Vastu Colors for Home

Vastu shastra colour suggested that use lighter shades like blue or green, apart from other lighter shades like pink or cream. Avoid using red or black colours as house paints, advised vastu colours for painting house.

Vastu Colours

Vastu shastra for house colour and their Impact

Colours stir different feelings and emotions. Vastu-Shastra emphasises on using colours that bring positive influences in a home. As per vastu tips colour the following shades compliment the natural forces.

Red: The colour “Red” compliments decors and ornaments as its bright hue can lighten up an otherwise disciplined environment. It is the colour of bravery and power and has an energizing quality. However, due to its stressful effect, according to the vastu tips for bedroom wall color, ione must avoid using it as a colour for walls of a house.

Orange: As per vastu colours for painting house the colour “orange” is a strong and vibrant colour and is best used for decors and ornaments. It endorses positivity in terms of contentment, joy, and healthy relationships. Variations of orange like peach are best suited vastu shastra wall colors for curtains or wall paints.

Green: vastu tips for room colour recommended that green is a colour that illustrates nature and escorts hope, freshness and harmony. It endorses forces like quick healing, health and calmness in a room. It is because of this reason that most hospitals have this colour on their walls. As per vastu colour tips this colour is also suitable for the study room as it relaxes the mind and increases creativity.

Yellow: Yellow promotes patience and wisdom and carries the aura of the sunlight. As per vastu shastra room colors rooms that receive direct sunlight mustn’t be painted in yellow. However, the puja or prayer room can use yellow colour as an option for paints.

Blue: Blue is a colour that symbolises growth and relaxation. It is advisable that Bedrooms and the prayer room function well if painted in blue, according to the vaastu tips for bedroom colour.

Purple: purple is the colour of faith, respect and trust. As per vastu tips for bedroom colour, Avoid painting an entire room with this colour as it is an overpowering colour. Its variation into a lighter hue is the lilac or lavender which can now render itself as suitable for bedroom walls.

White: White is a universal colour. It is suave, pure and has the ability to blend in any colour beautifully. Ceilings are generally painted in white, since it gives an enlarged and scintillating effect. Vastu Shastra colors for home exterior suggests this colour to be used in the North-western corner of a bedroom.

Pink: Pink is a very bubbly, flamboyant and distinct colour. It can be used anywhere in the house suggested vastu for house colour.

Black: Black is a sombre colour that is bleak in nature has a very impactful effect of its energy. This colour makes us feel gloomy and cynical, hence according to the vastu wall colours it is best to avoid using it on the walls or as tapestry. However, it can be used in smaller amounts in the borders and frames for decorative purposes, advised vastu tips for home colour.


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