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Significance And Benefits of North Facing House Vastu Plan

Experts consider the North Facing House Vastu as the best plan for most of those who are planning to buy a house or get one constructed. According to Vastu Shastra, Lord Kubera’s abode is on the north side, so north-facing homes are associated with riches and prosperity. As a result, many people choose to live in houses or flats that face north.

Also, according to Vastu, the effectiveness of a north-facing house is determined by the location of the main door, the position of the other rooms, the position of the furniture, the colour, and other factors. If a person enters a house or flat and faces the south wall, or if the house’s main entrance is on the northern wall, the house is said to be facing north.

This explains the meaning and significance of the North Facing House Vastu Plan.

North Facing House Vastu Plan – Guidelines to A Successful Life

Main Door Location Vastu For North facing House

Perhaps the most important consideration is the location of your home’s main entrance or main door which is very crucial. It is the only way for outside energies to enter your home. Hence, choosing an auspicious pada for the main door is highly recommended in Vastu Shastra.

For your north Facing house, you need to implement the following vastu principles:

  • The main entrance, that is, the door, should face north.
  • The fifth pada is thought to be auspicious. It will result in you receiving a lot of money.
  • The direction of travel in the north-west is not taken into account.
  • Padas are calculated with the North East direction in mind. All padas in the north are auspicious. The energy that enters your house is determined by the padas.
  • The best is the fifth pada.
  • The Vastu plan for a house with a north-west orientation would be different.
  • Your main door vastu for north Facing house strategy will be crucial to your wealth and prosperity.

Staircase Vastu For North Facing House

The right Vastu location for a staircase in a north-facing house is one of the most frequently asked questions about North-facing house Vastu. A misplaced stairwell, whether internal or external, may cause major issues. Let’s consider the following dos and don’ts:

  • The staircase should never be located in the northeast corner of a north-facing home. This is because, according to Vastu, the North East corner of any building reflects the Vastu Purush’s head. As a result, the Vastu location of the staircase here can cause serious neurological issues.
  • Similarly, putting a staircase on the north side of the house is not permitted. This may stifle cash flow and put the family in a financial bind.
  • The stairwells are quite heavy and huge. As a result, the best location for the staircase is in the southwest. Also, when following staircase Vastu for North Facing House, keep in mind the direction in which the staircase runs from top to bottom.
  • It is best to render the staircases anti-clockwise if they are located on the South West, South, and West sides of a building. They must, however, run clockwise if they are located in the South of South West.

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Kitchen Vastu for North Facing House

The kitchen is sometimes referred to as the “temple” of the home, and its location is crucial in that regard. Many people believe that since the water element is located in the northeast corner of the building, they should put their kitchen there. But they are wrong because this can lead to family strife or other neurological disorders. Placing the kitchen’s fire feature in the water zone would extinguish the fire as well as trigger financial and legal issues.

According to kitchen vastu for North Facing House, place your kitchen in a south-east, south-west, or north-west direction to store all of the positives within your home.

North facing House Vastu Plan With Puja Room

Since it houses the deities, the primary source of powerful energies, the positioning of the Pooja Ghar / room is vital. The best location for the pooja room is in the west. This would ensure that the icons or photographs of gods are facing east. It’s worth noting that the main idol in most ancient Indian temples, particularly those dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Krishna, is placed in the West and faces East. As a result, you can apply the same principle in your North Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room.

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What Are The Ideal North Facing Duplex House Plans As Per Vastu?

Before moving on to the North Facing Duplex House Vastu plans, let’s understand the following about the North Facing House Vastu plan:

  • If the house extends to the east, the Vastu plan for the North East corner should be implemented.
  • The guest room benefits from a northwest orientation.
  • The puja room should be oriented to the northeast.
  • It is ideal for the living room in a Vastu design for a north-west or north-west facing home.

Similarly, when looking forward to a north-facing duplex house plan as per Vastu, you must be aware of the following locations.

  • The door’s placement is crucial. Your duplex’s main entrance should face north.
  • In the north, there are nine phases called padas. The significance of these padas varies.
  • The most significant and auspicious pada is number five.
  • Make sure the balcony of your duplex is on the second or third floor, and that it faces northeast. It’s because facing this way allows you to get more sunshine and avoid negativity.
  • There should be more windows on the first floor. Windows not only help to improve ventilation in the home, but they also help to carry good energy in. They have the ability to remove all negative energy from the house and replace it with fresh air and a positive aura.
  • Vastu emphasises every home having bedrooms. It’s because the bedroom is a personal space where you can feel at ease and safe. Positioning the bedroom on the first floor of the duplex will give you some privacy.
  • Your study room should be quiet and calm and hence vastu states that it should be located on the first floor. Also, as per Vastu, you must keep this part of your duplex separate from the main part of the house.
  • For the stairs, it is important that you follow Vastu tips for a duplex home. They should face south, and there should be no rooms directly under them.
  • Elders should occupy the upper levels of the duplex as per vastu and the Indian culture, and the children should occupy the lower levels. This will help transmit wisdom from the elders to the younger generation.
  •  If you come across an empty room, especially on the first floor, fill it with plants. It will contribute to the creation of a positive atmosphere and ensure that the positivity of your home increases.

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The North Facing House Vastu Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s For North Facing House Vastu Plan:

  • To get the most advantages, just put the main door in the third, fourth, and eighth padas.
  • If you’re looking for spiritual enlightenment, the fifth pada is particularly beneficial.
  • Place water storage tanks in the directions of north, northeast, east, or west.
  • When building the house, leave some room on the north and northeast sides.
  • Make the north and east boundary walls a little shorter than the others.
  • If the plot is slanted, make sure the slope is to the north or east.
  • Bathrooms and septic tanks should be placed in the south-west or north-west directions.
  • Place the kitchen in a direction that faces south-east or north-west.
  • The pooja room should be built on the vastu’s north, east, or west sides.
  • To bring positive energy into the building, place a money plant on the north side.
  • The master bedroom should face east, west, or south.’
  • Place the staircase in the direction of the south or south-west. For more details, see a Vastu expert.
  • In a house that faces north, the staircase should face south or west.
  • To balance energy distribution throughout the house, place the electric circuit board in the southeast region.

Don’ts For North facing House Vastu plan:

  • The main entrance should not be from the northwest.
  • Make sure the wastewater outlet is not in the south or north.
  • As previously said, all other padas should be avoided for main entrances.
  • The 6th pada should be avoided at all costs, as it can lead to serious health problems.
  • Do not place the staircase in the north or northeast direction.
  • Never place the kitchen in the northeast or north direction in a North facing house.
  • Do not place a garden nor plant greenery in the north-west direction.
  • If the plot is inclined, see that the inclination is not towards the west or south.
  • Do not place an underground tank in the northwest.
  • Avoid placing your bedroom in the plot’s north-east corner.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles in front of the house’s entrance; obstacles like trees, poles, and structures.
  • Avoid placing the toilet or septic tank in the direction of the north, northeast, or east.


North Facing House Vastu can undoubtedly be very beneficial if the above-mentioned Vastu tips are followed and implemented correctly. Doing this will ensure the attraction of wealth and prosperity. On the other hand, disregarding Vastu Shastra values can prove very harmful, resulting in financial losses and health problems.

It’s important to remember that, while the above-mentioned pointers for a North facing House Vastu are reasonably comprehensive and can assist you in preparing a proper plan, you should also seek the advice of an expert.

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