Taurus Relationship

Taurus Relationship

As a Father
The Taurus father can be altogether too conservative in his approach to bringing up his children. He has a strong set of orthodox values, and would love to inculcate these into his children as well. He wants his children to follow in his footsteps, sometimes even to the extent to choosing the same profession as his. This can make him come through to his children as being too imposing and they may feel cramped for space. However, he always means well and provides all the comforts and facilities for his children to bloom.

As a Mother
The Taurus mother, too, is very possessive about her children, and goes to great extents to impose her moral values on them, says Ganesha. She is creative and imaginative, and would love to see her children getting involved in creative pursuits of their own, in which she will lend her full and unconditional support. She is very concerned about moulding her children into good human beings, and constantly worries about their future.

As Children
The Taurus children can be too unruly, says Ganesha. They rarely ever tidy up their rooms, and tend to neglect even the simple things like brushing their teeth. They are also prone to being very lazy, and on holidays can stay in bed until noon. Though they are stubborn sometimes; they are obedient most of the time, and rebelling against their parents' wishes is out of the question. They may, however, keep hinting about their desires indirectly till their parents agree to fulfil their wishes. They imbibe the good values of their parents, and in the long run will make them proud.

As a Boss
The Bull as a boss will be feared – but respected, says Ganesha. They are very strict and very professional. They slog hard, set the bar very high, and expect all their subordinates to emulate their example. They are unlikely to tolerate any nonsense or disobedience in their work-places. They are unlikely to give too much leeway to their employees, and will demand strict compliance to the rules and regulations of the company. They have conservative notions, and are not too open to innovation. However, they care for their juniors, which is why they are respected. Think it is too much of a pain working under your Taurus boss? Get Boss and You! Report, this unique report will help you handle your relation with your Taurus boss in a better manner.

As a friend
The Taurus friend can be totally relied upon in good and bad times, says Ganesha. Once they have formed a good friendship, it is going to be a life-long relationship, which won't get affected by time, distance or their own stubbornness. They go out of their way to help their friends, though it may not always be totally unconditional. They tend to get very attached to their friends, and sometimes nurture high expectations from them. Though Sun Signs do give a fair idea of one's life and personality, remember that there still is much more to an individual. Are you falling for a Taurus friend? Is your relation more than just friendship? Find answer with the help of Friends Or Lovers? Report. 


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