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Vastu Directions – Role, Significance And Impact

Vastu Directions: Overview

Directions have a great significance in Vastu Shastra. Vastu directions are not mere points on a compass; they are energy centres ruled by a god, with the help of a planetary Lord. The principles of architecture have been designed and practised using these elements as the foundation.

The North, South, East, and West are the four main Vastu directions, also known as cardinal directions. There are also four ordinal directions or sub-directions, southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest. All the eight Vastu directions are thought to be influenced by particular divinities, planets, and forces, and have their own distinct characteristics.

Eight Vastu Directions: Significance And Effects

The Vastu directions for house, rooms and other items in accordance with Vastu Shastra ensures that positive energy flows freely in the house or office. We feel the negative effects of imbalanced energies in our lives if the zones are not properly tended to and the correct direction is not allocated to the right zone when designing the room.

Let’s examine the significance of Vastu directions.

Vastu Directions: North Vastu

North direction is considered to be a very good direction for the house and workplace. Governed by the Hindu deity, Kuber, it is known for wealth and career direction. It is suitable for an entryway, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, porch, courtyard, and balconies. This location is ideal for underground water storage.

Vastu Directions: East Vastu

LORD INDRA (Supreme God of all Gods) is the giver of wealth and the lord governing the direction East. This auspicious direction is the direction of prosperity and Victory. People generally sit and pray in the east to the sun as they believe it brings happiness and prosperity to their lives. That is why having windows, doors, balconies, and gardens here is important. The living room, drawing room, and family lounge are all appropriate for this space.

Vastu Directions: South Vastu

The god of the South is Lord Yama, and its planetary Lord is the fiery Mars. This among various other Vastu directions signifies bravery and accomplishment. For best results, this direction structure should be at a higher level, with heavy items nearby. It is considered auspicious to have an overhead water tank in this region.

Vastu Directions: West Vastu

This Vastu direction is ruled by Varun, the Lord of Water. Generally speaking, this is not a good direction to go for since it is ruled by the planet Saturn. This direction’s openings and entries are bad. It ruins one’s chances of earning money. However, the west direction has been seen to be quite beneficial to women. Having an overhead water tank and a staircase that faces west is advantageous.

Vastu Directions: North-East Vastu

Lord SHIVA, the Hindu supreme god, is the owner of the North East. Brahaspati Jupiter is the planet for the North East. This direction grants you all of life’s blessings, Purity and Divinity. The northeast direction receives the Sun’s strong Ultraviolet rays. It is considered auspicious to perform pooja in the direction of the northeast. The best among Vastu directions to build a Mandir. This space could be used for a family lounge or even a yoga studio. The less cluttered this area is, the less stressful your life will be.

Vastu Directions: South East Vastu

The South East is dominated by AGNI or FIRE. Agni denotes “power, determination, and fame.” Agni blesses people who perform ‘Homa’ and ‘Havana’ in their homes, bringing them riches, prosperity, and fame. The planet Venus is the ruler of the South East. The absence of a SOUTHEAST corner causes family strife. In the direction of the South East, the kitchen is strongly recommended. Besides that, it can also be used for creative activities such as art and craft. singing, dancing etc.

Vastu Directions: North West

The god of the wind, Vayu, is in charge of the North West direction. Lord Hanuman is also a symbol of this direction. Since air and wind are essential for life, tall structures are prohibited in this region. This direction is ruled by the moon.

In a person’s life, the North West Vastu directions for House have a significant impact on relationships, friendliness, and cooperation. Since the North West is the direction of movement, Vastu suggests that girls who are not getting married after reaching marriageable age should sleep in the North-West room or side of the house to start getting proposals.

Vastu Directions: South West Vastu

The South West Direction is ruled by Nairutti (Lord of Demons). As a result, the most unlucky and bad path is south-west. The presence of a door here is often associated with bad luck. To counteract the negativity of this direction, the South West Direction as per Vastu shastra should be packed with heavy objects. A family’s emotional and physical problems are exacerbated when the south-west corner is missing. Planet Rahu rules this direction.

Bed, Bedroom And Sleeping Vastu Directions Tips

Vastu Directions: Bedroom

The master bedroom should be in the south-west corner of the building. The southwest bedroom is said to bring good health and wealth to the homeowner, as well as increased longevity. Avoid putting a bedroom in the house’s north-east or south-east zones. It can trigger quarrels between the couple in the southeast. The northeast bedroom may be hazardous to one’s health. The children’s bedroom should be in the house’s east or north-west section.

A bedroom in the north is often thought to be lucky for everyone. It is particularly advantageous for young students seeking employment or business opportunities. A bedroom in the east, on the other hand, will give them a sharp intellect and help them excel in school.

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Vastu Directions: Bed

In the master bedroom, the headboard of your bed should be facing south or west. When sleeping, this will ensure that your toes are pointing north or east.

It is safest to sleep with your head in the direction of the south. As a result, you can adjust the location of your bed. This status is associated with wealth and happiness, as well as quality sleep, according to Vastu.

The headboard in a children’s bedroom should preferably face east. As a result, health and attention are improved, and children profit from the arrangement.

If you want to be wealthy and famous, sleep with your head in the west and your feet in the east.

Avoid placing your bed in the corner of the room, as this will prevent positive energy from freely flowing. The bed should be placed along the central part of the wall, according to Vastu, so that there is enough room to travel around.

Vastu Directions: Sleeping Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, vastu directions for sleeping are extremely important. When we talk about sleeping position, we’re referring to the direction in which our head points when we’re lying down.

The best sleeping direction is south, which is considered the perfect sleep position if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with your feet to the north also brings good fortune and luck. Alternatively, you may choose to sleep with your feet pointed east, which will maximise your wealth and recognition.

  • According to Vastu, sleeping with your head towards the south is the best sleeping posture since this orientation is correlated with acquiring money, satisfaction, and positivity. It is highly recommended that people, especially those who live in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, get adequate sleep.
  • Sleeping with your head to the north puts a strain on your heart and brain because the magnetic field affects the iron-rich blood supply. It may also cause neurological problems and sleep loss over time. Therefore, it is best to avoid this.
  • One of the safest sleeping Vastu directions is to position your head to the east. It aids in getting a good night’s sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. It also improves attention and memory, which are both essential for academic success. As a result, it is recommended for students and those in the field of academics.
  • If you want to be effective in business or at work, sleeping with your head towards the west is the best option. It enables you to seize the best opportunities that come your way. It can also assist you in getting rid of any unwanted harmful energies.

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Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu

Vastu directions: Southeast or Northwest: The best places to build a home kitchen are in the Southeast or Northwest. Previously, when cooking was done on woodfired stoves, these corners were favoured because hot winds blowing from the south-west to the north-east could not cause fire damage to the building. Since the element of fire governs this direction, the South-East corner is often thought to be the best Vastu direction.

While cooking, facing the east is best. The cooking hob should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. The sink should be put in the kitchen’s north-west corner. Place the water pots and purifier on the northeast side of the building. Avoid the northeast location for your kitchen, says the Vastu Experts.

Direction Of Toilet Seat As Per Vastu

Toilets and bathrooms can become a source of negative energy in a household. Putting in the effort to restore a bathroom according to the Vastu guidelines, on the other hand, will pay off. The best toilet location is between South and South West as well as between West and North West directions.

When it comes to placing the toilet seat in the bathroom, extra care must be taken. It should be positioned in the west or northwest to aid in the removal of waste and contaminants from the body.

When sitting on the toilet seat, the thumb rule is to face the south direction and avoid facing the East direction. Since the rising sun rises from the east, it’s best to avoid facing the toilet seat in that direction.

The 7 Horse Vastu Directions

  • The running horse symbol is an important part of Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, the symbol of a horse, especially seven running horses, represents prosperity, harmony, and development.
  • Speed is symbolised by running horses. The painting of the seven running horses should be hung on the east-facing wall of your home. When you hang the painting on the east wall, you will notice that you are faster than anyone else at completing most tasks.
  • The galloping horses are strong and wild. If you face west, it will help your creative side.
  • According to Vastu, horses represent progress. Hanging it on your home’s south wall will guarantee your success in all of your home endeavours, as per Vastu directions shastra.


The Vastu directions are the most prominent and significant topic in Vastu shastra. Without knowing the direction of the position of a house, a piece of property, or a factory, we can’t determine if it has a positive or negative Vastu effect. Vastu Directions are nothing more than a human body’s eye, and they play a critical role. Without them, no Vastu expert in the world can provide any advice to the homeowner.

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The below list will help you know the importance of each Vastu direction in a detailed manner.

East Facing House VastuNorth Facing House Vastu
South Facing House VastuWest Facing House Vastu
South West Facing House VastuSouth East Facing House Vastu
North West Facing House VastuNorth East Facing House Vastu