Ideal Location For a Borewell As Per Vastu Shastra

Before the invention of tanks and other modern aspects of storing water, tube wells and borewells were the main sources of water supplies. Also, because water is considered to be one of the five elements in the Panchabhoota and is regarded as an elixir of life, Vaastu Shastra is somehow affiliated with this process as well! It is just recently that we have various sources of water like storage tanks and Municipal water supply for usage purposes, compared to the earlier times when there were only open wells to pull buckets of water from!

Using Vastu as a tool to balance the energies of all the natural resources available has been of utmost importance too. As water is one of them, the setting up of a borewell or a tubewell can also be associated with Vastu for well. A borewell/tubewell is set up by excavating and drilling a section of land to dig to the surface where groundwater is available. It may be astonishing to find out that even though supplying water has become easy now, a lot of people are still interested in digging up their borewell for the usage of water as the inhabitants may not have to wait for the entire construction of the house to be completed to avail this service.

Hence, be it Vastu for borewell in East facing house, West facing house, South facing house or a North facing house, we have a solution for all the possible scenarios in the world of Vastu for well!

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Vastu for Well Position Borewell: Tips

There are some do’s and don’ts that need to be followed as per Vastu Shastra if a borewell/tubewell is to be put up. Below are some major points that need to be taken into account. They are as follows:

  • The directions in the North, North-East, and East is considered to be the best while setting up a borewell or a tubewell.
  • It is also advised to start building the borewell/tubewell before the house is constructed for it has many advantages to it. People can use this water source to build their houses too, in the process.
  • Besides, make sure that a Bhoomi puja is done before the commencement of the digging/drilling process for the well as it is viewed to be very auspicious.
  • Digging up a well in the correct locations has many advantages to it with the likes of curbing problems concerning wealth, infertility and unhappiness.
  • As far as the shape of the well is concerned, experts suggest keeping the surface of the well circular or round in shape. One can have a square-shaped well below the ground, but the shape should be round on the surface because it is more resistant towards any kind of compression or tension.
  • There are chances where the borewell dries up or is placed in the wrong direction. In that case, the best thing here is to fill it with earth, close it and then also cover it as a safety measure.
  • Another significant aspect is to use limestone, alum and gooseberry bark for building the borewell as it is observed to be a purifier of sorts that helps in keeping the water clean. Read more Vaastu Tips

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Vastu For Well: Things To Avoid

Well, just the way some things are preferred to be implemented in the construction of the borewell/tubewell, there obviously are things that one needs to refrain from doing as there may be many disadvantages attached to it. Let us look at the things that one needs to avoid:

  • As stated in the Vastu for well, it is advised to not build a borewell/tubewell in the South-West, South, North-West and West direction as it may propel negativity in the house.
  • Moreover, it is better to not set up a well in the middle of the land.
  • The well and the pump house should also not be very close to the compound walls and keeping some space for cleaning and maintaining purpose is a must.
  • Also, make sure that the walls of the well do not touch the walls of the house as it may have a negative impact on the inhabitants.

The construction of a tube well/borewell involves a lot of calculations by the experts. Numerous parameters are taken care of while building it because of the pessimistic effect that it can have on us. Read more about Residential Vastu

For example, if the well is incorrectly placed, there are chances the people living in the house may experience ill-effects like loss of wealth, death and lack of happiness. Whereas, if it is correctly placed according to the Vastu for well position, it generates optimistic vibes and ensures the well being of the inhabitants.

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