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Vastu For Mirror – The Perfect Mirror Placement In The House

Vastu For Mirror – Revert Vastu Flaws With Mirror Vastu

Mirrors aren’t just for decoration or functionality; they can also be used to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors, however, have another utility according to mirror vastu: if positioned correctly, they can draw positive energies while reflecting or rejecting negative ones.

Placing mirrors appropriately in the house can help fix vastu defects. Vastu for Mirror is used to increase space or direction in the house, as mirrors tend to reflect what they show and allow you to see the double of a cut area when placed correctly.

Doubles The Wealth

When a mirror is put in front of a cash locker, it represents doubling the amount of money in the locker. This attracts positive energies, ensuring that the financial situation improves.

Sucks Up The Negative Energies

If a mirror is put in front of something negative, the mirror will absorb all of the negative energy from that “thing,” according to vastu shastra beliefs and principles.

As a result, when installing mirrors in your home or office, make sure that they are all placed in accordance with vastu rules and guidelines to ensure that your home or office attracts and doubles only positive and progressive energy.

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Vastu For Mirror – Mirror Direction As Per Vastu

Which direction should the mirror be placed?

Placing a mirror in one direction is advantageous, while doing so in another may have negative consequences. The directions that reflect water are thought to be the best for keeping the mirrors in place.

  • North, North east and North west – Since the element water is represented by all three zones of north, putting a mirror in each of these directions is considered ideal. This direction is best served by mirrors in the shapes of a circle, rectangle, or wave. Similarly, square and triangular mirrors should be avoided.
  • West Zone – Since the aspect of space is represented by the west, putting mirrors in this zone is often considered auspicious. Install round or square-shaped mirrors rather than triangular, rectangular, or waved-shaped mirrors.
  • East Zone – Since the element air is represented by the east, it has no off-balance with mirrors and is considered perfect to put in. From the perspective of vastu shastra, rectangular or waved form mirrors are best for this direction. Avoid using mirrors that are oval, square, or triangular in shape.
  • South and South east zone (fire element) – Since the elements of fire and water are diametrically opposed, installing mirrors in each of these two directions is strongly recommended. If you don’t have any other options, a rectangular mirror with a brown casing border will help to mitigate the negative effects.
  • South West – Since the south west represents the earth element, and the earth absorbs water, putting a mirror in this direction will absorb all of the mirror’s positive qualities. As a consequence, it causes a lot of problems in life. Domestic strife, strain in personal relationships, an impediment to fruitful opportunity, and disruption in peace are all examples. As a result, it’s best to stay away from this area entirely.

Putting mirrors in the south zone is a bad idea. However, if you have a living room or a washbasin, you might not be able to resist using a mirror in this direction. Vastu experts have an extra special tip for such a situation.

When not in use, you can cover the mirror with a cover (curtain or veil) if it is kept in one of the three zones of the south. You will ensure that the mirror does not transmit negative energy or absorb positive energy by keeping it hidden.

Vastu For Mirror – Ideal Placement Of Mirror In Different Sections

Tips For Mirror In Bedroom Vastu – Vastu For Mirror

For good health and a happy life, Vastu Shastra advises against putting mirrors in bedrooms. If you must keep a dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it does not face the bed or represent the person on it. When not in use, put the mirror in a closet or cover it with a sheet. A mirror should not represent the bedroom’s entrance, according to Vastu principles.

Designer beds with mirrors on the headrest should be avoided because they can induce restlessness in the occupants. A mirror on the false ceiling, likewise, will represent the bed and floor. This structure should be avoided because it can trigger stress. Broken or rusted mirrors should not be kept in the bedroom because they draw negative energy. Place the mirror on the north or eastern wall of the room if you have a dressing room connected to your bedroom.

Tips For mirror Placement In Children’s Room – Vastu For mirror

Make sure there isn’t a mirror in front of the bed in your child’s room. Since mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, your child can become agitated, and their stress may be doubled. Mirrors may also produce strange visions, depleting the room of positivity.

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Tips For mirror Placement In Living Room – Vastu For Mirror

Avoid putting the mirror in front of the door or entry gate of the house if the main entrance opens into the living room, as it will reflect back the energy entering the home. The mirror, on the other hand, can be placed in the foyer above a console table that will also add a warm touch to your home. To maximise the lighting in the afternoon, place a mirror opposite the window in the living room on the north or east wall.

Tips For mirror Placement In Bathroom – Vastu For mirror

Install a mirror in a well-lit bathroom. If you put it up against the lights, you may not be able to see yourself in the mirror clearly. Place the mirror against the bathroom’s north or east wall. A full-length mirror may be hung on the door, but it must be installed carefully. Place the mirror away from the toilet.

Mirror At Entrance vastu – Vastu For mirror

Never put a mirror, glass, or other shiny objects in front of the front door because it will drive all of the good energy out of the house. To attract happiness, money, and energy, your entrance must follow the mirror in front of door vastu principles.

Vastu For Mirror – Ideal Placement Of Mirror On Different Walls

Let’s see which wall is best for mirror placement, according to vastu shastra.

Vastu For Mirror – Mirror On West Wall Vastu

If there is a cut in the west zone of your house, you can place the mirror on the west wall. A round or square-shaped mirror works well in increasing the zonal strength of the west wall.

Vastu For Mirror – Mirror On North And East Walls Vastu

The mirror represents the water element, and both the north and east directions support the water element. A rectangular mirror is best for walls on the north and east.

Vastu For Mirror – Mirror On South Wall Vastu

Mirror on the south wall can be disastrous since the fire element of the south direction can be destroyed by the mirror and it may lead to legal issues and bad reputation.

Vastu For Mirror – Mirror On South West Wall Vastu

South west wall represents the earth element, and keeping a mirror in this direction is forbidden because of loss of money and family disagreements.

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Mirrors are powerful vastu tools which, if placed correctly, bring positivity and good fortune. It’s important to follow the vastu for mirror laws that apply to mirror placement. Failure to do so can also lead to a slew of issues.