Vastu Vastu with Home Appliances

Vastu Tips For Organizing Household Electrical Appliances

Vastu and Electronics – Can they be together?

A house becomes a home when a family starts living there together in a comfortable way. This comfort not only comes with love and affection among the family members but also with home décor and home appliances. There is a lot explained about electronic appliances in vastu shastra. Let’s explore a few vastu tips for home appliances.

Vastu for Home Appliances

When one purchases any home appliance, it should be placed in the house as per vastu. If the appliances are not vastu compliant, they might hinder the growth and success of family members. Below given are a few vastu tips for household appliances.

  • As per Vastu South-East directions is the recommended position for electrical appliances in the kitchen.
  • Refrigerators should be placed in South, West, South-East, or North direction. If placed in any other direction, it may yield unwanted results and affect the family members.
  • Micro-waves ovens and mixer grinders should be placed in South-East or South direction in the kitchen. Chimneys are the new trends, but if one opts for an exhaust fan, it should be installed on the eastern wall in the Southeast corner of the kitchen. The wrong direction might absorb all the positivity from the place.
  • Vastu for electronic appliances suggests that television sets should be placed in the southeast direction of the room. Vastu strongly recommends not to place the television in the bedroom as it takes away the energy and calm from the room and results in fights and discord in the family. Know more Vastu tips for bedrooms.
  • Vastu shastra also suggests the best position of electronic appliances. Air conditioners and coolers should be installed in the north or west direction. Any other direction will drain away all the positive vibes from the place.
  • In the bathroom, geysers should be installed in the Southeast corner. Washing machines are advised to be placed in the North-West or South-East direction. This ensures longevity and good health of the residents.
  • Laptops and desktops should be placed in the southeast corner. They should never be placed opposite to the bed as they emit negative radiations which hinder the marital bliss.

After gaining knowledge about the vastu for electronic appliances and the best position and direction as per vastu, let’s take a sneak peek into decorative items’ vastu.

Know the best direction for decorative items

Every piece in the house has some or the other cosmic energy trapped in it. This may be positive or negative. But when things are vastu compliant, the negative energies get negated, and positivity dominates the place. The same is the case with decorative items. It is important to know the correct direction of decorative items as per vastu.

  • The Southern or the Western side is the best place for antique metal pieces. It invites abundance and health for the family members.
  • Wooden items like flower vase, cabinet or almirahs should be placed in the South-East or North-West direction. It attracts positive energy from the cosmos.
  • Decorative items depicting flowing water should be placed in North-East as it signifies the inflow of wealth. Other items that have water elements like water fountain or aquarium should also be placed in the North or North-east direction. Detailed information about all directions as Vastu Shastra.
  • Any decorative item that is cracked or broken should be thrown away immediately. Do not even keep the mended items for decoration. This may lead to problems in married life and irreparable loss.
  • Indoor plants are the best decoration material. They bring calmness in the atmosphere and also invites positivity. But always avoid keeping thorny plants, and don’t forget to water the plants.
  • Decorative lamps are a good source of positivity. But they should not be making huge shadows. This may lead to the domination of negativity over positive vibes.
  • Paintings also uplift the beauty of the room. But they should be hung in the correct direction.

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Let’s Conclude

All electric appliances have inbuilt energies. It is important to place them in the correct direction to get the most of it and to keep negativity at bay. Always make sure to keep the appliances, which are not being used frequently, covered in a carton. Avoid keeping two appliances together. If it is not possible, then make sure that their wires don’t get tangled. This is inauspicious as per vastu. Remember to get rid of broken appliances and decorative items. Such things are a storehouse of negative energy and are responsible for the bad health condition of the family. Household appliances are meant to make life easy. Why shouldn’t we make them vastu compliant and make our life happy and healthy too!

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