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2023 Sagittarius Tarot Prediction

2023 Sagittarius Tarot Prediction

He gives importance to rules and order in his life. Clutter and confusion give you pain. You like to move slowly in all things and your thoughts are based on logic and truth. You are full of confidence and self-reliance and are quick to pick up on other people’s weaknesses. You are not afraid to speak the truth and always stand by the truth. Due to this clear nature of yours, the feelings of others often get hurt. However, that is not what you meant. People misunderstand you and unnecessarily become their enemies. You are naturally inclined towards science and philosophy

A mostly good time will be provided for your career. This can be an encouraging time in professional life. You will work systematically. At the workplace, you will be able to gain the confidence of your seniors and influence others as well. At this time you will get an edge over your enemies.
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This will enhance your skills in group activities like meetings and conferences. Some new creativity will give you profitable results. This will help you to increase contacts within your immediate environment. More importantly, your perspective will expand and you will upgrade your way of thinking. You will be more generous and tolerant towards your opponents and critics. This period can provide an increase in your prestige, position and power at the workplace.

You will feel limited due to lack of inner enthusiasm in lover life. How to entertain yourself, how to have fun and how to balance your inner desires, all these questions are coming to test you. You will feel that the love and attention that you deserve is missing. At times you may feel neglected or ignored to some extent. Circumstances will teach you to love yourself and be proud of yourself. Expecting love and affection from others may prove futile. Turmoil and instability can keep your mind in turmoil. This year you will expect to meet your older, more mature and thoughtful partner but it seems difficult. You may have to go through some kind of penance. You can try to find the true meaning of your love affairs and everything around you.

This year you will try to bring positive changes in your married life. Will try to give more time to strengthen the relationship with your life partner. After July, your intimacy and closeness with your life partner can increase if you take advantage of the positive influence of the Universe. And there will be a gradual improvement in your relationship and there will be more clarity in it. You will feel more secure. You will be more interested in commonalities than increasing differences between you and your partner.

During the year slowly but you will perform well in your profession and because of this you can expect additional benefits and incentives. Your economy will definitely grow. This time is positive for financial management. You will deal with a new project. You will work very methodically and strategically. You will feel comfortable with all the deals that happen during this time. Your quick working approach will give you a big advantage. Your relations with banks and financial institutions will be normal. If you are moving towards financial management, then this time will be helpful in raising funds. But Universe advises you to control the expenses to save your savings, if you talk about the strength of this year, then you are a natural guide, inspirational, generous and charitable. If the ship is floating in rough waters in stormy weather, you will be the leader of the crew who will definitely want to keep everyone alive. People around you also know that if you are not able to find a way, then no one else will be able to do it. You have the confidence to face difficult situations. Therefore, in adverse times, rely on the spirit of adventure, keep calm and move ahead. If you talk about the challenge of this year, then you have many qualities like ability and skill, but among all these, your generosity is your biggest jewel which you have to maintain. In adverse times, it may be difficult for you to remain extremely calm and polite, but if you try, you will succeed.

At the beginning of the year, you may be busy and full of other important matters. Due to this, you may feel very busy and some kind of unknown fear may remain in your mind at this time. From an emotional point of view, you will be very emotional, due to which stress and anxiety will increase, due to which some will feel nervous or mental fatigue. Regular yoga practice and pranayama will help you to control your anxiety. You are advised to include more fruits and beans in your diet during this year. Also, to stay healthy and fit this year, you should avoid eating oily food, sweets and too much bread, if you want to take special care, then it is a pregnant woman because this time is a bit risky for you because it affects the development of the child. If it is causing problems, then you will need to keep regular medical checkups and maintain full positive energy and keep a close watch on your health.

Lucky Colour :- bright-yellow

Remedies :- Offer red rose flowers to Bhagwati Jagdamba every Sunday.

Practical Remedy :- Train yourself to follow your desires and do what makes you feel free

Lucky Flower:- Yellow colour rose is good if used more and this flower should be offered to Mother Gayatri.

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