food. They both are not healthy if they are being used more than necessary it is great to do exercise and eating good food, but you should always allow yourself to relax and do those things which might cheer you up also benefits your mental health.

Daydreaming, searching for purpose, too many options, reality check, feeling trapped, confusion, lack of purpose.

Seven of cups is giving you choices and opportunities and having several possibilities to choose where seven of cups reversed, reminding us that we should be alert and aware about those choices we make because things might not be as good as they look.

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