Vastu Tips To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

Staunch believers of vastu-shastra consider that if a house is constructed without integrating the vastu tips for home, it serves as a threat to the construction as well as the dwellers. Disregard to cosmic authority puts a household in great peril; a strong struggle against conflicts of life bringing serious complications to it. Believers are of the view that with the help of progressive, corrective steps and vastu shastra for house construction, it is never too late to adhere to principles of vastu-shastra and make amends.

Vastu Tips on Basic Vastu for House

Following these vastu shastra tips for home should be kept in mind while constructing a house according to Vastu:

Vastu for Doors and Windows

  1. According to vastu entrance, They should always face east. Placements of doors and windows can be altered to Northeast, East of Northeast, or North of Northeast. This placement allows positive flow of energy into the room. A swastika symbol is suggested to be placed on doors aside from heavy adornments.
  2. House entrance vastu suggests that the house should have two introductions. They should not be aligned and the one used as exit should be comparatively smaller and must have only one Louvre.
  3. As per main door vastu for home, Since the main door is the largest door of the house, it should have two shutters. To make door, teak is highly suggestive material for good balance

Vastu for Living Room

  1. Living rooms are a traditional spot in any household and are usually in the frontal space of a house. They can be as wide or colossal as must one please. According to vastu for drawing room, living rooms are ranked with utmost priority. However, one must keep in mind the direction that the dweller would face, when inside the room. Facing East gives better results while facing North also proves be beneficial, provided the living room is in the front instead of the centre.
  2. As per vastu tips for living room, avoid having the living room in the west or south direction from the front room as these directions do not yield the suitable vibrations of the cosmic energy.
  3. One can have more than one door for the living room, given that they are in the right direction and in accordance with vastu-shastra. Also, one must maintain the beauty and finesse of this room as it promotes a lifestyle with negligible strife and more joy.

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Vastu for Bedroom

  1. According to the room vastu, places the bedrooms of Male family members in West or Northwest directions of a house, since they hold commanding and authoritative forces.
  2. It is ideal to have the bedroom and windows of female family members facing south or southeast direction as it ensures good health and happiness.
  3. As per master bedroom vastu, the master bedroom is advisable to be in southeast direction.
  4. According to the vastu tips for master bedroom, bedrooms of children who are married are ideally places in the southwest direction. Also, if the house is multi-storied, the master bedroom should be on the second level. Nevertheless, the children’s room should not be in the same area/second level as it brings trouble.
  5. It is a bad omen to have newlywed couples’ room facing the east direction.

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Vastu for Childrens Room

Vastu-Shastra has certain suggestive measures of how to decorate and place the children’s bedrooms. Those measures are:

  1. Children’s bedrooms are suggested to be in the east or northwest directions of a house.
  2. The directions; north and east should be kept empty in children’s bedrooms.
  3. The beds should be in south, west or southwest directions of the room.
  4. Their heads should face east, while their feet should face west, as energies related to intelligence and memory are said to flow in those directions.

Bathrooms Vastu

  1. Bathroom vastu says that the ideal directions for having the bathrooms are west and south and drainage should be towards Northeast. These positions suggest the sun falls directly on the body after bathing.
  2. According to the vastu shastra for bathroom, positioning the toilet in the West or Northwest directions of the room and should be at a level of 30 cm to 60 cm.
  3. The bathroom if is an attachment to the building, then it should be positioned in the West or Northwest corner.
  4. As per vastu tips for bathroom, Bathtubs and sinks are best located in the Northeast, North, or East side of the bathroom.

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Dining Room Vastu

  1. The dining room should be close to the kitchen and in southwest, northwest or northeast directions of a house. To promote profitability, the dining room should be in the western direction of a building.
  2. According to dining hall vastu, It is advisable to avoid the placement of the kitchen in southwest corner of the house as it obstructs financial growth and deteriorates the owner’s health.
  3. As per vastu tips for dining table, the dining table must be places in the centre and not in southwest corner of your house.
  4. Different floors for kitchen and dining room should not exist as carrying food from one floor to another causes inconvenience.

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Vastu for Kitchen

  1. Vastu shastra for kitchen should ideally be in the southeast or northwest directions and the cooking should be done eastwards. Avoid using north-eastern direction of the house as kitchen as it brings negative vibes and caused feud amongst the family.
  2. According to kitchen position as per vastu, The placement of washing area should be facing north-eastern direction and away from the stove as it holds back peace and love within the family.
  3. Kitchen according to vastu. should avoid having the kitchen in the north-eastern corner of the kitchen since it gives birth to distress amongst family members.
  4. Storage shelves must be south or west facing. Especially the heavy ones.

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Pooja Room Vastu

  1. This is one of the most important and auspicious room of all in a house and as per home temple vastu, it must be ideally placed in north-eastern corner of the ground floor. Alternatively, east, south or west directions can also be considered.
  2. As per pooja room vastu, pictures or icons of god must be placed in east or west direction, while the worshipper must face eastwards or northwards. The altar must be 2.5 cms away from the wall.
  3. According to the pooja vastu,The positioning of prayers can be anywhere and not direction-specific since prayers are heard from anywhere and everywhere on account of devotion and respect to god.

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Study Room Vastu

  1. Best direction to study according to vastu suggest that A study room is a quiet place and must be in the north-eastern direction. Place it next to the puja room or prayer room, this makes the room more beneficial. Also, the room must be east or north facing.
  2. As per study room design, the library must face the west and never be in the corner and the book shelves must be either in east, north or west directions instead of being in the north, northeast or west.
  3. Study room vastu suggest that this room must have a two-shuttered door located in the North, Northeast, or West directions of a room while the windows must be in the East, North, or West directions of the room.

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Vastu for Swimming Pool

  1. The swimming pool, underground water tank, wells, or bore-wells must ideally be in the Eastern or North-eastern direction of the house along with the northern direction.
  2. Water symbolises constant flow of cash and bank balances, similarly starting the swimming pool or water body from the north-eastern direction and ending in the eastern direction or starting from the north-eastern direction and ending in the northern direction, yield the benefits of water to the owner, advised swimming pool vastu.
  3. For better outcomes, according to vastu for swimming pool, the slope of the pool must begin from the West and end in the East if the pool is located in Northern direction. On the other hand, if the pool faces the East side of the property, the slope must start in the South and end in the north.

Vastu for Water Tank

  1. According to the vastu shastra for overhead water tank, overhead water tanks must be placed in the Southwest, since it serves as a best location. Alternatively, Western corner of the property can also be considered as an ideal location for placing the overhead water tank. However, it should never be placed in the middle of the building roof.
  2. Vastu shastra for home water tank advised that the overhead water tank can be in the North-western direction, only if the tank is compact and is about a meter away from the building’s roof.
  3. As per vastu for water tank, correctively, the overhead water tanks must be placed on an aerial platform from the roof level.

Balconies Vastu and Verandah or Portico Vastu

  1. As per vastu for veranda and balcony, the balconies and verandas must be ideally northeast facing from the house since they symbolise good health and prosperity. If the house is already contrived in the south-western direction, then alterations of balcony location as per vastu, must be made by enclosing it with glass fixtures. 
  2. Balcony vastu suggest that the roof or shade of the balcony is advisable be at a lower level than the floor of the main building.
  3. According to portico vastu, a good balcony or veranda are categorized on the bases of a slightly tint roof over it, of which the corners are carefully structured and not completely round.

Staircase Vastu

A staircase in the house is considered to be an expensive affair along with it being a heavy installation. If one must decide to have it in the house, and staircase as per vastu must be facing the south or west part of the house. According to the vastu shastra for stairs, utilizing the northern or eastern directions as staircases prove be disadvantageous as it creates conflict between heavy objects and lighter zones of the house.

However, here are some staircase vastu tips to avoid any confusion while placing the staircases, they are:

  1. The total number of stairs must never end with a zero, for example: 10, 20… and so on. Also, stairs must not end with even numbers. This is because one must always put the right foot first as it brings good-luck and stairs ending with an even number promote the left foot which symbolises loss or ill-fate.
  2. Vastu shastra for home stairs suggest to must avoid having circular staircase.
  3. According to vastu tips for home stairs, the entrance of a room that meets the top of the staircase must be at least 20 cms closer than the one that meets the bottom of the staircase.
  4. Stairways that are damaged in anyway, must be put to repair immediately.
  5. As per vastu shastra toilet under stairs, one must avoid having the prayer room, safe or toilet exactly under the staircase.

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Vastu for Parking Lot

It is Vastu Advice for Parking that While creating a space for parking, one should keep in mind the direction; Northwest corner of the property, as an ideal direction before fabricating the allotment. Also, as per vaastu Shastra for Parking, it should not be connected to the compound wall or the main building. According to the car parking vastu, cars should always be parked facing north or east and not south as it calls for a long journey for the owner. Vastu tips for garage suggest that the garage should be painted with lighter colours.


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