Vastu For Construction of New House

The “Science of Architecture” – the Indian Vaastu Shastra is instrumental in providing a helping hand during the construction of a new house. Vastu is a key to happiness and success when it comes to the initial stage of construction of the house.

Vastu for House Construction – Laying the foundation

Everyone yearns for a dream house – a beautiful garden at the entry, a huge welcoming entrance, spacious rooms, a dining room, and a well-equipped kitchen! Isn’t it? And to turn our dreams into reality, we spend a hefty amount, searching for that perfect place. And what happens if you get your home constructed with bad Vastu? All your dreams of living a happy and fulfilled life will be shattered. You will be burdened with grievances and bad health. So, it is advisable to follow the vastu for construction of a new house before laying the foundation.

Vastu for home construction is not so difficult to follow. It just requires a bit of awareness about the directions and the plot area. While construction of the house, if one follows the vastu tips religiously, it will help him open the doors of prosperity and contentment. So, let’s have a look at the vastu rules for house construction.

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Vastu Rules for House Construction

When one follows the vastu tips for house construction, it helps in attracting positive energy from the cosmos. Below given are some of the significant vastu tips that should be considered before laying the first brick of your abode.

  • The plot should always be regular in shape. Avoid irregular shapes of the plot. It creates stress and unnecessary pressure on the owner.
  • Before starting the construction of the house, the plot should be cleared off the thorny bushes and clutter around it. This may lead to problems in life.
  • Always begin the construction in the day time, under the sun, as the sun is the most positive element as per vastu. Avoid construction at night or dark.
  • To have a sense of security, the compound wall should be constructed before any other part of the house.
  • The construction material should be new. Old material should be avoided as they may carry bad vastu and have adverse effects on the family.
  • The construction material should not be left open. It should be stored in some room in the South-West direction.
  • The south-west corner of the plot is the best place to start the construction work. It should proceed in north-west, south-east and then in north-east direction. This is the direction of the positive flow of energy.
  • There should be more open space in the North and the East zone than in the South and West areas of the house. North and East are full of positivity.
  • Vastu for building houses suggests that the main entrance should be in the positive direction, which includes North, East, and North-East if the plot is North or East facing. If the plot is South or West facing, the entrance should be in the South or South-East direction. In the plots facing West, the entrance should be in the West or North-West direction.
  • It is advised by Vastu for building a new house, to construct and design the master bedroom in the South-West direction of the plot. It blesses the couple with marital bliss and fruitful life.
  • The kitchen is best constructed in the South-East of the plot for your house.
  • North-East is the best direction for constructing the Pooja room. This direction is the most auspicious and is full of positive vibes. Read full Vaastu guide and tips to build pooja room.
  • It is advisable to construct the toilets in the North-West or West of the house. The bathroom should be in the North, East,or North-West of the house.

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Some More Vastu Tips for Construction of House

Other than the basic vastu principles for house construction, there are a few tips that can be implemented to have a hurdle free life at your new house.

  • If the construction work is not getting started from a long time due to no understandable reason, then build a slope towards North or East direction and immediately the central part of the plot should be cleaned.
  • The owner and the family should always enter the plot from the direction where the main gate is to be set.
  • 90 degree is the best position for all the directions at the plot. This attracts riches and happiness. Only the North-East direction can be larger in size.
  • The construction material should never be placed in the North-East direction. This may delay the construction work of the house.
  • Once the Bhoomi-Pujan is done, construct the water tank in the North or North-East direction. This will help in the financial growth of the family.
  • Construction tools should not be kept in the North-West direction as it may lead to delay in construction work.
  • All the work of flooring, ceiling, and lighting should begin from the South-West of the house. This helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the house.
  • Always have the front door larger than the other doors of the house.

Brief Note

No matter how rich you are, if you are not happy at your home, then your riches are of no use. You can have a palace to live in, but there will be no peace at heart. So, it becomes significant to follow the vastu tips prescribed by the vastu shastra for building a new home to lead a life that is full of happiness and contentment. It is essential to understand the vastu length for building houses and construct rooms with those dimensions as advised by vastu.

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