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Vastu Tips For Perfect Lighting At Your Home

Lit up the fortune with Vastu for Lighting. Nowadays, people invest heftily in interior designing of their houses. But is it worth, without illuminating the place to reflect the beauty? Obviously no! So, the lighting arrangement in the house becomes profoundly significant. Hence, the need to have a lighting Vastu guide for home arises.

Vastu for home lighting helps brighten up each and every corner and enhance growth and abundance. Vastu Shastra is a complete guide for proper lighting, and it helps in exploring the most benefits of trapping the positive energies from the cosmos. Vastu Shastra for lighting gives Vastu tips for arranging lights in each room.

Vastu Tips for Home Lighting

According to the intensity of light, Vastu Shastra has three discrete categories of light. These are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. As the names suggest, general lighting takes care of the overall lighting of the area. Task lighting is set up for specific tasks like reading. While accent lighting is used to enhance the decoration and beauty of the place. As per Vastu, there should be abundant natural light, and it should not be obstructed in the day time. The north-east corner, which is Satva corner, should have an entry for maximum natural light.

Proper lighting in the living room makes a huge difference to the occupants. One should have general illumination in the living room and reduce accent lighting. The place should be brightly lit. This helps in enhancing the good relation between the family members. Family photographs in the living room should be lighted well as this helps in good health and fortune for the members

The lighting in the bedroom should be soothing and subtle. The texture of the light should be delicate. This helps in improving relationships with the spouse. This also helps in enjoying marital bliss.

In the dining area, lights should reflect the dining table. To enhance the happy mood and taste of food with family, one can have a chandelier over the table. Decorative candle stands with lighted candles will uplift the mood of people around.

Special care should be taken to light up the kitchen. Kitchen cabins should be properly lit, and general illumination should be distributed evenly. Task lighting should be installed in the cabin. Accent lighting should be installed in the key work area. This helps to keep the area bright and hygienic.

In the bathroom, lighting around the mirror is very important. It should be lit in such a way that there is no glare or shadow over the mirror. This may result in low self-esteem and discord in the family. General illumination is a must in bathrooms. Read Vastu tips for mirror placement

The overall fitting of light fixtures should be done following the Vastu for electricity to avoid unnecessary problems and accidents.

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General Vastu Tips for Lighting

  • It is important to follow certain Vastu tips for lighting to have a happy, prosperous, successful, and healthy life. A few tips mentioned below.
  • Light fittings on the North or East walls bring good luck. So maximum fixtures should be in the mentioned direction.
  • The south-east direction is considered not so auspicious. So, the main light should not be entering through this direction. This may lead to negativity.
  • Place spotlights in the South zone to have a successful career.
  • Use white light in the pooja room, if it is in the north, east, or north-east direction.
  • The main door should never be dark or gloomy. It will invite stress and create problems in personal as well as professional life.
  • As per Vastu for lighting lamps, it is advisable to place lamps in the south corner, facing north or east direction.
  • Night lamps as per Vastu, should always be placed in the bedroom and children’s room. Total darkness in these areas should be avoided as it brings in stress and may lead to depression and fear.

Light Up Your Life

Lighting your place with correct intensity can help in harmonizing your relationship and also boost your career. With Vastu compliant lighting at home, it becomes easy to lead a balanced life. The light arrangement, as per Vastu, will elevate and accelerate a peaceful life. Understanding and positioning lights as per Vastu will not only illuminate the room, but it will also add a spark of happiness and contentment to your life.

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