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Vastu For Bathroom – Toilet Vastu – Vastu For Attached Bathroom And Toilet

Bathroom Vastu – Principles Of Vastu For Bathroom

Are you looking for a new house? Want to remodel your current residence? Do not forget to check the Vastu for Bathroom because bathrooms and toilets are the most frequented but most neglected places. And if either of the two is not in accordance with Vastu principles, the inhabitants of the house may face financial issues, health issues or other such disturbances. Let’s see how you can make your new bathroom or the one you already have Vastu compliant and get rid of the bathroom doshas.

Bathroom Vastu – Vastu For Bathroom Direction And Position

The most important bathroom vastu tips to remember regarding the direction, position and other factors concerning the bathroom are:

  • The bathroom must be in the north or northwest portion of your house. This is an air element direction and hence does not obstruct energy flow.
  • Do not build the bath area in the south direction or even in the southeast or south-west direction, as it is said to have a negative impact on the health of the people in the house.
  • Placing a bathroom in the northeast corner of the house is a significant violation of Vastu for Bathroom. Lord Shiva rules the northeast area. Electromagnetic energies emanate in this area, pervading the entire structure. Placing the bathroom here would contaminate these energies leading to serious health complications, injuries, and progeny issues, as well as needless tensions.
  • According to Vastu experts, placing a bathroom in the southeast is also problematic. Governed by Lord Agnidev and occupied by the Fire element, a bathroom that belongs to the Water element stands in opposition to fire, causing disrespect of Lord Agnidev. Occupants of a Southeast house bathroom can experience unanticipated losses, legal issues, taxation issues, and electricity-related mishaps or accidents.
  • A bathroom in the southwest may result in financial losses and needless expenditures for the building’s occupants. They can also experience anxiety and depression in some situations. Since the magnetic energy of the northeast is stored in this direction, there should be no drainage in this field.
  • Since Lord Brahma resides in this pious spot, the bathroom should not be located in the centre of the building. Furthermore, since the central area is the source of gravitational energy, a bathroom here will infect this positive energy.
  • Make sure the bathroom isn’t connected to the kitchen wall or the mandir’s wall. The bathroom emits a lot of negative energy and is filthy; it can compromise the sanctity of the kitchen and contaminate the food cooked there, same as the sacred environment of the mandir is polluted by the bathroom’s destructive energies.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, light pastel shades like pink, grey and light blue are best for your bathroom.
  • The flooring of the bathroom should slope towards the east or north direction.
  • If you want a changing room built in your bathroom, it should be made in the west or south direction.

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Vastu For Bathroom Fittings

The idea of bathroom interior or bathroom fittings are different for different people. Nowadays, luxurious things like jacuzzis, whirlpools and reading a book with a comfy chair are in vogue for people who like to spend quality time here. Earlier the sink or taps were fitted anywhere according to fitting convenience; today, people have become more thoughtful about the positioning of such fixtures.

Bathrooms are designed and positioned as per the Vastu principles, which are quite prevalent. Vastu for bathrooms is said to be as important as Vastu for other rooms since experts believe a correctly placed and better-planned bathroom makes the inhabitants more prosperous. For your bathroom fittings, you need to keep in mind the following few very important points.

  • The ideal placement for the shower area and washbasin is in the East, North, and North-East corners of the bathroom according to the Vastu for bathroom principles.
  • The bathroom window should face the north-east or east direction. This will allow more sunlight and fresh air to infiltrate and bring more positive energy. Ventilation is of vital importance for maintaining a healthy atmosphere.
  • The perfect position for mirror attachment is on the north or the east wall of the bathroom.
  • All the electrical fittings, such as geysers, etc, should be installed towards the bathroom’s south-eastern side.
  • For exhaust fans, the eastern direction is most suitable.
  • Washbasin positioning is best if in the northeast, north, or east if possible.
  • The shower should be installed towards the north, east and north-eastern corner of the bathroom.
  • Place your washing machine towards the northwest or southeast direction in the bathroom.
  • For your bathroom door, a high-quality wooden door is most suitable as per Vastu. Do not use metal doors as it may lead to ill-health and negativity in life.
  • Never put any decorative symbols or religious idols over your bathroom door.

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Bathroom Vastu Tips – Vastu For Attached Bathroom

Privacy is a matter of great concern for most people, especially couples living in joint families. Hence, a private attached bathroom to their bedroom is a must. Let’s see what pointers you need to follow as per Vastu for the attached bathroom in the bedroom to avoid any unpleasant happenings in your life.

Bedroom And Bathroom Direction As Per Vastu

If you have a bedroom with an attached bathroom, your master bedroom should be placed in the southwest portion of the house or in the south or west as per the Vastu rules. Do not have it constructed in the southeast or northeast portions. For kids, west is an ideal location for a bedroom with a bathroom.

Vastu Colours For The Bedroom And Attached Bathroom

According to Vastu for Attached bathroom and toilet, the colours preferred are light pastel shades such as grey tones, light blue or other such pastel colours. And for the bedroom with it, light rose colour or blue, green and chocolate colours would be preferable. You can also refer to this complete Guide to Vastu for Bedroom.

Toilet Vastu – Direction And Position Of Toilet As Per Vastu

A toilet is a place where negative energies reside and evil vibrations exist. Even if the house is beautiful, an untidy toilet or bathroom will spoil its reputation. It is advisable to have the correct toilet position as per Vastu because a toilet is a place where one goes through the self-cleaning process, and the proper structure should be adapted in order to achieve a safe mind and body.

To safeguard your house from negative energies and loss of health and wealth, the following are some suggestions and methods for designing a Vaastu-compliant toilet:

  1. Toilet Direction As Per Vastu: The ideal direction to construct a toilet that is attached to the bedroom is on the west or northwest side of the bedroom. For an independently placed toilet, the northwest side works the best, whereas, for an attached toilet, the west direction suits well. While the south corner is considered auspicious, the east or north direction is a strict no-no.
  2. Water Closet Position in toilet Vastu: The toilet’s water closet is the most vulnerable to negativity. The water closet should be aligned north-south, according to Vastu. Water closets should be placed in the toilet’s west, south, or northwest directions.
  3. Toilet Entrance as per Vastu: A toilet should always be away from the room, like in the olden days, as it is best to let out the negative energies in the open instead of the house. But if it is attached, then you’d rather maintain distance in between. The toilet entrance must be on the east or north wall, one or two feet higher than the ground level, and the door should best be kept closed at all times.
  4. The flooring of the Toilet: The toilet floor and slope matter a great deal, according to Vastu shastra. Marble or tile flooring is highly suitable with the slope dropping towards east or north to let the water drain down in this direction only, carrying with it the toxins, negative energies and evil thoughts.
  5. Colour of the Walls: The colours most preferable for toilets and bathrooms are light colours like cream, white, pastel shades of blue and green, pink, etc., since they bring positive energies, remove stress and are eye soothers. Dark colours like red, black and grey are not at all good for the toilet as they not only attract negativity but also make the toilet dark and gloomy.
  6. Toilet Seat Direction As Per Vastu: When it comes to placing the toilet seat in the bathroom, extra care must be taken. The Vastu for toilet seat direction indicates that the west or northwest direction is ideal for aiding in the removal of waste and contaminants from the body. They should be placed such that the individual using them does not face west or east.

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Vastu for bathroom and Toilet Vastu should be followed judiciously while planning or designing the ideal home. Wrong placement of either can lead to negative energy flow and several future financial and health issues. Vastu for bathroom and toilet should compulsorily be followed as these two places should be in sync with prevalent Vastu Shastra principles.