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Ace of Swords – Meaning & Description

Ace of Swords - Meaning & Description

We are all familiar with playing cards, which contain 52 cards in a single pack, divided into four 13-card suites. We all know that the “Aces” are the most powerful cards. When we say “Ace of Swords,” we are referring to “A mighty Hand carrying a double-edged Sword blessed by Clouds.”

Ace of Swords was first used in Latin suited playing cards, in the Early 19th Century, in Italy, Spain & tarot decks.

Many Tarot Readers describe “Ace of swords” as an aetherial hand carrying a double-edged sword, emerging from grey clouds. A symbol of sharp wit and honesty, while a golden crown seemingly floats as its tip with a laurel wreath hanging from each side – all symbols of success, clarity of thoughts and divine inspiration. Three flames can be seen on each side of the sword, representing an equal distribution of knowledge with a warning that truth will never be easy or pleasant.

Astrology is one of the oldest methods to predict the future and to recall the past. There are various methods and subjects which predict mostly perfect results. These subjects contain mostly mathematical calculations or art of readings, from these “Tarot Card” reading is one of the most famous and oldest one. Thus when we see for eg) “Ace of Swords” in Tarot reading then this here means a lot or a bundle.

Mostly as per “Tarot” Reader’s, “Ace of Swords” have a divinatory meaning. This suggests – triumph, an excessive degree of everything which may be best and worst, conquest or maybe great drive of force.

Most of the Reader’s believe that The “Ace of swords” card is of great force in Love as well as in Hatred. It can indicate great property or great misery.

Let’s focus on some characteristics of “Ace of Swords”

As per Tarot Readers , like the other Ace’s, “The Ace of Swords” in Upright direction means something good will be coming in the future or its nearby. As “Ace of Swords” represents power, through its intelligence & bold move the sword can cut the dishonesty and could find out the truth. As per Astrologers and Mathematicians, this card could represent the time where the world could see the new opportunity but from a different perspective. Thus this is the great time to work towards your goals as “Ace” helps you to find new ways to achieve your goals by offering the green light in whatever you step on

It may also be a good time in all matters to look for justice and truth, because your awareness is clear and your thinking is quick. When you work up for the event, your simplicity and accuracy of thinking are rewarded.

Looking closely towards the Sword and its small edge, we could realise that the sword could be used for both good and destruction. When we use swords it means a great amount of energy is used and in connection to what it is used whether good or evil, there is always the warning sign which shows a risk of damage. Sometimes due to circumstance it is better to stick towards swords personality.

If you come across the “Upright Ace of Swords” then this is a time where you could be in a fantastic discussion towards love matters or under your relationship. Discussing current issues and good communication with your partner could benefit you. As you would be clear and honest about your feelings and needs, it could strengthen your relationship and you may find joy in your relationship. If in general discussing something is not healthy, still talk on it instead of sweeping it, as with time your communication will improve and the sense of trust will boost in your relationship.

If you have already been in a disturbing relationship or are still recovering from a breakup, it can also encourage you to cut off negative people or attitudes in your love life by identifying attributes of “Ace of Swords”.

As the Ace always represents a fresh start, The “Upright” Ace of Swords can represent a new job or a new position in your career. If you hold a business it could be the start of a new occupation or a fresh new firm or organisation. This could also mean there might be new innovations.

You may find that your new environment is a great challenge and gives you great encouragement to grow your mind and skills. You will probably be close to people who enjoy discussing new ideas, and are very clear with their communication, thus you could also be able to express your views or share your opinions which could work very smoothly for you. Thus as a result you could find yourself moving towards your goal.

When “Upright Ace of Swords” occurs in Tarot reading about Finance, then you have to be careful about your money. You could be in a situation where your heart and mind ask you to act differently. The card tells you to trust your brain and avoid making emotional decisions. There may be circumstances where your friend or family member may ask you for money or wants a loan from you. So this card suggests to you, to be clear that what you hold, do you have enough money that you could help them? Within what time you will get paid back with your money? Will this deal affect your relationship? Thus rejecting their request could be a better option, though sometimes you could be criticised up to some level, but in the long run you could be in a better position.

Ace “Reverse of Swords” can lead to feelings of helplessness. Reverse of Ace swords could be like “Changing Feelings” which could represent confusion. You may feel insecure about your relationship, and you may soon start to think a lot.

The reversal of the sword may indicate obstacles to your goals. You will be short of ideas, you may not know what you want, but you may not know how to get there. The possibility of loss of relevant information or evidence may arise, which could lead to a full Judgment. So invest your time and resources in the pursuit of the truth, and not just accept things as they seem, and add to what you may not be able to do, whether you are deceived or not.

When Ace of Swords is reversed, then it means there are confusions and lack of clarity under your relationship. There may also be misunderstandings among you and your partner, sometimes both of you may vary with views and ideas. You both will need to work hard to get into the same page again, or on the same perspective.

This card sometimes could suggest hateful words or reactions in your relationship, in this case emotions can be especially sensitive, and without some kind of help conflicts could quickly turn into wars, thus be careful and better is that from both of you one should be silent.

The Reverse Ace of Swords tells that there may be inappropriate communication at your workplace now. This could create problems between you and your colleagues. It may also imply that the concepts you are working on right now can be monitored externally, which could lead you to failure. Make sure you are realistic about what you can do and don’t get too distracted. Be careful about your choice of words, and be sure that you can express yourself well. In some cases, this card may also indicate that you are bored at work. Your work may be exhausting and tiring, and it may not be enough to keep you focused.

Take care of your money during this time! Ace of swords can indicate financial inconsistencies and errors in the reverse direction. Ask for legal documents such as bank statements, loans, judicial agreements or contracts in good time, so you are sure that everything is in order. Don’t take everything as granted or assume that things are going fine, inquire about the situation wherever required, ask questions as there is no harm if you have doubts, thus it would always better to be safe than being embarrassed.

Definitely, it is a “Yes” card. Whenever the “Ace of Swords” is pulled out it means there is a sign of a big transformation or breakthrough in your life which will be positive and will come nearly within a short time span. Most often possibilities are you will find yourself drained out of a choked pipe.

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