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Vastu For North-Facing House: Tips To Attract Wealth And Positivity

It is believed that the North East is the most auspicious direction as it is the place where the Gods reside. It is the divine corner and is also known as Ishanya Corner. Any construction in this direction or corner will lead to abundance and happiness. But nothing comes without exceptions! With too much wealth, people tend to get greedy and selfish. This leads to misunderstandings and disputes.

Feel the divinity- North East Facing House Vastu

Vastu for northeast facing house can be a savior in such circumstances. Vastu shastra has a complete guide for making your north east facing house vastu compliant. Let’s explore a few vastu tips for northeast facing house.

Vastu Tips for North East Facing House

Although the northeast is blessed by Gods, yet to make it more fruitful for the residents of the northeast facing house, one should comply with the vastu shastra. Hence, we bring you some feasible and doable vastu tips for north-east facing houses.

  • As per the north east facing house plan vastu, the master bedroom should be in the southwest.
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast, and the pooja room should be in the northeast of the house.
  • If the living room is in the north of the northeast facing house, it elevates the positivity of the area.
  • Staircases and elevators opposite to the main entrance should be avoided as they make the entry of hurdles easy.
  • Big windows are useful only in the north or east as it is the direction from where positive energy enters a place. But any big window in the south or west should be avoided entirely as they let the bad energy enter the area and create hurdles in the life of the family members.
  • The slope of the plot should be towards the northeast. This brings riches and fame to the family.
  • The compound wall as per vastu should be low in the northeast and high in the southwest. While the low wall helps in attracting positivity, the higher wall in the southern area obstructs negative vibes.
  • Borewell should be in the northeast of the house. This attracts abundance and peace.
  • Vastu for north east house plan advices not to purchase any house at the T-junction or road end. This invites negativity, which leads to family disputes and accidents.
  • Maximum cleanliness should be maintained in this direction, as this is the divine corner. Any sanitary item or broom or mop should not be placed in this direction.
  • Vastu suggests not to have any pillars in the northeast of the house. This hampers the growth of family members and leads to stress.
  • There should be no tall trees in this direction. They will obstruct positivity and invite sickness and poverty.

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Vastu Remedies for North East Facing Houses

Though having a northeast facing house is a blessing, in some cases, it might not prove to be as fruitful as expected. This may be due to some vastu dosha like having a septic tank in the east direction or having the slope towards the west. It may also be due to extension in the south or west.

But these vastu dosha can be rectified easily with the vastu remedies for northeast facing houses.

  • It is advisable to plant tulsi, mint, or turmeric in the northeast direction to achieve tranquillity.
  • Maintain a small library in this zone to get enlightenment and become wise.
  • Install a marble water pot and a birdbath area in this direction to enhance positivity.
  • Install a water fountain in this direction to attract abundance and happiness.
  • Place a copper door pyramid under the entrance door to nullify any vastu dosha caused due to doors that are not vastu compliant.
  •  Place vastu Kalash in the northeast to enhance positivity.
  • Study crystal should be placed in the northeast direction to improve the education of your child.
  • If the septic tank is in the wrong direction, put a vastu pyramid stick around the tank.
  • If you install Surya yantra with the copper sun in the northeast, it will help rectify the defects created due to slope in the west or missing east extension.
  • Vastu zinc helix can be used to rectify doshas build due to extensions in the wrong zone.

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Concluding Words

It is believed that the houses facing northeast are the most auspicious and bring good luck and prosperity to every member of the family. Some simple vastu tips for northeast facing house will enhance and accelerate the positive vibes and attract fortune. These will help in maintaining a healthy life and peace in the family too.

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