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Vastu Tips For Creating The Ideal Store Room

There are a variety of rooms in a house used for different purposes. All of them hold their significance as per usage. One of the rooms that have a lot of importance but is not given much preference is the Storeroom.

There are quite a number of things that do not involve constant usage throughout the year. A storeroom is a place where such items are stored and kept for later use. There can be a range of commodities and articles with the likes of decorative items, carvings, statues, blankets, food, gifts, products, clothes, etc that can be stored in this particular place as per the requirement.

Consequently, this storage room is of great help to stockpile and reserve some things for future use. This is the same reason why Vaastu principles also apply here to assist in making optimum use of this space given in the house.

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Vastu Tips for Store Room

The storeroom has multiple aspects of storing items and commodities. For example, the food storeroom is used for food items that are not used throughout the year. It usually becomes a little difficult to store all the food in the kitchen that is not used daily, which is why a food storeroom is constructed for convenience.

Apart from this, the storeroom is also used to pile extra articles and items of the house. These can range from decorative items to extra furniture and many other things. Furthermore, it is now evident from the fact that the storeroom is a good place to store your items and belongings, and can be of great help.

Hence, there are certain parameters that have to be taken care of. They are:

  • According to storeroom Vastu, the storeroom will give the best results if it is constructed in the South-West or the North-West corner of the house. This also assists in maintaining peace and tranquility.
  • One should place the heavier items in the South-West corner whereas all the food and lighter items can be located in the North-West corner, say our experts.
  • Even though storeroom was earlier considered to be just a place to store various items, however, people now want to place their commodities in a more organized manner. Hence, you can use cabinets to arrange your items the way you want but make sure that you place it in the South-East corner.
  • As far as painting the walls are concerned, one can use bright colors like white, yellow or even blue for these colors are known to be favorable and auspicious for the inhabitants.
  • Placing all the items in the storeroom as per Vastu is very crucial. A more organized way to set up things is to store all the new items for the year in the South-West direction whereas other items that are used daily can be placed in the North-west direction as per Vastu Shastra.
  • One may also have to see to it that all the items that are not used daily should be well covered so that there is no negative energy nurtured in the given place.
  • It is recommended to put up an image of Lord Vishnu, Trishul or a Swastika so that negative vibrations do not hover around. Besides, hanging such pictures may also bring more wealth and fortune to the family members. Vastu tips for family peace
  • Also, make sure that the place is clean, dry and neat as per what is mentioned in the storeroom Vastu.
  • Additionally, place the door and windows in the South-West corner as this creates a continuous flow of energy.

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Store Room As Per Vastu: Don’ts

Several elements should be avoided while constructing the storeroom as per Vastu. Although people may think that the storeroom is not as important as the other rooms in the house, experts say that this is not the case.

The placement of objects and the direction where the storeroom is has a huge impact on the people living in the house. While placing the room in the correct direction can bring more wealth and affluence to the family, the incorrect set up of the storeroom can generate negativity. It can also impact your health and mental balance as well. Read Vastu tips for Good Health

Here are a few things to avoid while constructing the store room as per Vastu:

  • Abstain from sleeping in the storeroom as this can negatively harm the dwellers. Also, avoid placing a bed in the storeroom as per what is mentioned in Vastu Shastra.
  • It is not advisable to place or store water in the storeroom in terms of Storeroom Vastu.
  • Do not keep any container empty in the storeroom for it helps negative energies to spread all over the house. Therefore, make sure that no container is kept empty.
  • Refrain from building the storeroom in an irregular shape as this can attract evil eyes.

Undoubtedly, the storeroom is one of the most important places that can either spread negativity or positivity, depending on how the storeroom is constructed and how items are placed.

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