Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups Tarot Card Upright

What It Means To Have Four of Cups Tarot Card (Upright)

Regret, Turning Down Offers, Squandering Chances, Stagnation, Apathy, Disillusionment, Dwelling On The Negative, Self-Absorption, Depression, Frustration, Nostalgia, Guilt, Yearning, Anger, Weariness, Reflection, Daydreaming, Fantasising

Meaning & Interpretation in General (Upright)

The Four of Cups Tarot Card may reflect lost opportunities, guilt, or regret in general. It may also mean being immersed in oneself as a result of depression, cynicism, or apathy. The Four of Cups can mean that you are bored or disillusioned with your life, that you are fixated on the negative, or that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It’s possible that you’ve lost your drive and inspiration for life. When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread, it comes with a note to be cautious about the possibilities or deals you have on your plate.

Four of Cups Tarot Love & Relationships (Upright)

If you’re single, the Four of Cups may indicate that you’re lamenting past romantic blunders. It could indicate that you’re so focused on what’s missing in your love life or on failed relationships that you’re overlooking love opportunities that are right in front of you. If you pass up this opportunity, you may come to regret it later, so don’t rule out potential dates or companions outright. We frequently find love in the most unlikely manner. The Four of Cups can indicate that you have gotten complacent in your relationship or that you are so caught up in a fantasy of what you want your relationship to be like, that you do not appreciate what you have. Give your present a thought as this is a smart use of your time and resources, and you could accomplish a lot, if you spend the time and energy enjoying with your partner for who they are.

Four of Cups Tarot Career & Money (Upright)

The Four of Cups in a career sense can mean that you are bored or unsatisfied with your job. You may believe that your career has reached a stalemate. The Four of Cups Tarot card can indicate that you are indifferent to opportunities around you because you are too preoccupied with envying what others have in terms of money and career. Things will change if you focus on yourself, find appreciation for what you already have, and open yourself up to the possibilities around you.

Four of Cups Health (Upright)

In terms of health, the Four of Cups Tarot card can mean that you are stressed, tired, or irritated as a result of health issues. You could be depressed because of the limitations imposed by your health problems. Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t, and don’t be afraid to seek help from support groups or a counsellor if you’re having trouble staying optimistic.

Four of Cups Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual sense, the Four of Cups can indicate that you’ve been disillusioned or that you’ve wished your life away, wondering “what if?” You must let go of your mistakes in the past and focus on the good things that are happening all around you. It is a fantastic discipline to think of one or two things for which you are grateful each day; it will help you focus on the present and the positive.

Four of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

What It Means To Have Four of Cups Tarot Card (Reversed)

Taking Advantage Of Opportunities

Letting Go Of Regrets

Breaking The Cycle Of Stagnation



Being Proactive



Concentrating On The Positive


Zest For Life


Interpretation & General Purpose (Reversed)

In general, the Four of Cups reversed Tarot card indicates that you are trying to break free from a rut. Although your life may have previously felt static, this is no longer the case. The Reversed Four of Cups signifies putting regrets, guilt, and wishful thinking to the sidelines and focusing on the present and moving forward in a more positive path. You will seize advantages with zeal and tenacity. It indicates you’ve realised you’ve been separated from the world and lost yourself in self-absorption, and you’ve replaced it with self-awareness and a zest for life.

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

If you are single, the Four of Cups Tarot card reversed in a love Tarot reading can mean that you are emerging from a time of detachment or loneliness during which you were not interested in dating or beginning a relationship. You could have isolated yourself from the outside world to recover from the pain of a bad breakup. When the Four of Cups is inverted, it means you’ve had enough of your heartbreak and are ready for a new beginning. If you’re in a relationship, the Four of Cups reversed means you’ve done a lot of soul-searching and have come to the conclusion that the relationship no longer works, and you’re ready to end it.

Money & Profession (Reversed)

The Four of Cups reversed in a career sense means that you have been in a time of stagnation in your career that is about to shift. You’ll be aware of the possibilities that are presenting themselves to you. The Four of Cups reversed means that you should start taking constructive steps to improve your career and finances. You’re centred and energised, and you’re ready to go out and get what you want. After a time of being too focused on what you didn’t have and being jealous or envious of others, you might be feeling thankful for what you do have.​

Health (Reversed)

In terms of wellbeing, the Four of Cups Tarot card in reversed position indicates that you are feeling re-energized and optimistic. If health problems have been weighing you down, know that things are about to improve. When this card appears, your attitude and outlook should become much more optimistic, and you will find new enthusiasm for life. If you have been allowing health problems to impact your outlook on life in general or prevent you from doing anything, your focus and outlook should become much more positive when this card appears, and you will find new interests in life.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The Four of Cups reversed in a spiritual sense means that you are able to break free from your spiritual rut. You’re able to let go of the regrets, what-ifs, and guilts of the past and instead concentrate on the beauty and positivity that surrounds you. As you begin to live a grateful attitude and take a proactive approach to discover your spiritual path, this can only be a good thing for your spiritual path.

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