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Vastu For Couple’s Bedroom

A couple’s bedroom must be constructed in such a manner that it helps a relationship to grow and blossom. According to Vastu Shastra, if some points are taken care of while establishing a bedroom, one can live a happy married life involving love and affection.

When a couple lives together, it becomes quite substantial for both the man and the woman to strengthen their bonding and be more connected. There are times when the relationship is going through a lot of ups and downs. This is where bedroom Vastu for couples comes into the picture. The environment and ambiance are set in a way that the couple, in spite of going through tough times, may try to comprehend one another and connect well.

The direction where the bed is placed, the placement of objects and the vibe it creates are all a part of the Vastu scheme. Apart from increasing the compatibility between the two, Vastu for bedroom for married couples also lends a helping hand to be rid of untimely deaths, bad health, sleeping disorders and problems related to child-birth.

Vastu Tips For Married Couples’s Bedroom :

A variety of ingredients and characteristics play a pivotal role in the construction of the bedroom for married couples under Vastu. A bedroom should be planned in a way that the couple leaves all the sorrows, problems and hectic schedules behind to connect with one another.

Given below are a few vastu tips that can help in the establishment of a perfect bedroom for couples:

  • Ideally, a couple’s bedroom should be located in the North or South-West direction of the house as it helps in nurturing compassion and understanding.
  • Always place the bed in a manner that is supported by a wall on one side, preferably where the head is rested. This creates a strong bond between the couple which helps in deeply understanding one another.
  • Make sure that the bed is made of wood rather than metal, as the latter leads to numerous fights and ego clashes. Know how to set up your furniture as per Vastu
  • Paint the couple bedroom with bright colors for it affects the mood of the couple positively.
  • No light should cross the bed (not even a single beam) because it is considered to be very inauspicious.
  • To spread a romantic and beautiful ambiance, one can also put fresh flowers in the bedroom. This can assist in keeping the relationship young and blooming.
  • One can also make use of light blue and green shades of a lamp, as it creates a romantic aura where the tendency to bridge the gap between partners increases.
  • It is always better to cover exposed mirrors like the screen of a Tv, Laptop or Computer in the bedroom, as per what is mentioned in the bedroom Vastu for couples.
  • The couples should place their heads in the South direction, advises Ganesha.

Bedroom Vastu For Couples: Things To Avoid

To grow a strong bond between a couple may seem hard at times, but, efforts are to be put from both sides to compensate for the sentimental clashes. A couple can work on this individually, but may not succeed all the time because of various reasons like irritation and frustration in the relationship.

However, designing the bedroom according to Vastu can lessen the burden. The construction of the bedroom as per Vastu Shastra will support the partners to go through tough times and save them from numerous complications on quarrels, frustration and lack of understanding. Additionally, it may also help curb problems related to child-birth and miscarriages.

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Given below are a few things that a couple can avoid with respect to putting up a bedroom as per Vastu:

  • Keep away from using black or dark-colored curtains because they create misunderstandings and fights over self-importance.
  • Do not sleep with the head towards the East or the North direction as it can cause problems related to irritation among partners.
  • Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes in the bedroom for they create bad omen and an emotional distance between the partners.
  • Steer clear from using any kind of mirrors in the bedroom, especially the ones that reflect the bed itself. Also, avoid using dressing tables in the bedroom or one can also cover the mirrors.
  • Besides, do not place your bedroom in the North-East direction because it can bring about many complications in the relationship.
  • Another crucial point is to understand that bringing up work-related issues inside the bedroom can only cause harm. So, try to avoid such topics and dedicate the time to learn more about each other.

Thus, we now know how the concept of Vastu for couples bedroom affects the relationship between a man and a woman in married life. Implementing all these ideas will only help to grow a stronger bond between the couple and forget about the negativity in the relationship. It will also allow you to take a step further, compromise and put real efforts in working out the relationship!

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