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Vastu Tips For Healthy Prosperous And Happy Homes

Best Vastu Tips For Financial Wellbeing At Home

Many find it very difficult and complicated to follow Vastu. It’s fast and easy to follow, though. Here are some easy tips from Vastu which can be easily followed at home:

  • Since the main entrance is the energy entrance, keep it clean and decorated to draw wealth.
  • The violet colour reflects richness. It would also be helpful to paint the walls of the building. If it is difficult to repaint walls, you might hold a money plant as a replacement in a purple jar.
  • The cash locker or Almira, where the cash is kept, should be stored in the house’s south or south-west side, which opens to the north.
  • Another way of attracting wealth is to position a mirror right before the cash locker. It is like doubling your income!
  • The water bodies of your house’s north-eastern portion symbolise the flow of building power. You might put a body of water like a little fountain, a pool, or another water body.
  • Make sure that you patch leaky hackers, taps, or other defective plumbing to prevent financial loss.
  • The northwest side of the house has a bird feeder as another very easy solution to attract money in Vastu.
  • Fish are helpful in purifying your house and keeping your tank clean and airy in the northeast portion of the house.
  • Keep the airflow free in the building & wind chimes at the entrances guarantee the cash flow for a better flow of wealth.
  • For financial benefits, it is advantageous to place the image or idol of Goddess Laxmi close to the entrance.
  • A very popular belief in Vastu is that it leads to financial problems having a flute at home. Hanging 2 flutes is helpful if you face difficulties with your education or your job.

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Basic Vastu Tips For Academic Development

  • Set the study table on the east or north of the room for better focus.
  • Maintain room between the wall and the table to ensure energy flow.
  • The study room should not be under the toilet or beam, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • The bookshelf should be positioned in the eastern, northerly, or north-eastern regions. Make sure that the books in the mirror are not reflected, as this increases the study strain.
  • A bright lamp will enhance the luck of education in the South-East corner of the study table.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Good Health And Wellness

  • Make sure that you sleep soundly with your head to the south.
  • Still, leave the middle of the house bare or with very light furniture. This guarantees the unrestricted flow of electricity. Fire factor imbalance causes house diseases.
  • The best place to counteract it is the southeast or the northwest direction of a fire feature like a candle, diya, or fireplace.
  • According to the Mirror Vastu, avoid positioning mirrors opposite the bed as mirrors that reflect a person’s sleep produce an energy drain issue that is sick.
  • Make sure you do not combine energy from your bathrooms and your kitchen.
  • Make sure the doors always are locked if they are opposite each other.
  • If someone in the house is not happy, it could help them faster to hold a burning candle in the room.
  • Face towards the north or east while drinking water for good health. For good health
  • Growing and keeping citrus fruit plants at the house’s entrance grants you good health.
  • Place Lord Hanuman’s image towards the south as the guardian of our wellbeing in order to ensure that we have good health.

Vastu Tips For Improving The Family Relationships

  • Place happy photos of your family to the northeast of your house to make your life happy.
  • If the family members of the house are in some way tense, it helps to alleviate stress by putting a White Statue of Sandalwood in a site where you can see this Statue several times.
  • The statue of Sandalwood would establish a harmonious connection between the house’s family members.
  • If there is a controversy among the males of the family, keep the stress at bay with the help of a little branch of the Kadamba tree.
  • If the women of the family are at odds, strive not to wear red clothes simultaneously or on the same day.
  • Do not take pictures of aggression in the house because that absorbs bad energy.
  • Place a wind chime with crystals inside the bedroom to lessen the battle between family members.

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips To Follow At Home

  • Keep the corners of the house bright, as they are strong energy sources.
  • Clear Cobwebs as soon as you find them, as they obstruct family members’ financial development.
  • To turn the negative energy into positive energy in the house, place a Tulsi plant in the North-East direction.
  • Do not put a cactus inside a house because it is a negative energy plant that affects the health and ties of the members of a household.
  • No spiral stairs in the house because it brings negativity in the house.
  • Place a Lord Kuber Idol in the north direction of your house if you are having problems finding a job.
  • Lord Ganesha idol facing the entrance of the house guarantees optimistic life outcomes.
  • Remove all those house clocks that are not working.

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Conclusion – Vastu Tips For All-Round Development

Every object in a building, according to conventional philosophy, brings energy, either positive or negative, and the individual who lives on that particular energy.

It leads to losses, failure in connection with financial transactions, and more if it is negative; and if it is positive, it may bring about satisfaction, illumination, and efficiency. So it is crucial for safe and happy homes to concentrate on and follow the important Vastu tips.

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