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The Ultimate Guide to A South Facing House Vastu Plan

People are quite apprehensive when buying a south facing house because of the suspicions and myths surrounding the inauspiciousness of such houses. However, it is said that with the implementation of the south facing house vastu, they could be blessed with good luck.

Many people are confused while trying to comprehend their property’s directional facing, so let’s start with that and a few other considerations.

What is a South Facing House and the common myths associated with it?

The direction of your house is determined by the direction in which you face as you exit through the main door. So, you live in a south-facing house Vastu if you face south while doing so.

According to Vastu experts, a south-facing property is ill-fated and purchasing one will only land you in trouble such that it would bring about misfortune, illness, disabilities and financial losses. Well, that’s not true. All they want is to create unnecessary worry so that you pay them loads of money to get a solution.

The truth about east and north-facing properties being better is that you can orient all the rooms ideally as per the vastu rules while the south facing house vastu plan requires more effort in planning the positioning. However, do not be disheartened. Vastu shastra has solutions to all the problems; guidelines to apply for south and west-facing houses too.

Important Vastu Tips and Benefits of A South Facing House

Keeping in mind the ancient science, follow the vastu tips for South Facing House that are vital for your future occupancy. Divide the entire southern portion of the house into 9 equal sections or padas, starting from the south-east and ending in the south-west.

  • When it comes to putting the main door or entrance of a home that faces southwards, the fourth pada is considered the most auspicious and best choice.
  • If the 4th pada isn’t enough, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd padas can be used for the entrance or main door.
  • In this case, the main door should not be placed between the fifth and ninth padas. They are considered unlucky according to Vastu Shastra rules.

A South facing house Vastu has its own advantages.

One of the most significant advantages of living in a house with a south-facing orientation is the abundance of sunshine. The Sun is precisely in the south direction about 12 p.m. This basically ensures that for the majority of the day, all houses facing south will receive sunlight, enhancing the mood of the occupants and providing them with a huge amount of vitamin D.

If a south-facing building is used as an industrial office or workplace, it can be a very important source of growth and prosperity. While business owners are considered eligible for such a house, individuals who provide services are strongly encouraged to go for this option.

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South Facing House Vastu Placement Plan

Now that we’ve covered the scientific benefits and drawbacks of a south-facing house, we’ll move on to some key considerations while buying or designing a south-facing home.

Main Door Vastu for South Facing House

The main entrance is the threshold to any house, and the way it faces is crucial. Many vastu advisors advise against using it because of its complexity.

According to traditional Vastu scriptures, some energy fields in the south can be used to help impact the entrance. This necessitates an understanding of certain specific aspects of the south-facing house Vastu for the main door. In Vastu, there are eight steps on the south side of a house known as padas. Each of these has its own set of requirements and significance.

Pusha, Vitatha, and Grihakshat are the best places to put the main entrance in a south-facing building, as they can help bring wealth, good health, and prosperity. Apart from these three, the remaining five padas are highly unlucky. These can put you in a lot of debt and cause you to lose money. According to Vastu experts, using the main entrance on any of the remaining padas is a no-no and should be avoided at all costs.

Kitchen Vastu For South Facing House

In a south-facing house, the kitchen should be ideally located in the southeast corner, keeping in mind the north-east corner for the second-best choice. You could also opt for south or west but only when you have no other choice. Make sure that the kitchen Vastu for the south facing house offers enough light and ventilation, and that the direction and location of the kitchen and the interior inside follow the same principles. The kitchen door should be in the north, east or north-east direction and when you cook your position should be such that you face east.

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South Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

The pooja room location is the most important part of the south-facing house. You feel refreshed and at peace as soon as you enter the holy room. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned guidelines to help you understand the dos and don’ts for South facing house Vastu plan with pooja room.

  • The ideal location for a pooja room in a south facing house is the north-east corner since it receives maximum sunlight, the source of positive energy.
  • A puja room should never be located underneath a staircase nor should it be close to the restroom.
  • When sleeping, your feet should not point towards the puja bed. Since it is ruled by Yama, the god of death, the south is not an ideal location for a puja bed.
  • The room should preferably be on the ground floor of the building.
  • The puja room’s roof should be in the form of a triangle. This is to invite the flow of positive energy.
  • The room should not just be well lighted but also well-ventilated.
  • The colours of the wall should be ideally white. In case, white is not to your preferability, you could opt for light yellow, blue or violet.

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Septic Tank Vastu For South Facing House

Underground water storage tanks or septic tanks are commonly found near the entrance gate of most bungalows and independent homes. However, the septic tank vastu for south facing houses does not allow the use of the same location because it could have a negative impact on the female members of the household.

There should be no water storage in the southern part of the building. It can result in significant financial losses. For the safety and well-being of the inhabitants, the flow of the water disposal can be guided to the east or north. The suitable location of a septic tank, according to Vastu, is south of the south-west corner.

South Facing Office Vastu

People are terrified of buying south facing shops because of the old belief that this direction brings bad luck. However, some honest vastu experts have rationalized that if the buyer acquires complete knowledge about the south-facing office vastu, and implements it correctly, it could get good business. There are various rules and regulations as per the Vastu Shastra, some of which are mentioned below.

  • The shape of the south-facing plot should always be square or rectangular, never irregular.
  • To ensure optimum prosperity, make sure the slant of the office floor is always toward the northeast, east, and north.
  • In all four directions, the building’s height and form should be proportioned evenly. For the best results, the water bodies should be built in the eastern or northern zones.
  • Stairways should never be built in the centre of the office; instead, they should be built in the western or southern sections.
  • Restrooms, kitchens, and toilets should always be in the north-west or western section of the property, and the area should always be kept tidy.
  • No heavy structures or objects should be put in the office’s central area. Only light and calming colours can be used to paint the office.
  • Doors and windows should always be located in the office building’s eastern or northern parts.
  • For better prosperity, the canteen where the employees eat lunch should be situated in the southeast.
  • Both semi-finished and finished items should be stored in the office’s east, south-east, or northern parts.
  • All the high-ranking executives should be assigned to the office’s southernmost corner.
  • The most appropriate parking location for the employees to park their vehicles is the southwest direction.

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Suitability Criteria For Buying South Facing House

South-facing house Vastu is not suitable for the needs of all. As a result, before making any purchasing decision, it is critical to assess the occupants’ Vastu knowledge. It all depends on their occupation and/or zodiac sign (Rashi).

Since Mars rules the south, people in the real estate and healthcare industries are ideal candidates for such a house. Also, as the south is associated with fame and success, it is also perfect for those in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, since the element fire is associated with the south, it is ideal for those who provide defence and security.

Aside from occupations, astrology plays an important role in determining a property’s suitability. People born under the following signs of the zodiac are well-suited to live in a house with a south-facing Vastu.

Vrishabha or Taurus

Kanya or Virgo

Makar or Capricorn

But, Pisces (Meen Rashi): Meen Rashi people have tremendous luck in implementing the south-facing house Vastu plan. Lady Luck smiles on them, and they gain unanticipated riches or advancement in their careers.


Your home will bring a lot of prosperity and growth if you follow the South Facing House Vastu rules outlined above. Don’t be influenced by the myths of ill-fate surrounding south-facing homes or homes with south entrances; instead, make a few improvements and enjoy the positive energy that comes with it.

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