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Vastu Tips For Interior Design & Decoration

A house and its interiors inspired by vastu shastra, portrays deep understanding of different zones. There exists zones emitting positive as well as negative vibes and vastu-shastra, through the principles of vastu , aims to strike a balance between them. These zones deal with placing lighter objects and furnishings in the positive zone while the heavy ones to be placed in the negative zone. Positive zones are the North, East, and Northeast while negative zones are the South, West, and Southwest.

Vastu Tips for Furniture Placement

According to the vastu for living room furniture, couches and lounge sets must be places in the southern or the western portion of a room. Any person sitting on the couch must face either the north or east directions.

  • As per the vastu for bedroom furniture, the beds must face the southwest direction of a room.
  • Drawers or chests have valuable items such as cash or jewellery. Hence according to the vastu of the master bedroom furniture, your wardrobes must face south-western portion of a room.
  • Following Vastu shastra for living bedroom furniture, place the dining table as such that it faces the north-western direction of the kitchen, living room or the dining room itself.
  • For yielding best possible results, follow this vastu tips for bedroom furniture and place the study table in either the northern or eastern part of a study room.
  • Placing aquariums in the northern, eastern or north-eastern directions of a room proves to be beneficial as they are considered to be light water bearers.

Vastu Interior for House Plan

1. Vastu for Paintings and Statues:

As per the vastu tips for painting and frames. the usage of picturesque paintings that depict nature like waterfalls, sunrise, and mountains and so on. One should discard canvas that depict either war scenes or any other forms of conflict and violence. Since, they do not promote peace or harmony. Idols of gods and goddess’ must have a proper placing in the Puja room with accurate location. Heavy statues mustn’t be placed in the North-eastern corner of a room or house.

2. Vastu for Mirrors:

Mirrors or objects with reflective surfaces must be placed at suitable places in the north or the east directions of a room. Mirror placement as per vastu must not place on the walls opposite to a bed or in a study room.

3. Vastu for Indoor Plants:

One must avoid placing larger plants in the North-eastern direction of the house. Also, one must use vastu plants such as cactuses and other thorny plants as decor.

4. Vastu for Curtains:

Bedrooms are best suited with bright coloured curtains, while dark coloured curtains are best suited for the living room. While looking for curtain colour as per vastu Red or black coloured curtains must be avoided.

5. Vastu for Ceilings:

Vastu-Shastra suggests to have flattened ceilings rather than elevated to false ones and also design distance between floor and ceiling of the bedroom as per the vastu for ceiling height.

6. Vastu for Lightings:

Lighting plays an important role in setting the perfect vibes for a house or room. Hence, follow vastu tips for lightning and one should avoid dimly lit rooms and always have rooms lit with bright lights for positive vibes and pleasant atmosphere.

7. Vastu for Floorings:

Vastu-Shastra suggests material like mosaic, ceramic tiles, or marbles for flooring. White marble tiles must be avoided for regular rooms.

8. Vastu for Painting Colour:

Use vastu colours such as lighter shades like blue or green, apart from other lighter shades like pink or cream. Avoid using red or black colours as house paints.

9. Vastu for Electrical Appliances:

Appliances emitting higher levels of heat like gas, ovens or microwaves must be placed in the South-eastern direction. Televisions, audio sets or video players are best located at the Northern, Eastern or South-eastern directions of a room. Vastu tips for electronics item is to mustn’t place any of the electrical appliances in the North-eastern corner of a room.