Seven of Cups

This tarot card acts as a reflection of our life. When we are faced with crossroads in life, we make decisions based on our emotional needs, and these choices ultimately shape our lives. This card tells us that within us, we contain unlimited potential, and it is upto us to harness it and use it for our betterment. As we grow older, we sharpen our skills of intuition and empathy. This card indicates that maybe we are holding ourselves back from attaining our goals, and we should adjust to our circumstances instead, even if that means shedding some of our beliefs or illusions.

The biggest chunk of the Tarot deck, 56 of the 78 cards, comprise the Minor Arcana. 40 cards out of these fall exclusively under the Minor Arcana, while the other 16 also form a part of the Royal Arcana or Court Cards. If the Major Arcana can be said to convey the big picture, the Minor Arcana signifies the specifics in the life of a person. It is divided into four parts: The Suit of Swords signifies the realm of the mind and intellect, our decisions and insights. The Suit of Cups has to do with the things of the heart, things we love and care about. The Suit of Wands represents our power and life energy as applied to the situations and events we face in life. And lastly, the Suit of Pentacles represent our labours and the rewards we gain from them.

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