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Vastu Tips For External & Internal Staircase At Home

To connect different areas of the house, various mediums are used right from a passage to a staircase. For every structure constructed, both maths and science are used. Similarly, Vastu Science is also considered while building staircases which is why making a blueprint of the same is so crucial.

There are several factors that come into the picture while making a staircase as per Vastu. Thus, to gain maximum benefits of Vastu staircase, these aspects must be followed because constructing a staircase in a wrong manner may lead to many problems related to health, wealth and inner happiness in the house and, in turn, may affect the inhabitants of the house adversely.

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Here are some points that are considered while making staircases in a house:

Vastu Tips for Staircase

  • As per the staircase Vastu, it should only be built on the southern or western side of the house, says our expert. The reason being that one may suffer from great financial loss if it is built on any other side except for south or west.Read Vastu tips for south facing house directions.
  • According to Vastu for Staircase, an external staircase can be made in the southeast direction towards east, southwest towards west, northwest towards west and southwest towards the south. Doing this will provide the inhabitants of the house with an added advantage.
  • One can also build a staircase from north to south or east to west stairs while taking into account the bends and turns required along with the lack of space in the given area.
  • Furthermore, you will also have to make sure that the number of stairs does not end with an even number and should never end with a zero too!
  • Constructing circular staircases can create problems in the house pertaining to health. So, plan things accordingly.
  • A room can be viewed as unfavorable if the staircase is in the southwest corner of the basement. In terms of the staircase as per Vastu, this can cause several health issues with the likes of high blood pressure, diseases, anemia and many more. Hence, do the needful. Read Vastu tips for north facing house directions.
  • The staircase should not come in contact with the eastern or northern walls as this may be considered inauspicious.
  • It is also important to build doors at the beginning and end of each staircase. Additionally, construct the staircase in such a manner that they are not easily visible to visitants who come in the house, for if they are visible, it can invite bad fortune. Read Vastu tips for north – east facing house directions.
  • Another crucial aspect to be taken into account is the repairing of the staircase. If you think that your staircase needs a repair, get it done as soon as possible as broken ones may lead to stress, tension, and accidents.
  • Establishing pooja rooms, bathrooms or kitchen under the staircase should be completely avoided and, rather putting up a storage room is the only option available in such cases.
  • With regards to the external staircase Vastu, a staircase around the house may also create problems related to tragedy and disaster. So, do avoid taking such a step.
  • Staircase as per Vastu also considers the color schemes and suggests you to use shades of light colors to paint them. Steer clear from colors like Red and Black.

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Things To Avoid As Per Staircase Vastu

As much as one can consider suggestions to build a great staircase as per Vastu, several elements should be eschewed while constructing a staircase. These are:

  • Do not build your staircase in the northeast direction of the house as there will be monetary losses that you may go through.
  • It is essential to keep the space in the middle of the house empty as this is referred to as the Brahmasthan. Thus, also avoid erecting a staircase in the center of the house.
  • Placing a locker or a cupboard under the staircase is also not advised as it may have a negative impact on the house.
  • Also, the first step in the staircase should not be round or circular as suggested by the Vastu experts.
  • The room available at the end of a staircase that is built in the south-west direction (which is favorable) should not be used as the person doing so may have health problems.
  • Lastly, the staircase that leads upstairs should not be the same that goes down to the basement.

These are the required steps to be taken into consideration to construct a staircase as per Vastu. If you do come across any other issues that you want to emphasize, then connect with our experts in the field who will guide you further.

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