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Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

This card is a sign of courage. Often we will come across such situations where we will have to fight it out to get out of trouble. For that, we require courage, determination and will to take down the opponents. The Knight of Wands tarot card symbolises creativity, dynamic growth and strong communications. The knight shown in the card is on a quest, and it signals travel and progress. It also suggests that the person may be having new ideas or thoughts. At this moment, he is innovative in his approach. He is confident, thoughtful and knowledgeable and ready for the battle and can meet fire with fire. Let us explore what the descriptive analysis of the card reveals.

The card shows that a knight is riding the horse. He is ready and upbeat for the action to take place. The Knight of Wands also indicates that judging from the cloth of the knight and armour, he is prepared to face the situation. The colour of his cloth is yellow and covered with metal armour. The armoured helmet with a red plume is sticking out. He is battle-ready and holding a wand instead of a sword. The colour of the horse is orange, and the mane looks like flames. The face of the knight indicates determination. Fiery eyes resemble domination. All the decorative flares hanging from arms and back are all in the colour of flame. He is donned with a shirt which is yellow in colour and printed with fiery salamander as a symbol. Let us see the meaning of this card in upright and reverse condition.

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The upright Knight of Wands indicates un-complication. It is a great time for movement and to enjoy leisure time. The person is full of energy and charged up. He is ready to complete the work. The energy is making you adventurous and daring. You will be fun-loving. There will be so many things happening around you that you will never have a dull moment. This also suggests that you are ready to complete the important task in your life. You will have the intellect flowing through your mind, and you will be able to impress your peers with the knowledge you have gained. This card resembles travel and movement from one residence to another. If you are thinking about starting any new project, then this is the correct time. The energy and tenacity will carry you forward and help in completing any pending task.

Upright Knights of Wands in love indicates vitality and fertility. The person is riding on energy. However, he is likely to be restless, hasty and spontaneous.The positive side is he may be charming and passionate. But the nervous energy might make him rash and volatile. This will somehow make it difficult for him to settle down in love, as things will be exciting, but you will be erratic. Your risk-taking ability will be at an all-time high. You will not be worried about rejection and will move ahead with what you planned.

In terms of career, the upright Knight of Wands love means enthusiasm. This is a perfect moment for starting something new, a venture or project. You will be eager to take on new roles and opportunities. You are ready to welcome the change and opportunities. But if you are not getting any options, then there will be a lack of progress, and this might lead to disappointment. The Knight of Wands can be somewhat a double-edged sword. There are chances that you might overburn yourself. Utilize this energy for some productive work.

The upright Knights of Wands signals that a large amount of money might be coming to you. It can be an ideal time to spend some extra money on leisure. Travel is a good option to freshness your mind. Travelling can also bring new ventures and will broaden your horizon. Thus spending money on travel will not be a waste of money. If you are able to choose the investment smartly, then it will give you a good return.

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The Knight of Wands reversed indicates delay, lack of energy and frustrations. You will feel negative and might get angry that things are not moving. This also indicates a loss of power. You may try to control things that are out of control. If things do not turn your way, then this will lead to an overall negative and pessimistic attitude.

Reverse Knight of Wands means that either you or your partners are running away from the commitment. There will be trust issues, recklessness and impatience growing between you and your partner. You will like to chase your heart one moment, and once you achieve it, you are likely to lose interest. There will be casual flings here, and there but you will not be stable in a relationship or any love affair. There will be petty arguments and conflicts brewing up. If you are in a committed relationship, then there is a chance that the relationship is on shaky grounds. You need to restraint yourself from taking any hasty decision.

In terms of career, the reverse Knights of Wands mean there is a lack of decision in career. You are clueless about where you are going. There will be a lack of progress. You will not have job satisfaction and likely to change horses frequently. The job stability will be on shallow water. A routine might be monotonous and boring. This card indicates holding your breath and thinking about what you want to do. It doesn’t tell you to settle down in one place but instead, think about moving forward rather than going zig zag.

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You might be overconfident if you have drawn this card in reverse. It is not a good time to spend money on leisure. There will be temptation but do not fall for it. Even if you are financially secure right now, it is not a good time to spend on anything big. This will hold good, especially for large investments. There might be theft or loss of money from unknown sources. You will spend on things that are inevitable, but this should not be an excuse for you to spend mindlessly. Your outflow will be faster than inflow. So it is advised for you to be cautious.

The Knights of Wands feeling wise indicate the person will be high on energy. It means determination, foreign travel, leadership and unpredictability. There are chances of high travel time. You will always be full of energy. Just do not let this energy go to waste. The card is generally a positive one, and it depends on how you perceive this upright or in a reverse manner. The Knights of Wands indicates things are going better than expected. Concentrate on the steps you are going to take rather than wandering aimlessly. The card as depicted shows a knight ready to fight it out. This gives an indication that one should be ready to face the challenges to move ahead. There will be problems and situation which can spiral out of control, but one should always be ready to face it.

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