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2023 Scorpio Tarot Prediction

2023 Scorpio Tarot Prediction

Scorpion You are an active, simple, gallant and influential person. You are full of fearlessness, tenacity and enthusiasm. In general, you do not like to change your decisions and thoughts due to the influence of others. You have keen observation and decisions are generally accurate.

In the first 6 months of the year, small issues in the field of your career will also keep your attention. This time is giving you new challenges in business or profession. You may feel difficulties in completing your projects successfully on time. It would be better for you not to start any new work during this period. Try to stay away from unnecessary debate or argument, this time cannot be called smooth in terms of your work or profession. Due to negligence, the pressure may increase further. Complete the work carefully leaving no room for mistakes.
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Due to high competition, be careful with your old enemies and avoid increasing new enemies in any way. At this time, a feeling of competition may arise in you towards others. Overall, this period has brought tough times in some parts of professional life which will improve from the last week of May.

In this year you will complete the research of your true love, on the other hand, you will have to pay more attention towards your family in relationships and it is possible that your old wounds may be fresh, your energy will be spent in solving them, this year You are likely to meet someone of the opposite sex with whom you would like to settle down. You will see many goodness in him which will inspire you to spend life with him. Your meeting with your favourite person will fill you with excitement. But as time passes, you will realise that your love and attraction towards your partner is only superficial, there is no intimacy in it. It is not like before. You may not like some such experiences. You may have to re-evaluate your relationships.

For married people, this year will be to take the opinion and feedback of others regarding themselves and their relationship. This will bring harmony in your relationships. You will start to understand that it is more important to build a cooperative and cordial relationship with your spouse than increasing differences. This will help you express your love more openly than usual. You will feel yourself to be social and friendly. You will feel free to discuss your personal needs and desires with your partner, so understanding and cooperation can be easily achieved.

The year is overall of mixed type but it is important that you have to be more alert during banking transactions as well. During this period, you have to be very careful and conscious about financial management. Due to not being in a good mood, the financial situation may be called ups and downs, but with the progress of the year, you will progress in your profession and because of this you will earn more. You can expect benefits and incentives. Your financial condition will definitely improve. This is a positive time for financial management. But you are advised to control the expenses to keep your savings safe. Talking about your strength, you are one of those people who are more logical than those who get trapped in the confusion of emotions. The ability to understand situations pragmatically leads to a better manager of your finances and rational decisions required to achieve long-term financial goals. You will need to make sound plans for most part of the year to avoid back-breaking work. Your challenge this year is to be able to take decisions in an analytical manner with excellent logical skills, staying away from emotions. However, because of these very abilities of yours, people can consider you to be a very intelligent person as well. That’s why the Universe says choose words wisely and stay away from unnecessary conflicts of any kind.

At this time you will have a lot of mental powers, which can make your thinking process hypersensitive and more excited. Its excess can drain your energy, so you will need to take special care of your health. This year is creating harmonious aspects for you which will have a good effect on your fitness. However, such a time is also going to pass when the ups and downs in health can bother you. But this will be only for a short period and your health will return back to normal. Also you have to be cautious about gaining weight especially after July. Overall you should practise regular meditation for better nervous system. If you are suffering from any kind of problem, then if you do not get the diagnosis of your problems, then do not take any tension, this will only be your excursion and by getting proper medicines with positive thinking, you can now control your disease and move towards rapid improvement.

Lucky Colour:-coral Read

Remedies: – Make khichdi of urad dal and feed it to the cow on Saturday.

Practical Remedy :- Take a relaxing bath _ A long bath is made special by relaxing herbs like lavender or chamomile.

Lucky Flower:- Pale green colored Durva or Jasud or Marigold flower should be offered

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