7 of Pentacles Tarot Guide: Upright & Reversed

7 of Pentacles Tarot Guide: Upright & Reversed

The 7 of Pentacles reveals its significance at various levels, such as upright, reversed, and in the fields of profession, career, and relationships.

7 of Pentacles Meaning

A man stands on his hoe (stick) in the 7 of Pentacles, staring down at his rich harvest. He has toiled long and hard to grow tiny crops in a flourishing greenhouse, and now he can chill and enjoy the results of his efforts. Even then, notice his appearance: he seems tired – maybe just a little ‘over it’ – from working too hard for such a good crop. Work ethic and persistence are needed for success, but this card cautions you against overdoing it and exhausting yourself.

The 7 of Pentacles Upright

The 7 of Pentacles indicates that you recognise the importance of investing time and effort now to reap long-term benefits and that you have a deep willingness to invest in long-term success. You’re not trying for instant gratification. You may want to make sure you’re focusing your efforts on the correct places rather than spending time and money on projects that won’t help you achieve your goals.

Whenever this card features in a Tarot reading, consider it an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and consider the wider context. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished already and evaluate your success. If you’re on the right track? Are you concentrating on the activities that will help you achieve your goal?

Comparably, if you’re making long-term plans, the 7 of Pentacles prompts you to consider where you would better spend your money and effort with the maximum performance. You don’t want to keep pouring your spirit into anything if you’re not going to be paid for it – and you’ve already noticed that certain aspects of your life drain your creativity.

If you’ve been working hard or pouring in extra time on a demanding and critical task in recent months, it’s ending soon. Guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded. For almost all your effort, you are expected to receive money or other meaningful benefits.

The 7 of Pentacles, on the other hand, may also signify dissatisfaction with slow returns. You’ve been working hard on something critical, and are worried that your contributions will go unnoticed. Be vigilant and grateful for the strides you’ve always achieved. If your efforts have not yet yielded the results you anticipated, keep in mind that your hopes might be unrealistic. There have been no promises in this world. Be thankful, be in the moment, and make the best of what you receive.

Upright 7 of Pentacles Love & Relationship

If you’re in a relationship, the 7 of Pentacles Tarot card is normally a strong card to get in a love Tarot spread because it represents nurturing, perseverance, and cultivation, all of which are important qualities to have in a long-term relationship. Whether you and your wife have invested a lot of time into your partnership, you should be reaping the benefits now or soon. It can refer to a couple partnering together to achieve a financial target, such as purchasing a home or funding their wedding.

If you’re alone, this card means you’re looking back on previous partnerships to see where the problems were, what you expect in terms, what you want and need, how your partner can act, and so on. If you’re single, now is a good time to think, but take your time and don’t rush over to the next relationship if you’re not sure what you want.

The Seven of Pentacles Career (Upright)

The 7 of Pentacles for purposes of business portends the realisation of your goals, the completion of a mission, or a moment of relaxation. You may notice that you have the opportunity to take a break or take a few days to focus on your success, see how much work you must do, how you can change your strategy, and if it’s possible to keep working in the hopes of achieving your objectives. It may also mean that retirement is coming or that you will soon be able to work fewer days and make even more money.

The 7 of Pentacles Reversed

Being a Minor Arcana Tarot Card, the reversed 7 of Pentacles indicates that your resources are currently dispersed, and you are unsure if you are engaging in the appropriate spot. You may spend some of that money upfront on stuff that will not bear fruit. Or, whatever you think might make you happy is causing you depression and discomfort and isn’t worth it. Analyse where you’re putting your effort, attention, and money, and make sure you’re satisfied with the present results and seeing a positive cash flow. Make use of a prioritisation method to avoid wasting valuable money on fields that would not yield results.

Comparably, the reversed 7 of Pentacles indicates that while you proceed to put a lot of effort into a certain case, you will not get the results you want. As a result, this card urges you to properly organise your tasks. You should do a cost-benefit study of the important elements responsible for bringing the project to a successful conclusion since some of them will be consuming a significant quantity of time and resources without yielding the desired results. Messages and workshops, for example, maybe huge time-wasters when not being used properly. Make a list of what you will need to do to get to your desired destination. Concentrate your efforts.

The reversed 7 of Pentacles will prove that you understand when to consider making investments when you don’t expect a good return on your investment. Many people will continue to “difficult it out” because they have invested time, effort, or resources and do not want to admit defeat. You, on the other hand, are skilled at recognising when a circumstance is no longer valuable to you and when to quit it and find different things.

The reversed 7 of Pentacles in a commitment reading suggests that you’ve been trying difficult to implement the basis for your relationship but are concerned that you will ruin it all. You may also be disappointed that the relationship isn’t improving or expanding as rapidly as you’d like, particularly after investing so much time and resources. You should sometimes put your whole spirit into something that has no assurance. You may conclude that, no matter what it takes, this relationship is simply not worthy of your time.

7 of Pentacles Reversed Love & Relationship

When you have the 7 of Pentacles flipped, it means the friendship is going through a tough time. This may be due to both of you and either of you concentrating on something other than the relationship. It may also mean that you need more time to yourself; you and your partner might feel the need to take a little break and reassess your relationship.

It may also mean that your relationship isn’t progressing as quickly as you’d like; either you’ve been dating for years and are planning a wedding, or to move in together, or to start a family. Your companion isn’t in, or vice versa. Whether you wish to keep your friendship intact or decide in this situation, you must first pause and bring some work into it.

The Seven Pentacles – Career (Reversed)

The 7 of Pentacles, on the other hand, is a negative symbol (omen) since it means that you’re not just putting in more effort and are not enjoying the benefits that you want. It might also imply that you don’t know what you’re doing. That may even mean that you’ve overestimated your investments or that you’ve not saved much at all. You must refocus your efforts on accomplishing your objectives. If you need assistance or details, make a request.


Things bearing fruit, hard work bearing fruit, harvest, incentives, earnings, outcomes, pay-outs, a manifestation of ideas or ambitions, inheritance, planting, developing, gestation, parenting, perseverance, persistence, preparing, evaluating, taking stock, asking, crossroads, nearing retirement, completing what you began.

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