Vastu For Dining Room

We refer to our food as God (Anna Devta) in the Hindu tradition and belief system. We pay a lot of respect to it as it is the source of life and energy. Similarly, it also becomes important to eat the food in the right place and manner as it not only provides sound health but also generates a life-giving force that we are obliged to have.

The dining room is a place where all the family members come together and eat their food. It is a place where families come closer and grow a stronger bond as that is the only time when people may get together throughout the day. A popular saying is that” A family who eats together, sits together always stays together”, which only goes to state the significance of a dining table, room and the bonding that one may share.

Several factors like the placement of the dining room, its shape, size, direction, the proper way to sit, etc are taken into consideration while dealing with Dinner Room Vastu! Here, all these parameters help you attain maximum gains, experience good fortune and maintain peace of mind if it is designed as per Vaastu Shastra.

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Dining Room Vastu Tips

There are guidelines for forming a dining room that is best suited to assist you in receiving the benefits of dining room Vastu. Right from the direction to its size and placement, all of this affects the vibrations of the place.

Here are a few Vastu tips to make you understand these aspects in detail:

  • It is highly advised to place the kitchen and dining room on the same floor for convenience. One may find it difficult to also carry utensils and food if they are not on the same floor. Get more Vastu tips for Kitchen
  • The dining room should be in continuation with the kitchen in the South, West or the East-side. Also, the best direction to construct a dining room is in the West direction as it is the most favorable position.
  • Other directions like the North and the East are good enough but may not be the best options to consider other than compulsion.
  • The door of the dining hall can be in the East, North or West directions. Also, make sure that the dining hall does not face the main entrance of the door as it is observed to be inauspicious.
  • As far as sitting in the dining table is concerned, the head of the family is supposed to sit on the East-side while the rest of the family members can sit facing the East, North or West-side. Sitting here also helps to create a more balanced life!
  • Concerning the shape of the dining table, it is recommended to have a square or a rectangle-shaped one as both these shapes provide a lot of space for people to dine comfortably.
  • In terms of Vastu colors for the dining room, the walls of the room can be painted with colors like light blue, yellow, saffron or any light green color. These are a bit bright and soothing colors that may proffer tranquility in the house. Such colors can also positively affect your appetite. Read Guide Vastu Color for Home
  • Moreover, hanging paintings and pictures on the wall associated with nature and different landscapes can generate a peaceful aura in the surrounding area.
  • If you are to place a washbasin in the dining room, please do so in the East or the North direction, say our experts.
  • Do keep some distance between the dining table and the walls of the room. It will provide more free space to move around easily.

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Dining Room Vastu: The Don’ts

Respecting the food and the area where you consume it is very essential to gain the blessings of the food gods. Similarly, constructing the dining room as per Vastu is also very substantial as well as influential to obtain its benefits.

If your dining room is built according to the Vaastu principles, then your success and victories will proliferate, and an optimistic vibe may spread around the house which is a piece of good news for the inhabitants.

But there are some things that one should probably avoid to negate the bad effects of the place you live in. These are:

  • Make sure that your bathroom/toilet and the dining room is not attached and too close to one another.
  • Avoid your dining table to be in shapes like round, oval, hexagon or other irregular shapes as it may not provide as much space and easement.
  • One should not sit facing the South direction as it can cause an imbalance in the life energies for the people living in the house.
  • In addition, one should also not distract himself/herself while eating food which is why watching television, mobile or the laptop is prohibited. Concentrating just on the food you eat also helps in the digestion process, says Ganesha.
  • Also, do not brighten up the place with too many lightings. Rather, use lights that give you a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Know Vastu tips for home lighting

Consult Our Vastu Experts for more guidance! It is important to note that the dining area is associated with the nourishment and, in turn, with energy. Therefore, constructing this dining area as per Vastu can work wonders for the occupants who can receive a lot of good health, wealth and happiness, but only if the principles are followed appropriately!

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