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Expert Vastu Tips For Plot Selection & Purchasing

Buying a plot is the first step in constructing something on land and thus is the most important aspect in Vastu Shastra as well. What kind of land do we need to buy? Which directions are taken into consideration? Is Vastu associated with the shape of the land as well? Which plot will do commercially well and which one will be best suited to live? What are the other factors that play a role in buying a plot? What is the best location for a residential plot? We have all the answers!

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Vastu Tips For Plot Selection

Vastu for plots for purchasing purposes is very important because factors like the size, shape, and location of the plot come into the picture. Depending on the size of the land, there are numerous details to be taken into account, as far as the direction and size are concerned. Given below are a variety of plots in terms of their position and shape that can be fruit-bearing for buying purposes.

  • Cardinal Plots – Plots that are aligned towards the prime and fundamental directions, that is, North, South, East, and West are the most desirable ones. These are better known as cardinal plots, in terms of Vastu Shastra. In such cases, the magnetic axis of the plots is parallel to the Earth’s magnetic axis.
  • Vidisha Plots – Another kind of plot where these primary directions (North, South, East, and West) are placed in the four corners of the plot is called Vidisha Plot. In such plots, the magnetic axis of the Earth makes an angle with the magnetic axis of the plot.
  • Square Plots – According to Vastu for plots, the best ones are those which are square in shape and whose all four sides are equal. These are called Square plots and all their sides have an angle of 90 degrees. Concerning energy grids of square or Vastu Purusha, these plots are the most suitable ones and may bring good wealth and happiness.
  • Rectangle Plots – Rectangle plots are the ones whose opposite sides are equal and each side produces an angle of 90 degrees. The ratio of width to length should not be more than 1:2. For example, a plot can be termed auspicious if the East-West axis is longer than the North-South axis. Such plots bring in prosperity and great health.
  • Gaumukhi Plots – There are plots like the Gaumukhi, which are narrow in the front and broad at the end. Besides, such plots who have their broad part in the North-East direction and their roads on the southern side are preferable for residential purposes. It is not favorable to have the narrow part of the plot in the North-East side, says our expert.
  • Shermukhi Plots – Shermukhi plots are the ones who have a broad front and a narrow rear and are also known as the Vyaghra plots. For this plot to be a commercial success, the broad part of it should face the North and the road should be on the eastern or northern side.
  • Triangular Plot – Such plots, be it in a triangular shape or irregular, are not considered to be very propitious and promising. These plots rather emit negative energies, which is why it is advised to make the required corrections as per the Vastu Shastra and reshape them in a square or a rectangle plot.

In some cases, some plots have reduced or extended corners or directions. These extensions and reductions in the size of the plot directly impact the energy and vibration of the place. Even though these extensions are considered favorable, in some cases, they are not. For instance, if the extension of the plot is in the North-North-East, East-North-East and North-East directions, then they will surely benefit. Otherwise, they may have a negative influence on the land, says our expert.

In terms of Vastu for plots, if the land has a road that directly leads to the face of the plot then it is termed as Vithi Shool, where Vithi means road and Shool means arrow. It has a negative as well as a positive impact on the plot, depending on the direction, because it allows direct energy to enter through in a more concentrated manner. It only produces optimistic results if it is entering in the direction from North-North-East or East-North-East.

Vastu Tips For Purchasing Plots

There are certain parameters, which if taken care of, can yield fruitful results as far as purchasing a plot as per Vastu is concerned. They are:

  • If a plot is surrounded by roads on all the four sides, then it can be conducive to success for residential as well as commercial purposes.
  • Now, if the plot is surrounded by roads on three sides then there are four different scenarios here.
  1. If a plot does not have a road in the South but in the North, West and East directions, then it is favorable for both commercial and residential purposes.
  2. If a plot does not have a road in the West but in the North, South and East directions, then it is favorable for commercial objective only.
  3. If a plot does not have a  road in the North but in the South, West and East directions, then it is great for making it a residence or a commercial place run by women.
  4. If a plot does not have a  road in the East but in the North, West and South directions, then it is of good value for commercial purposes but quite average for building a residential place.
  • It is better to avoid any water resources in the South and West directions for it may have a negative impact on the place. Rather resources with the likes of a well, borewell or a river in the North and East side will be full of promise.
  • Do not buy a plot which is near a cremation or burial ground.
  • If a plot has roads on two sides of its corner then it is referred to as Corner Plots. These are of four types:
  1. Eshanya Plots – Corner plots that have roads in the North and East sides are called Eshanya Plots and can prove to be very beneficial.
  2. Vavaya Plots – Corner plots that have roads in the North and West directions are referred to as Vavaya Plots.
  3. Agneya Plots – Corner plots that have roads in the South and East directions are known as Agneya Plots. These are inauspicious in nature and cause monetary and mental issues.
  4. Nairutya Plots – Corner plots that have roads in the South and West directions are called Nairutya Plots. These are not advantageous and therefore should be eschewed.

Therefore, now we all know how essential it is to follow Vastu for buying plots. You can also consult our experts in Vastu to know more about Vastu for plots, be it for north-facing plot Vastu, or east-facing, or south-facing or west-facing plot Vastu, we have a solution for all your Vastu questions!

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