Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the Tarot card that personifies sensitivity and charisma. We are also very chivalrous and people easily get attracted to us. Though we appear to be in full control of our emotions, we can be passionate to the extent of becoming obsessive. We are very romantic and tend to be more flirty than serious in our relationships. In matters of the heart, we tend to struggle with issues of commitment and find it difficult to take a long-term perspective, which is why we prefer to live in the moment rather than thinking about the future. However, because of this tendency, people may get misled into believing that we are manipulative, but deep inside we are not only empathetic towards others but also dislike dishonesty. We can easily recognise dishonesty as we are extremely perceptive and intuitive which help us in spotting the intentions behind peoples’ words and deeds, and as we grow older, these traits become sharper and sharper. We are never dependent on anyone, and though we tend to keep our private feelings private, we do open up our hearts to people who are closest to us. In a reading, this card may be a signal that we are about to meet someone special, but it also warns us to use our gut feeling and intelligence to understand the situation before proceeding any further.

Each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana is divided further. Four Court Cards are extracted from each Minor Arcana suit, and they are classified under each category – The King, Queen, Knight and Page, signifying their specific traits. This makes the total Court Cards as 16. The King is creative, inspiring and bold, and wants to create a lasting impact on the world. The Queen is attractive, energetic, cheerful and self-assured; she does not impose, but subtly influences circumstances. The Knights may be termed as extremists, they express their qualities to the utmost limit. For instance, if they are cautious, they will be cautious to a fault, weighing all the pros and cons meticulously before taking a decision. The Page motivates us to enjoy the thrill of mental and even financial challenges.

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