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High Priestess

High Priestess

What do you think about High Priestess cards? Is it a magic card or a visiting card? This is how a noob thinks, and there is nothing wrong with being a noob. You just need to learn and not be stuck at the same level every time; just keep on learning and advancing. So, basically, the High Priestess is the tarot card that conveys a message of serenity, understanding, and knowledge. It indicates that we should not doubt what we know, as we have a connection with unseen forces that guide our subconscious thoughts. Paying Gratitude to God for letting us breathe in this great land, let us start reading and dig into a magical world and know about ‘High Priestess’.

The usage of Arcana stems from the word Arcane. ‘Major Arcana’ means ‘the big secret’. The Major Arcana deck of Tarot comprises the first 22 cards in the deck. These cards signify the major events in the journey of life of a person from birth to death and rebirth. Each of these 22 cards has a particular meaning to convey, a definite significance. For instance, The Fool, the first of the Major Arcana cards, signifies the innocent baby embarking on the journey of life; The Lovers is the card of the heart and relationships; The Chariot signifies an ongoing journey; The Death is the card of eternal change or rebirth; The Moon means the gaining of inner knowledge; and The World signifies the end of the cycle of birth and reincarnation.

The significance of the High Priestess is connected to inner knowledge. Her reading appearance may mean that it’s time for you to listen to your intuition rather than prioritising your intellect and conscious mind. Basically, Meditation, prayer, and new spiritual work are indicated. Time for you to carry an enlightened mind in order to defeat this negative world.

When it comes to the reversed High Priestess in Tarot Reading, it can say that you find it hard to listen to your intuition. Your inner soul is telling you to follow your gut, but you may be ignoring the call. The world may look blurry to you because of tons of confusion running in your head. This may have a deep and heavy impact on your actions too. The moral of the story is, you must not be afraid to ask questions to yourself and act on what is ultimately right.

The High Priestess has intuition, mystery, and sensuality paired with common sense. When the High Priestess makes it appear in a tarot reading, she points out that now is the time to trust your instincts and go with your gut feeling. Pay attention to your dreams and the signs and symbols that the universe sends you when this card appears in your tarot reading.

The High Priestess appearing in your reading in the love context of Tarot usually means that you will become obsessed with an attractive, feminine, sensual person who may be meaningless to you. Truth is spoken, good or bad, whatever. If you are a girl, the High Priestess signifies that you will be greatly desired by more than one person. Be ready to get the tag of ‘irresistible’ by the people. Note, if you’re deeply engaged with someone, the High Priestess is an indicator of good sex!

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In the work context, the High Priestess may indicate that you may shortly become more aware of information that will come as a plate full of opportunities. The High Priestess Tarot card is a sign of creativity and inspiration for those associated with the arts. It’s absolutely true that God must have paid special attention to sending great artists to this planet. For students, if the High Priestess Tarot card appears, a great teacher might come into your life to help you in your studies.

In the health context, the High Priestess is typically telling you to listen to the messages that your body is trying to send you about what it actually requires. The High Priestess may also indicate that you are not being treated seriously about your health. Don’t dare to ignore! The High Priestess also can symbolise fertility, menstruation, and hormonal balance.

Just like with the upright meaning, the High Priestess reversed in a tarot reading signifies that your intuition is trying to guide you and your instincts are damn correct. In the reversed position, however, this Major Arcana card shows that you don’t hear it. You may be busy showing off this world how master you are or listening to other opinions while ignoring your own inner wisdom. The most basic thing of life is, you ought to listen to your inner voice and tap true wisdom of yourself.

If you’re in a relationship, you can expect unpredictable emotional outbursts and high sexual stress. Yes, you heard that right. The fact is a fact; no lying here. If you love losing patience with your partner, there is something wrong with you; get it resolved anyhow. You’re still going to find yourself highly-desired by others, and you may question their motives, or your extra attention may make you feel uncomfortable.

If you have been isolating yourself from this outer world, then congratulations on being an active creature. Yay, this is how you charge your batteries. However, the reversed High Priestess may indicate problems with women’s menstruation, hormonal imbalances, and fertility problems. Not just assume while sitting on a Sofa in an AC room; take actions too. Moneywise, make sure that you understand all the conditions before you take out loans or sign contracts; someone may be untruthful with you again. When it comes to a career, improvements are needed.

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We are encouraged to look beyond the obvious and develop our intuition in a way that it becomes a guide and not just a lucky guessing tactic. The High Priestess is the guardian of our unconscious mind and represents a mysterious yet knowledgeable side to our personalities. Along with this great power comes a great responsibility to use it to our benefit and enhance our psychic awareness.

We need to be as aware of the workings of philosophy and spirituality as of nature and science. A better period awaits us, so it is our duty to respect the forces at work and to wait patiently. As we conceive goals in our mind, we are advised to not act on them until we have developed them; in doing so, we may even allow the goal to culminate successfully. Thanks to a soul reading this magical blog, hope this impacts your life even if 0.01%, happy living!

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