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Vastu Colour For Home: Some Best Tips For Home Colour

Vastu Colour For Home

Our home, according to Vastu, is divided into several directions and sub-directions, each with its colour that fits best. However, because you want a house that is a rainbow of colours, it isn’t easy to follow any of the recommendations. So we have come up with the next best thing – a brief list of Vastu-compliant space colours. Continue reading to learn which colours fit better in each room and which should be avoided!

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Vastu Color For Home: Bedroom

The master bedroom should face south-west as it is quiet and ideal for relaxation. The best bedroom colour as per Vastu are:

  • Rose pink tones (symbol of gratitude, appreciation, gentleness and admiration)
  • Pale brown (fosters good health)
  • lilac (purple and violet encourage good dreams; it also calms emotions)
  • Mahogany wood (represents strength and endurance)
  • Gold flecks (represents love, wisdom and prosperity).

Vastu Color For Home: Kitchen

The kitchen reflects using fire to turn raw vegetables and other staple ingredients into energy-giving food. As a result, kitchens can often be built in the southeast direction called the home’s fire corner. Relevant colours, according to Vastu, will help enhance metabolism and boost digestion, resulting in good health and wealth.

The following are the complete Vastu colours for the kitchen:

  • Scarlet red (light) (the colour of purity)
  • Orange saffron (defines the Hindu aspects of power and courage)
  • Orange brick (a combination of energy and stimulation)
  • Persimmon (associated with peace)
  • Green with woody undertones (associated with nature)
  • Brown (helpful).

Vastu Colours For Home: Living Room

According to Vastu, the living room colour should be serene white, cheerful yellow, healing green, or calming blue. Vastu shastra for home reveals that a beige-coloured living room can help you feel calm and relaxed, while tan may also be a good option!

Vastu Colour For Home: Dining Room

One of the most crucial rooms in the house is the dining room. The east or southeast is the safest place for the dining area to be located.

Vastu colours to consider for your dining room:

  • Peach (one of the colours of healing)
  • Saffron (associated with devotion)
  • Pale orange (fosters creativity, happiness and joy)
  • The colour natural (the colour of honour and enlightenment)

Any of these colours assist in the body’s absorption, assimilation, and fusion. A dining room should also be adjacent to or near the kitchen to allow the smooth digestion of food.

Vastu Colour For Home: Child’s Room

Any space for children should preferably be built in the West. A child’s room should always be caring and light, as this improves his or her personality and improves concentration.

According to Vastu, the right colours for a child’s room are:

  • Bright green tones (represents growth, youth and balance)
  • Light yellow tones (ushers in cheer, joy and clarity)

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Vastu Colour For Home: Pooja Room

White, which represents purity, serenity, and harmony, is a standard colour for the pooja room. Though Vastu shastra for home indicates that this is ideal for your entire home, it is particularly appropriate for your place of worship. Consider the colour yellow, which attracts constructive light. Light blue and light green will help to calm your pooja room and strengthen your confidence in life.

Vastu Colour For Home: Bathroom

Experts recommend that the bathroom be decorated in bright colours such as white, light yellow, beige, cream, and light brown to increase the space’s positivity. Light green will bring a healing touch to your bathroom, though blue colours are unquestionably a good option as well!

Wall Color According To Vastu

According to Vastu choosing wall colours that correspond to your lucky planet or lucky number is considered to be auspicious for home Vastu. When picking colours for your apartment, consult a numerologist.

Green is chosen for the north direction since it is ruled by the planet Mercury. Jupiter governs the north-east direction, so colours like yellow can be used for walls in this direction.

Since the east is ruled by the Sun, the colour orange is often preferred for this direction. Similarly, for the southeast track, choose the colour red.

Shani or Saturn rules West, and grey is the best colour for this corner.

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Vastu Colours For Home: Exterior Walls

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, establishes precise guidelines for any part of a building’s architectural architecture. Colours, according to Vastu, are a form of light energy that can have a significant effect on the significance of those who live in those houses. Vastu colour therapy is thought to draw soothing energy and fix flaws in your home.

Yellow, the Sun’s colour, is a bright colour that exudes good light. If you paint your walls yellow, your house will be filled with love and togetherness. Yellow is also associated with tolerance, patience, and intelligence.

Pink is the colour of first love, and it symbolises purity of emotions, pleasure, and romance. As the hue deepens, it represents increasing spiritual gloom.

Green symbolises the new beginnings of spring and restored optimism. Painting your home green will harmonise it with nature’s energies and attract an explosion of good vibes.

Oceans and clouds are blue in colour. It symbolises the eternal essence of creation. It is a sign of optimism that emits a calm, calming light. Any shades of blue, on the other hand, can be viewed as very cold.

When all the mixture of colours is mixed, the result is white. As a result, it stands for completeness, harmony, and pure, renewable energy.

Purple is a colour that kings have used throughout history to represent prestige and strength. It is thought to be a lucky and beneficial colour.

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Vastu Colour For Hall

Ideally, the hall should be painted yellow or white in a north-eastern or north-western direction.

Vastu Colour For Main Gate

For the front doors, use soft colours like white, silver, or wood. Colours like black, red, and dark blue can be avoided.

The critical entrance gates should still open inwards and in a clockwise direction.

When opening or shutting the gates, they do not make any creaking noises.

It is not a wise choice to have obstructions such as bushes, drains, posts, or another wall before the gates or compound walls. The negative results are negated if the obstacles are placed at a distance twice the tower’s height.

Install auspicious icons like Om and Swastik at the main entrance.

The Conclusion

Vastu is said to balance your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to live a harmonious life associated with the energies of the elements. And if you are not a believer, there is no harm in experimenting with these ideas! Consult a Vastu expert for more information related to Vastu.